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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Z.B.D.E.M., Dec 13, 2020.

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  1. Z.B.D.E.M.

    Z.B.D.E.M. User

    Since the game had some technical issues, it would be wise to turn this minus into a plus and make an interesting story behind these recent unfortunate stuff. So this would be my idea for a new event...

    To make it more clear, here is the plot: ,,Pilots... Alert!... Alert!... The signal has been corrupted! ... We are out of time! ... There are here... The blacklight aliens... had taken over the system... Must not ...*lost signal*"..
    - This was the last message received from the base! Check immediately for survivors at the base of your company!"

    The plot of this event could be connected to the recent blacklight expansion, but with a different approach. This time, the Blacklight race of aliens found a way to access the normal maps after they corrupted the software of the human bases.

    The plot would continue like this: "Once taken over, the blacklight aliens kept a low profile until they will find a way to transport their main ship, the Behemoth into our universe. This is why they corrupted the software of the ships that they found in the bases and launched them against us!"

    Similar with the saturn kind of ships, I would recommend the introduction of enemy ships with the title of ,,Corrupted ...,, such as:
    - Corrupted Diminisher;
    - Corrupted Solace;
    - Corrupted Venom;
    - Corrupted Spectrum;
    - Corrupted Sentinel (these should be active only on x-6, x-7 maps)

    Following others:
    - Corrupted Cyborg;
    - Corrupted Centurion; (these should be active only on x-8 maps)

    And last but not least:
    - Corrupted Pusat (on x-5);
    - Corrupted Vengeace (on x-5);
    - Corrupted Bigboy (on x-3, x-4);
    - Corrupted Leonov (on x-3, x-4);
    - Corrupted Nostromo (on x-2);
    - Corrupted Phoenix (on x-2).

    By this variety, we could include every kind of player in the fight against the blacklight race! The event objectives should consider killing each kind of corrupted ship to make each one's presence relevant.

    Moreover, after destroying the corrupted ships from the x-6, x-7 and x-8 maps, the blacklight aliens will be exposed by launching 4 Invokes (on each suggested map) under the name of "Invasive Invoke" which would have the same behaviour as the boss from Zeta gate, being provided with minions called "Invasive Impulse" (10 per each spawn, considering that the Invasive Invoke will launch each 10 seconds a new spawn of Invasive Impulses). While the minion "Invasive Impulses" are alive, the "Invasive Invoke" will use insta-shield. The HP of both Invasive Invoke and Invasive Impulse should be lower as I recommend to NOT make the Prometheus Lasers usable as double damage in this content (to make the rewards affordable for everyone, even for those low on Prometheus lasers or with none)

    Also, it would be amazing to have at each 30 minutes a spawn of one Invasive Strokelight (on x-6, x-7, x-8) with higher HP and damage, with a reward system given for top 5 damage dealers.

    I insist on the design aspect, it would be recommended to have a new aspect for the bases from x-1 and x-8 of each company. How? Make them all look ravaged and abandoned-like.

    As for rewards and additional stuff, I am confident that you will find a way to complete my idea or even enhance it!
    Thanks for your time!

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