[UI] Give negative honour and experience for shooting your own company.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Oct 11, 2019.

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    I think that what they are saying is that MCC contribute to a problem: stimulating killing people from you own company because if you have war or if anyone but you lands the first shot you won't get negative honor. Perhaps the way it is said is not exactly ideal considering all the flaming that is going on here.

    Regardless I feel like I do see your point: removing MCC (but in particular the thing it contributes to) will create several problems, even if we manage to fix all the workarounds. First of all it may force people to join another faction which will cost them honor and second of all it may create one big faction where we end up with nobody to shoot.

    In my opinion we have to be honest and say that things were messed up from the moment someone thought it was a good idea to introduce MCC without negative honor for own-company-killing (regardless of who shot first). Furthermore I honestly do not understand the 'fun' of farming weak players.

    Let's calm down everybody :)
  2. So you dont have a point to make? All I asked is how do MCCs ruin the game? What is it that would change if they were eliminated? Maybe if someone could come up with a legit reason that MCCs are ruining the game DO would look into a fix. But since no one has given a true example of how they ruin the game or a legit fix for the so called problem DO is just leaving the game as it was 1st developed. I know you have played this game long enough to know that players are always going to shoot who they want and ally with like minded friends. If MCCs are so bad for the game, get a bunch of single company clans to band together and war all the MCCs and shoot them down till they decide to change.
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  4. Ah yes it's been a while, I stand corrected it was Feb 07

    13 years sheeesh


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  5. I was sharing a fun fact with you , kinda like some "lore" so to speak ;)
  6. I explained the issue which started from the diplomacy part of the game allowing "pacts" to be made between clans from different companies where when it was common to see " the enemy of my enemy is my friend" but it got exploded to the extreme where people started forming groups to win events, control resources gained in game which means victories became pre-determined. And thats where the boom for MCC came into play where groups would ban together under a single clan tag to win events and its what really started to kill the game . Look at JPA people used TS to organize "who would win" which is why that event was canceled along with the majority of the world not being able to participate as it made DO seem more exclusive to a certain group.

    Which brings us to the MCC debate where it became apparent that to get anywhere in the game players would fight for a spot in a top MCC or 1 of 3. For these new clan based reward events. This is also when [ONE.]Outstanding with No Equals decided to stop playing and was no-longer seen on US-East coast 1 server. And this is still the current problem we have now which is why you are not seeing clan based rewards for event but the new "battle pass" system. DO knows mcc is a problem they are just too scared to solve it.
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  7. I can see where this is a concern, however, you get a pop-up notice that you are attacking a friendly, so DO obviously has code that recognizes attacking friend from foe and in-clan vs. not. I see MCC company attack as gaming a system that never intended for MCCs to exist in it's original design. A short grace-period timer when the player takes no damage and the friendly attacker is warned should do the trick. If the attack continues the penalty should be harsh. Baring the accidental targeting, that a normal player should realize and correct in say 5-10 seconds, you should never be allowed to fire on your own company without steep penalty. In the recent Holiday Frozen maps, you were not allowed to target other players. It was nice to be able to grind some XP and uri without the nuisance of MCCs keeping people from participating. Maybe make it impossible to target your own company except on specific maps. This would give the newbies some latitude to build their ships until they feel ready to take the risk. Find a compromise that will allow continued new player growth and a place for 'tired-of-it' players to grind some and let their desire to play live on. Even 5-3 gets annoying, new players need to pally to progress in the game, but an enemy MCC player attacks and you make a half-hearted attempt to fight and your own company jumps in. For what? So this MCC member can get 1 more kill and honor points on the back of an 'insta-pop' new player. Each of the code iterations DO has deployed has been intended to improve the game technically and make the game more appealing to get more players and make more real money for BigPoint. I'm guessing there are some on the code team that wish this genie had never been released from the bottle, but they don't have any idea how to put it back for fear of losing long-time players that use their wallets. Maybe focus on creating more maps for beginning and intermediate players that restrict this activity along with more maps for super ubers to spread out the action a little. Make a bigger fish tank and maybe the school yard bullying becomes less of a problem to worry with.
  8. Pre-MCC, you could play without being in a clan and not be impacted by clan wars unless someone was willing to take the negative honor. MCCs add a new degree of complexity to how it works in the game, and allows friendly players to target non-clan players be getting an enemy clan member to start the fight. I don't think the super ubers care either way, but it does make a difference for uber players grinding in uppers. You have to consider if that friendly battle station owner is really an MCC clan where enemy players can sit and wait for easy pickings to come for the dailies. This seemingly innocuous change to the game favors the dishonorable bully pilots that like to hurl insults when others suggest changing the status quo.
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    Then you likely never participated in a heated battle, where it isn't that uncommon to attack a neutral or even ally by accident. Even just a few weeks ago, one of our clan members accidentally killed an alliance player of a helping clan because there was such a huge cluster of players that it was hard to notice what you're actually attacking, and neither of them noticed. We only noticed it after our clan member pointed out "hey, I got negative honor", and after further investigation, he indeed attacked an ally instead of an enemy first. The opposing ally also didn't notice it until we pointed it out, which just goes to show how intense some battles can be.

    Not saying this justifies attacking allies, but sometimes it just happens, and having harsh punishments attached to an accident isn't exactly the greatest. Things like these can easily be solved by just removing the ability to attack allies in the first place. Or by saying "third time is a charm" where the first penalty actually takes place, rather than the first kill.
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  10. I agree that they should just remove the ability to attack allies and your own pet; not an accident that your pet annoyingly hovers over the target you're looking to select. Pretty much doesn't fit with the storyline anyways. Advanced space-mining fighters that don't have friendly accident prevention... I do get the heated battles, but DO could make it more obvious that you're targeting a friendly. It's currently just a text note at the top like every other note. If they won't disable friendly targeting, then make some kind of color change to make it totally obvious. Sort of like when you're in the Radiation zone and you get the big white arrow and flashing red accent.
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  11. Damn, where is that hostility towards me coming from. :eek:
    whether I suck or not is not the point of this, it has nothing to do with anything at all and is just a dumb insinuation because you dont seem to have any arguments.

    who ever said I could not handle PVP ?
    I never said something like that. Never! Again a dumb insinuation because you dont have any argument.

    All I said was this:

    Not one word in this post sais "I can't handle pvp" or "I can't handle to be killed"

    Sure I dont win every fight, I even lose a majority of the fights, does that mean I suck ? Yeah maybe.
    Does it mean I can't handle it ? HELL NO!
    I lose due to not being UFE and maybe due to lack of training. I am not even close to UFE so losing is only natural just on the equipment part alone.
    My lack of training might also be a reason but even the most skilled DO players dies from time to time, do they suck now too?

    Like I said the whole "You suck/You can't handle it" is bs because you don't have any real arguments.

    Yes! And now ? I never said I dont wanna get killed.
    I die even if we take out friendly fire ? YES! That's right I will still die and so will you and everyone else who plays the game.

    You don't even understand what this is all about!
    It is not about "ohh I don't want to die"
    It is about ->> I don't want to be backstabbed by my own company and killed just because of MCC and MCC alliances.

    This game has a faction system, so if I am in MMO, everyone in MMO should be my friend and help me, or at least dont interfere in a battle, but if other MMO-Players kill me because i attacked a VRU or EIC who they are in a clan with, that is backstabbing BS which schould not exist in this game.

    Otherwise we dont need the factions, just put everyone in one faction and make if a battle royal game where everyone can attack everyone without any restrictions.

    But because we have factions, we dont need friendly fire!

    My second suggestion is basically the same, we have diplomacy due to the factions, everyone in your faction is your ally, everyone else is your enemie.
    Why do we need the clan-diplomacy ? We don't!
    It's just an easy way to bypass and abuse the "punishment" for killing your own company. Nothing else!

    Either you are new and really don't get if yet, or you are just ignorant to the issue.

    how do MCC ruin the game ?
    Well, let me give you an example.
    Player 1 is MMO
    Player 2 is VRU
    Player 3 is MMO and in the same clan as Player 2

    Now, lets (for a second) take out clans
    We have 2 people from MMO and 1 from VRU
    The obvious scenario is Player 1 and Player 3 both go and kill Player 2 or one of the mmo fights the vru while the other is just watching (maybe they wanna do a 1v1 or something)
    -> They play the game the way it is intended to be played, everyone in the same faction supports each other and they fight against the other 2 factions

    Now we take the Clans into the scenario:
    Player 1 attacks Player 2
    Player 3 sees that and flies to the fight
    now what will happen ?
    Exactly Player 3 attacks Player 1 instead of Player 2, backstabbing his faction member and killing him.
    -> They don't play the game as it is intended to be played, everyone backstabs everyone just because of MMC/MCC-alliances ruining the game and making it impossible to have fun while fighting your enemies because you never know when a "friend" is comming out of cloak and pop you instandly instead of helping you.

    Another issue is, MCC abuse the fact that they have members of all factions to bypass the penalty for killing a company member.

    Easiest to see, when you go on the Cube map and there are a few people killing cubes:
    Player 1 MMO and member of an MCC clan
    Player 2 VRU and member of the same clan as Player 1
    Player 3 = A group of multiple MMO players

    Player 1 want to kill cubes but doesent want anyone to be there and shoot the cubes with him, if he kills Player 3, he gets punished.
    So he calls Player 2, who can easily kill all Player 3 without punishment
    And as soon as Player 2 hits a member of the mmo group once, Player 1 can kill that member without getting punished.

    Now i can tell you another 2 ways (that I know, i'm sure there are even more than that) how MCC-Clans abuse the system to gain huge advantages but i think you get the point by now, if not well then you're a lost cause and will never get it.
  12. I dont a problem with MCCs because I have always been in clans that have wars. And because I started playing this game back when you could get shot down in your x-1 map by the FE players that would farm noob kills in x-1. We didnt complain about it we learned to survive and grow in the game. I have friends in all 3 companies that I dont shoot and will at times help them even if the person attacking them is from the same company as me, -100 honor is no big deal. And I can always send war if the person gets upset about me helping a friend. MCCs havent prevented players that want to grow from growing, they only prevent those looking for an excuse to avoid growing, from growing. If you dont like MCCs find a large group and send war to the MCCs and handle it in game. There have always been wars in DO and trying to change that changes the game. Just because I am MMO doesnt mean I like all players in MMO. So wars give me the ability to pop said players until they leave the company, quit or change their behavior that caused the problem to begin with.
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  13. Two things are infinite.. the universe and human stupidity.. I'm not sure about the universe.


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  14. Maybe you guys should play the game for fun. You do know it isnt real right? Games are for fun, so thats the way I play it. Life is too short to cry about stuff you cant control and games are meant to be fun and entertaining so try enjoying the game. Maybe you will find it isnt so bad when you realize it isnt real life.
  15. Your petty insults only show how young you really are , just because you think this game is the greatest thing in your life doesnt mean other think the same. The point we are all making is "pirate playstyle" and "faction based gameplay" can not co-exist in this manner with out greater restrictions.

    And alittle factoid anybody with a brain knows is if someone cheats and steals and always follow the misfits around then thats the kind of person they physically are. Tho they may hide it on the outside its always a thought on the inside that takes a second thought like "nah id get in so much trouble if I did that."
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    BMan, from what I've read here on the forum the cowboy FH is a troll and not worth your time.

    Thanks for your posts, bman, appreciate all your indirect help in the forums.

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