[UI] Change chromin rinusk craft ratio from 3k:800 into 40:1

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by GreenandGrey, Nov 6, 2019.

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  1. It's not fair that we can't use the chromin we get from gates during this event to improve our builds and carry over after the event ends. Even if people get enough to craft something you're going to have a bunch left over that's unusable because all the recipes require thousands of chromin. The honor bonus might be a nice bonus to people who are working towards rank, but fundamentally chromin is a crafting resource, it should be usable as a crafting resource. My 6k chromin is mocking me as the event comes to a close and I can't use it.

    Please change the ratio so that it can be crafted in smaller amounts. Thank you.

    EDIT* title should say 30k:800
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  2. It defeats the purpose of making people spend more money next time if they can just earn it up all for free on galaxy gates, even if you say that most uses uridium that they've bought from mega happy hour or people pay for rebate to get a bigger discount on galaxy gate spins using their hard earned uridium, this is how they do their marketing strategy, i don't think it will ever change, similar to when they commence on their mega happy hour events now and then where from before its a rare occasion to see even a glimpse of it.

    Honor is great, but i would have loved for them to convert it into uridium instead, a ratio of 1:2 uridium.
  3. The request doesn't really change any balance in the ingame economy, it just makes it accessible to lower level players. Right now only high level players can benefit from the honor (rank) and rinusk crafting. Simplifying the crafting ratio makes it accessible to lower level players without changing balance.

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    Or just convert it to Uri at the end of the events.

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