[UI] Improving Dome Drone Formation (Suggestion)

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  1. Hey

    I wanted to discuss the possible improvements on the Dome Formation which is pretty much a useless drone formation as of now, considering the negative effects over your ship when using this drone formation outweighs of that on the benefits of the formation itself, thus relieve it as useless against anything at all except if you want a challenge.


    Upcoming in Third Patch.
    • Shield bonus increased from +30% to +40%.
    • Shield regeneration increased from +0.5% to +1.5%.
    • Laser damage reduction reduced from -50% to -30%.
    • Speed reduction reduced from -50% to -15%.
    There has been a plan to change the effects of the dome formation to the above details, but they did not clarify if the shield regeneration will be active in battle similar to that of the diamond formation.
    The Laser damage decrease from 50% to 30% is still a big negative factor to lose over such small improvements, rocket and rocket launchers aren't your biggest damage dealing attribute in the game but rather your lasers, speed decrease however have been drastically improved from 50% to 15% which is great if the drone formation where to be more useful enough without the laser reduction but instead something else.


    I will list down all the possible improvements the Dome Formation can have as an alternative solution to the problem of it being useless, mainly all of these improvements will be focused more on engaging against NPCs.

    Offensive Dome Formation
    • Shield Increase by 5%
    • Shield Regeneration by 0.5% of max shield (active in combat, will not exceed 2,500 shield/sec)
    • Rocket and Rocket Launcher cooldown decrease by 75%
    • Rocket and Rocket Launcher damage increase against npcs by 50%
    • Laser Damage decrease by 5%
    • Speed decrease by 50%
    Since the maintained aspect of the dome formation is its improvement on rockets and rocket launcher, i've minimized the positive effects over the shield increase and maintained the shield regeneration as to compensate over its speed decrease by a large 50% considering that will hinder a ship's ability to run away from most npcs even on a speed config, the laser damage decrease however has been drastically minimized to 5% in order for the Dome formation to be more of a rocket and rocket oriented drone formation with minimal improvements over shields but not removing the essence of your laser damage against npcs.

    Defensive Dome Formation
    • Shield Increase by 30%
    • Shield Regeneration by 2% of max shield (active in combat, cannot exceed over 10,000 shield/sec)
    • Rocket Launcher cooldown is increased by 50%
    • Rocket Launcher damage decreaed by 20%
    • Laser Damage increased by 10%
    • HP Decrease by 50%
    • Speed Decrease by 5%
    Reducing the effectiveness of Rocket Launchers will not pose a very negative effect over its damage factors considering with the long cooldowns and damage it deals on regular intervals anyone won't notice a big difference with the improvements made over the formation, it now has a better shield regeneration that is active over combat than the diamond formation, but with a large decrease on ship's HP and a minimal decrease on ship speed by 5% whilst 50% decrease on the HP, however the improvement on Laser Damage really makes this drone formation also a good alternative over Drill.

    The Drone formations on the game requires some other drastic changes or improvements since the game is scaling on a larger scale, aliens or npcs are getting stronger, new aliens already have been introduced (black light maps) and players with the prom lasers are having bigger improvements now than before and with the introduction of bo3 there will be more even tougher players out there that won't go down easily, so drone formations that helps players fend off other players in a pvp fight will require improvements even minimal changes will be acceptable but that's just my opinion.
  2. lol

    Just get rid of it, Diamond is just the better version of Dome and always will be, so you might as well scrap it and make a new formation.

    While we're at it lets nerf drill and moth please so maybe people will use the other formations in PVP instead of the same 4 over and over again.
  3. The in-progress PvP patch addresses the issue with Dome & does have plans on buffing it. Don't know if it's been implemented yet.
    If you know how to play, players who use Drill & Moth are the easiest to deal with.
  4. Yeah they are easy to deal with because they all run suicides and battle configs and are one-shots, especially if you're running a suicide yourself, but my point being is that there is no reason to use any other formation besides Drill, Moth and ring because they are simply the best formations. And because they are so OP there is no room for creativity or tactics on this game, and it's killing PVP in this game because there is no one else actually using the other formations or even other configs.
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  5. creativity and tactics? barely any other formations are meant to be used in pvp, not to mention all of the drone formations has their own purpose and are not meant to be used in either both or one of pvp or pve.

    its debatable which formation is always better to use in pvp since there's a variety people can use depending on the situation and the configs they have, usually people with a lot of shield and on slow configs use either ring or crab formation, ring to counter drill, crab to counter moth that counters ring and then use drill to counter a player using crab.

    These formation are not OP, they are meant to be like and they have already been nerfed years ago after a few months they were introduced an example would be ring had 120% increase on shields but 50% decrease on both laser damage, rocket damage and the worst rocket launcher cooldown, and also drill had a 40% laser damage increase at that time with reduced shields by up to 50% and shield absorption on damage by 10%.
  6. I think they need to develop innovative and numerous drone formations. On the other hand, None of the original players expected the update to turn out with drones that you have to know when to switch and gain the upper hand on the opponent to win a Pvp battle. Besides, On a PC...It is a lot of messing around and lots of players probably left because of that very reason.

    So, back to my point. Dark Orbit bought out a number of drone formations, so, they might as well bring out a whole lot more because they definitely wont abort them. However, formations shouldn't be the ultimate thing that a pilot needs either.
  7. I would want to see more drone formations oriented in either PVE or PVP, or if possible drone formations specifically for the use of one specific ship, like if this drone formation meant for the Citadel is used, the ship would have improved HP, and shield and rocket launcher cooldown time is cut by 75% or more, but for that sake speed is sacrificed and reduced to a bare minimum of 50%, as well as improves laser accuracy by 5% and so on.

    That's just an example, but if they did make something like that, it would be a cool concept integrated into the game's mechanics, people would like it, but ofc it will only be used by ships meant for it and there should be severe consequences for its usefulness.
  8. USA|Czerka

    USA|Czerka User

    "If you know how to play" lol, acting like DO is a game of skill and completely ignoring the P2W aspect of the game
  9. ikr? its a lot more basic than the basic games i've played from before, not really a competitive kind of game its just pay money, get all the good stuff, shoot x4 and you're good

    EDIT: people think this is such a tough game to play whereas any kid that has knowledge or experience playing world of warcraft would know how tedious the farming in this game is but they will doubt its very competitive nor a very complicated game, people think just because they got good stuff on their trunk they want others to know its competitive just because they've got the upperhand, its ironic how D.O doesn't bother transitioning to a better game engine, if they did they could alter the entire game mechanics of the game and make it far more complex and competitive, but nah they just want to milk a bit more money before they go awol in this game.

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