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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Xmancode, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Xmancode

    Xmancode User


    I have got an idea, its called "Hades Finder".

    So, there will be a window with online players that have constructed hades (like the clan window. If you constructed a hades and you are online you will be in that list, but if you are offline you wont be. There will be a button to invite certain player in a outfit.

    That list may have additional info like level of player just to have in mind what player you are inviting.

    There can be aditional button that blocks "hades invites" (like the "block all invites" in outfit window) if you dont want to be disturbed. Player names that pressed the button "block hades invites" will appear RED in the "hades finder" window.

    When you are trying to invite someone using the "hades finder", automatic message is sent to that player to notify him that this is a "hades" invite, not other invites ( clan invite, random invite...)

    Basically instead of searching forums or spam chat just to make a group for hades, you simply search the list of players with constructed hades and invite them!

    As of current state, i have tried using forums, spamming chat and its very difficult to assemble a Hades group.
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  2. I say no, I don't want my invites being spammed with hundreds of players all wanting to do a Hades gate.

    Besides, its not that hard to go into global and find people, arrange a date if you have to.

    Sorry, but its a no from me.
  3. i believe this will just cause spam to players and even with a block button people can spam you as soon as you get online so no here
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  4. I have to agree with him, i am already spammed enough by people trying to kill bk's with me, sorry but no
  5. Yeh I agree with this because people will just spam you with invites to do hades andit won't do much harm to ask this in global or company chat.
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  6. it would be much eaiser to ask in global anyways
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  7. Yes agreed also I just thought that this chat could turn into something like clan search were no one ever goes on it and it would soon just get in the way.
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  8. yep no one would use it no need for it in game
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