[UI] Give negative honour and experience for shooting your own company.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Oct 11, 2019.

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  1. So I write 2 possible changes that could be applied and you tell me to stop playing the game ?

    Great Idea, lets just do that to everyone who proposes new stuff for the game or complains about something in the game, and hopefully they really stop then too, that would mean in 2 months noone is there anymore to play and BP can shut down the game. :)
  2. It would only mean that the cry babies quit the game and I'm ok with that. The whining and crying gets old, its everybody elses fault that you suck. If they wouldnt allow players to shoot me I wouldnt get popped. Go back to playing Barbie as it is clear that PVP games are just to much for you to handle. Its a PVP game and no matter what changes are made people will still shoot you down.
  3. Think you are mistaken, the OP is right on this thread. MCC is a big problem and this is a great solution to it if it could be implemented properly. And yes, the 3 companies are basically allies now because clans run who is at war and who isn't which is not how it should be in a game about 3 companies fighting each other.

    I love how you write all this nonsense about your own opinion and try to make it look like everyone has this opinion, you are sorely mistaken, everyone misses how this game use to be including myself.
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  4. The only thing that has changed is the new players that dont like the game yet still play just so they can complain about it. The only way to get rid of MCCs is to beat them with war. Allies are always going to be a part of the game and if MCCs were eliminated alliances would just replace them. Anyone that thinks different needs to go back to school and ask for a refund as they were not given common sense.
  5. Read the suggestion on the thread, it literally fixes MCC because you cant shoot someone on your own company whether or not you have war, it completely fixes the problem and the only solution is if everyone leaves to join the same company as their friends.
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  6. Get a clue, there is no way possible to stop players from shooting another player regardless of company. People that blame MCCs for the decline of DO are just making excuses for their lack of skill or strategy to play dark orbit. You will never stop players that have created friendships from joining forces and shooting common enemies. Alliances and war have always been a part of DO and they will always be a part of DO. Eliminating them would basically be making a new game. So either make a new game or learn to play this game the way it has always been and always will be.
  7. Going around in 5v1s with your clan every prime time doesn't demenstrate skill to me. Does it to you? Your argument is defensive because you think people want you to stop playing with your friends, which isn't the case at all. People want the game to be about companies again and rely on them instead of relying solely on their clan tag for help. Do you know what it's like to be fighting an enemy then some random company ally starts shooting you and helping an enemy player? It feels like you've been traitored.

    Giving negative honour and experience points when you assist or shoot your own company, regardless of kill, would put a swift end to this meta and question the games state immediately, because high ranked players won't risk losing those values when they worked so hard to get them.

    This isn't about allies and wars, this is about making companies about companies again instead of it being only based on "strongest clan runs both the MCC and the pvp events" which we can probably agree is not fun for anyone.
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  8. Increased penalties are avoided by sending wars. This idea stops nothing but causes a hindrance for players that are trying to avoid war. So yes this has everything to do with war as a 1 billion ep and honor penalty wouldn't even be seen on a same company player that has just sent you war. Also these high ranked players have multiple alternate accs that they don't care for rank on just so they can deal with people who manage to avoid their wars.
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  9. Been on this game since Feb. 2006

    I know it well, don't need your lip. Arrogance and Attitude are no match for Experience.

    MCC screws with the Clan ranking as well. Get 3 generals in one clan a few 3 stars couple or so 2 stars and a bunch of botted 1 star and there ya go #1 clan yet only a few in each company. Although I don't care about ranks, they're redundant since the npc bots run 24/7. I care only about ship kills in hall of fame that's it.

    Been a 3 star but never general, can't keep up with the bots so why bother to try. :cool:

    I was expecting a battle of wits, but you appear to be unarmed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Sometimes we can't choose the music life gives us but we can definitely choose how we dance
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  10. Sycorax

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    This game did not existed until December 11th, 2006.
  11. Rank is just something to make the kids feel good about themselves. It is meaningless, doesnt make you stronger or give you any special powers. If you have been playing this game for as long as you claim, then you know that there is no way to force players to do something they dont want to do. Crying about MCCs is just an excuse used by the weak. Who cares how many generals are in 1 clan? They dont get any bonus for it.

    As far as a battle of wits, you need to steal some so you something to bring to the table. Go back to playing barbie.
  12. Dont bother pointing out facts or truth he isnt intelligent enough to recognize the truth.
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  13. Sycorax

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    Fair enough.
  14. Actually it did, DarkOrbit was released in December 2006. Also DarkOrbit is based on another game that played similarly, it's a copy of something but developed into something great, then ruined with the LF-4s and ridiculous amount of pay2win.
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  15. This is DarkOrbit where several old school gamers in our current game came from .

    Then you have few that got in for beta stage.
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  16. You must be newer than most. MCC scrubs are the same boyband collage drop outs that started using diplomacy as a way to play the game their way so yes ending mcc and their ability to abuse diplomacy would be a huge fix and thats why I have 20 to 35 active wars. But the huge problem here is the zombies don't stop coming back which means at some point their dedicated pushing ships are out and about till they accumulate x amount of deaths then report it.

    Your arrogance leads you to believe you even had something smart enough to bring to the table.
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  17. botters must be banned from the game
    mccs( multi company clans) where not a thing until ~2012 i think and it is not good in my opinion
    and the p2w( pay 2 win) system must be destroyed
  18. Since your so smart, what is it about MCCs that makes them ruin the game? You do realize if you eliminate MCCs, clans from other companies will just green tag each other and send war to clans in same company. Which means eliminating MCCs does nothing to change the game. I like there being MCCs because that just creates more clans to have war with. I also have friends in MCCs that we are allies with. A clan is a clan regardless of its company affiliation.
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  19. From my reply...."ending mcc and their ability to (abuse diplomacy) would be a huge fix" If that isn't clear enough smarty pants theres no help for you.o_O
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  20. Sycorax

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    Okay, okay. My mistake. I never knew that existed. But honestly, I was just 6 years old before finding out that this current generation of DarkOrbit existed.

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