[UI] Holiday drone formations

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .RΞSЇSŦΞNCΞ., Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. hi all

    well basically since we have a bat formation for Halloween why isnt it expanded to say multiple holidays ie: Christmas Easter and so on

    for Christmas the design could look like a Christmas Tree and give like an extra 10% Uridium from aliens and gates which could cost 100k uri in the shop but only out during Christmas

    so if someone wants to expand go ahead :D
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  2. I like the sound of the drone formation, however, what would the penalties be on the drone formation?
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  3. maybe 5% less credits from aliens so kinda equals itself out?
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  4. yeh that would work well enough. 5%-10% would probably work out fine. However it may only come out next Christmas :(
  5. Maybe something like with these formations you get 300% more rewards from those specific bonus boxes so like with bat formation you get 300% more from pumpkins, with... say Christmas tree formation you get 300% more from presents etc as well as the other effects. The reason why the increase would be so high is because those specific bonus boxes only come out during that time of year
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  6. +1 This is a nice idea because with this advantage it will make the boxes worth more and will make more people want to go and do boxes.
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  7. i like that aswell and i did not realise you gained 300% extra from the specific boxs :O
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  8. i don't that was just part of the idea
  9. hmm 10% more uridium sounds like a bit much, 5% more reasonable, and 10% less credits is more reasonable in my opinion
  10. Resistance could you make the picture for the drone design :) SO then we can all see what it would look like!!!
  11. i want a picture to lol
  12. lol not the best haha but here you go
    kind of like the top of a tree lol ignore the heart formation :p
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  13. lol, I like it but the sides of the tree should go down your ship like the Arrow formation, but with the last 2 Drones it folds in behind your ship
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  14. This is the coolest thing that I have ever seen :D
  15. lmao
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  16. Hope I see this next year in the shops :D
  17. I like the idea, plus 1 from me.
  18. Next year why not this year?
  19. Because it's too soon to probally be done this year :p
  20. Zecora

    Zecora User

    why not so?


    We dont have an Turned Normal Formation^^

    and i have added the little Drone icon Near of the HP/Shield bar

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