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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Nov 30, 2019.

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    The idea I'd like to propose, is to make it easier to seek out players and or clans for the purposes of utilizing the diplomacy aspect of the game.

    On too many occasions a company member would initiate an act of war. For whatever reason, they either have a difficult name, tag or clan name to find under either player or clan name search.

    To further drive my point, I've had a difficult time copying and pasting names and tags off the chat boards without either losing the info or just getting the message "No clan name or player name found" It has been brought to my attention too many times that this is a PvP game.

    So how is it considered a PvP game when so many players hide behind these impossible pilot and or clan names or clan tags.

    To expedite the process I'd like to see a list of same company clans as well as the clans of the rival companies of the server I'm in.
  2. What they can add in the search tool for clan search is having to input a player's name, and find the clan of that said player (since it is mandatory that whenever you search a player for their pilot bio or pilot sheet, their clan's title would show up if they decide that other players can see their pilot details.

    Input a player's name, search, clan show's up.

    As for the unreadable sometimes difficult to understand Names because of the special characters they are using, i don't think there will be a fix for that, not unless Dark Orbit decides to force players to change their name when they log in first thing after a certain maintenance or so to ensure that no one in D.O will have used special characters on their name again and everything will be reset (just a one time thing, not accepting it will log you out of the game, the characters invalid for input should be the same one that they will use on changing an account's name on that said server the moment they log in)

    VESPID User

    Thanks Walker.
    The game does provide a similar layout, that being said perhaps adding the clan name and tag to the pilots profile.

    Good Call.

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