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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by NewYorkYankee, Oct 3, 2020.

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  1. A few suggestions I think
    would really help improve your game as far as the game play for us players.
    Starting with the auction house the auction house is ancient, years old. It could definitely use new weekly and daily auction items, as well as adding a few extra items in the hourly auctions. Also, I believe resource lab has become pretty much useless a lot of the material is old as well and useless I believe it could using a lot of improvements more upgrades, ability to sell resources in the lab for credits or other items. Marketplace is great, however I believe there's Improvements that could be done. Adding new drone configuration with new abilities that could be changed with uridium and payment options, this would help improve the game for everyone as well as urge people to play and buy them. I also believe the hangar could also use a decent upgrade. I believe a lot of people would enjoy the option to customize or make their own custom ship using parts or designs from other ships, as well as being able to randomize a spaceships special abilities like Shields or more damage through the purchase of uridium or payment. That way players can use a ship they like and have an ability on that ship they would like.

    Theses are great ideas thanks. : )

    Your welcome.
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  2. Bibulus

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    Here's an idea how about 2 shots not destroying your ship and me not logging out because there's no point in playing
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  3. Don't troll your thread. While I respect the ideas, not saying that I agree with them, the best thing they could do to make the game better is to make sure that it is playable.

    The game keeps moving in a direction of granting more and more firepower and if you have not built up the needed shielding to help counter, you will always be logging out. I feel your pain as I am there.

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