[UI] Give negative honour and experience for shooting your own company.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Oct 11, 2019.

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  1. Give negative of both even if they don't get the kill, maybe half the reduction.

    It's seriously annoying being shot by own company all the damn time just because an enemy fights me. My team is supposed to be my own company.
  2. There is negative honor given to players who pop players from their own company unless their clans are at war.
    Unfortunately it doesn't stop all of them from doing it.
    We just refer to them as less than honorable players.....play on and don't let it get to you.
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  3. Rather if they reach a certain threshold of kills, they will be punished like 25% of their honor will be deducted after a total of 10 company killings, a permanent outlaw rank that puts their honor to 0 and it is irreversible and that should do the trick.

    Considering these people are stubborn enough to keep on killing players because the honor deducted is too small, why not make it a hundred thousand and more rather than thousands.
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    Yea, I beg to disagree.
    It's far too easy between multi company clans, company killers, clan tags that are impossible to either spell or find by design.
    Having entire clan and or friends supporting their actions.
    I've seen all that and more, my only recourse was to form my own clan and send war to all clans that attack me.
  5. Clans are basically irrelevant if people who runs the clans and all of its members are jerks, all, if not most of these clans is run by immature timid minded players then you will expect them to bully one small clan out of their own and join theirs so that they won't get bullied out on an alien they are trying to kill to progress into the game, that's why it is best to have Clan wars against another company's Clan, and let all other same company players prevent shooting each other from normal maps and instead make all 4-x maps hostile grounds that they can shoot anyone, there they can do PVP rather than bullying out regular people off the map.

    They really need to change their newbie protection program and prevent other enemy players from shooting low level players (minimum of level 1) to a maximum of level 14, after reaching levels above 14 then they can be shot at, and if the protected newbie retaliated and shot them, they can shoot them back.
  6. It doesn't get to me, it's just an idea to make the game more fun for everybody and to stop MCC from being so annoying.
  7. You don't get the point, what ever you're suggesting its already in the game, and there's no "Fun" in reducing both player's (both the victim and the company killer) honor on that instance.
  8. What? Think you are confused.

    The suggestion is to give negative honour and experience when killing your own company even if you don't get the kill, as long as they die.
  9. And what about a player that miss clicks by accident especially in a big pvp battle it's not uncommon to shoot someone by accident and for this your saying they should get a - ?
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  10. Even if someone does get to kill your target so long as you still have a valid lock on anything you still get the kill point and you will get whatever it is that you should.

    I know what you're trying to say, its not gonna be possible, if it did was possible D.O would have done it long ago but there's a lot going on with who should get the consequences for shooting your ally on the same company? so anyone who misfire onto someone because they accidentally clicked on them because they were spinning doesn't mean they should get punished by it even if they helped the player to try and get away but still get killed? that's stupid.

    He's trying to make selfish requests over his own experiences, this is why most of his topics are mostly argued by his own self interest without even making a general impact in the game so no point on making a point here he will just shoot you down just as what he does to most people who wants to make a valid opinion.
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  11. This is why it's a suggestion friend. This is the kind of situations that need to be taken into account. Maybe you need to be in a clan for it to work possibly?

    No, you need to do damage to be awarded as an assist in the ships death on your company. The main idea behind this is to put an end to MCC, which it will. Also no, it's not about my experience, most the things I write are what a lot of people in my clan also think.
  12. You and your clan probably has their own world to live with, that's not the same with the majority of people around here that is why a lot doesn't agree with what you say, and for the most part anyone who reads your posts will think that you're complaining rather than "suggesting" as to what you pertain it to be.

    MCC and Same Company killings will not end, similar to real life situations and politics, Those serve a purpose.

    It will only end if D.O decides to change the algorithm of the game by preventing same company members shooting at each other and only battlemaps are non-demilitarized zones that any same company members can shoot each other at but not on regular maps, as stated by many players already ranting about being bullied off x-7 or x-6 maps for the same purpose of killing npcs to earn up uridium, and MCC bullying off other people for their own clan members from another company to use and take advantages of that map for the same purpose as many others, people have already talked about this many times in the forums for years and D.O just did was to prevent low level players from being shot at by higher level players unless that low level player retaliates and shoots back at them then they can shoot them to death.

    These so called assists won't help and stop all the same company killing and helping their own clan member with a different company on killing anyone from the same company they are, it is either they do the former that i've suggest or prevent MCC and make Clans only applicable to that same company they are with.

    The 3 companies aren't entirely at war, they are just hostile to each other for the expansion of each companies rise to power, D.O is just following somewhat the lore of the game which aren't any otherwise.
  13. Easy fix, end MCC in this game. Want to be part of a certain clan? Move to their company.


    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
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  14. Agreed, would put MCC to an end which would benefit the game.
  15. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I think giving negative honor for both assists and main kills WILL reduce the harassment of MCC, and by a great deal too. If feel like it is definitely worth a shot. Doing nothing will GUARANTEE that nothing will change.
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  16. Agreed, we should add on Discord, we seem to agree a lot.
  17. We dont really need this drastic Honor reduction.
    While I would not mind if this would be implemented I still think that the easier methode is simply to turn off Friendly-Fire.

    Without Friendly-Fire you cannot shoot anyone of your own company.

    If you want to fight a Member of your own Company in a friendly 1v1 or 2v2 or even 5v5 Battle, there is a way to do so.
    BP just needs to add a "Battle your friends" Button to the UBA, that way this rater useless Feature in the Game would finally get a reason to even exist.

    Also if we are going to change something, just take out the Clan Diplomacy. Your Allies is everyone in your Company. Your Enemies are the other 2 Companies. Clans do not need to have a Diplomacy-System in the first place because the Companies already have this Covered.
  18. The in game solution to this is WAR. If you dont like getting popped, learn to defend yourself, play with friends and use clan wars to your advantage. Instead of trying to change the game that many of us have played for years, learn to play it as it is. If you dont like MCCs, send war to the MCCs on your server.
  19. If MCCs were eliminated you would just have clans from other companies ally with each other. You will never force players that are friends in the game to not help each other against common enemies. If the majority of players on any sever agree that MCCs are bad for the game, they all have the ability to ally with each other and send war to the MCCs and fight like space pilots instead of whining like spoiled rotten little beeches.

  20. Doesn't really matter to me all that much. I kill 'em all anyway. My thoughts are more towards the novice players. Been here on the game long before MCC where even thought of. I know exactly how it all works :cool:

    Ship kills.
    Not the best but hold my own MCC or not ;)

    Friendly players destroyed991
    Each and everyone deserved what they got and as you can see, I'm not shy to pull the trigger :rolleyes:


    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
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