[UI] Laser cannons still needs better update (Not Prom lasers)

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  1. Hello!

    I've noticed that the difference in damage between an LF-3 and LF4 is relatively close to each other, only 20 damage difference and newbies or FE's doesn't require them to actually achieve on getting LF-4s anymore and they can just focus on doing the Black Light missions in order to obtain the Prom Lasers instead.

    I think it is great, but in my opinion Prometheus lasers are still too overpowered considering with their 5 second power boost each salvo deals a lot more damage in comparison to either a Parity, or Magma drill LF-4 variant can do.

    Even if we do the math, Prometheus lasers has a base damage of 210, not to mention the damage dealt everytime isn't always the same, it fluctuates between 220 to 300 and not going below the 210 base laser damage, and even if we include accuracy, the 5 second salvo damage it deals everytime hits accurately everytime and doesn't even miss without the interference like the PLD rocket or any other evasive factors or accuracy debuffs inflicted towards their enemies.

    I think that by improving the base damage on other LF-4 variants and the LF-4 itself it can still compete with the prometheus laser's superiority over them;

    • Parity Drill - damage improved from 230 to 245 and PVE bonus damage from 5 to 15
    • Magma Drill - damage improved from 230 to 245 and PVP bonus damage from 5 to 15
    • Hyperplasmoid Drill - damage improved from 225 to 240
    • LF-4 - damage improved from 200 to 220
    Other types of laser on the lower tier should also get a boost atleast;

    • SL-03 - Scatter Laser 3 improved base damage from 158 to 170, overdrive function improved damage from 150 to 195
    • SLL-03 - Spectral Lancer Laser improved base damage from 185 to 210 against aliens, PVP damage reduced from 140 to 100
    For the SL-03 and SLL-03 laser cannons and LF-3, each of them has a purpose and disadvantage, being LF-3 more versatile than the other two types, with these improvements for the other two types, players would be interested into using SLL-03 for PVE or SL-03 for both PVE and PVP engagements but with a range deduction.

    The damage difference in both are balanced between LF-3 and the other 2 types with negative side effects, range is an important factor against PVE to circle the alien and avoiding being damaged, SLL-03 is a perfect choice, but for PVP engagements, either LF-3 and SL-03 are best used but SL-03 deals more damage than LF-3 on a per 5 laser salvo basis, but with the range deduction, any enemy that is trying to run or circle them would give the user a disadvantage if they are not in capable range of the enemy ship, so LF-3 is a better choice if not only for PVP engagements, SL-03 should be considered as somewhat of an alternate solution against PVP engagement while your focus is PVE.

    The improvement between the LF-4 and LF-4 variants seems to be too much, but if we were to base the damage output per 5 salvo laser rounds, Prometheus laser still stands strong as the best laser there is, i just wanted the LF-4 Variants and the LF-4 itself has a standing ground in between and that's makes it justice.
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  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I agree that something needs to change but not by increasing the max damage EVEN FURTHER. I would rather see a 10% decrease in Prometheus laser range to balance things out.
  3. I don't think people who have already upgraded their Prometheus lasers to level 16, spent a lot of uridium, other resources would be glad about this, instead of reducing the range of Prom lasers, scale out the items that are below that certain item up to near its level, that's the only way for people to stop complaining why D.O keeps nerfing anything they find good, spend money or uri on it, then nerf it the next couple of weeks because of demand (from my perspective it was just a quick cash grab on their part)

    Something happened similar long ago, a lot of players were disappointed.
  4. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I agree, downgrading weapons, especially after a recent upgrade can be a pain. But buffing other weapons may be seen as just a big a pain. After all: if the alternatives become good enough or (according to your own preference even better) you will have wasted the same uridium as you now need to upgrade all of the upgraded weapons. Perhaps they could rebalance the weapons and give us an option to swap them for a while.

    In the end, I fear what will happen is the same thing as always: we buy / upgrade something and then something better is released...
  5. That's basically a principle that applies to everything we do with technology, the old will always be replaced by anew, anything that people doesn't want to be replaced are purposely meant for their own sentimental value and nothing else.

    I disagree, Prom lasers is still the most strongest lasers on all of them, with that bonus damage every 5 seconds and with a varying difference in damage (base damage is 210, making it stronger if the damage variance is above the upgraded versions of other LF-4 Variants) given that it is the case, i don't think anyone would choose over a Spectral lancer III over a prom laser or an LF-4.

    The upgrade on other laser cannons are good enough in my opinion, anything lower then other players won't have any other choice but to get prom lasers (but in a slower pace, and from which D.O wants players to do anyways, and any player would do eitherway)

    They won't look at these differences as an alternative to the best lasers available, LF-4 would still be the best against anything else both PVP and PVE, Spectral Lancer would still be a good pair for doing PVE grinds, LF-3 is a real choice for either, Scatter laser being either since both Scatter laser and Spectral lancer has one thing in common and that is they have the same damage output against npcs including the 5th laser salvo bonus damage (that is it hits accurately as i presume) but with a range disadvantage, it balances it out pretty well for its advantage.

    Other low tier lasers below LF-3 and the likes are fine as it is, they are all beginner lasers.
  6. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I can see your point but the difference here is that technology we have today wasn't available back in the day. With the lasers is different, all they have to do is change the numbers and boom: we got stronger lasers and shields.

    For now Prometheus lasers are the best indeed but the point that I was trying to make is that if Darkorbit would upgrade the lasers as suggested by you, they may not become the best anymore (depending on your preferred playstyle) and you will have wasted upgrades anyway.

    Long story short: I wouldn't mind it if they would reduce the range of the current Prometheus lasers by 10% instead of increasing the damage of the enhanced LF4 to balance everything out. Either way I will need to upgrade the enhanced ones.

    Kind regards,

  7. As i mentioned before, people often complain on things when D.O steals, takes away everything they have worked hard for, Prom lasers won't be the same with the range reduction on the laser and people would riot about it.

    Maybe the damage increase was a bit too much compared to what you've preferred thats why you don't think it will work? maybe if it was toned down a little bit; how about from 245 base damage on the LF-4 Variants (parity and magma) lets just add its base damage to 235 instead and increase its efficiency over PVP/PVE by 7.5 instead? or maybe 8 or 10 atleast, since the LF-4 Variants is way out of league compared to the Prom lasers.

    Just to give you an idea i'll gladly provide screenshots of using just 1 single prom lasers up to 5 and see its damage variance in between (not including the damage bonus every 5 seconds since its dynamic and doesn't change base on the ammo used)

    I also figured out that SAB-50 doesn't give the Prometheus lasers its increased damage towards Black Light race, apparently shields and HP are a different factor for the prom lasers programmed on its code to increase its damage, if you're not dealing damage against a black light race's HP, it doesn't increase its damage meant to be dealt with on the NPC.
  8. I'd be okay with a little bit of a bump to the middle ones but I think the curve is OK as it is. It's easier than ever to get lf4s too, so it's kind of hard to ignore them while running kappa and opening boxes for zeus. Skipping from lf-3 almost right to prometheus is a good thing and makes sense. LF-3 is easy to get and prometheus is the hardest. LF-4 is in the middle but ultimately a waste of time since you have to replace them no matter what. Switching from lf-3s to lf-4s should be seen as a nice perk along the way to prometheus, not something to actually sink time into.
  9. Agreed, Prom Lasers are difficult to obtain, but LF-4 Variants are more exclusive towards missions rather, considering that it requires 3 elements that are hardly available to be obtained, while Booty keys, UCB can be obtained through Galaxy Gates, RSB on the other hand is free on Certain missions but are relatively affordable for the purpose of crafting a prom laser, lastly Rinusk is the only thing players would have a hard time obtaining considering it requires 6000 units, requires time and effort to earn up that large, Credits aren't a problem these days, rarely people bid on things in the auction besides the Cloak XL, and BO1 boosters.

    But if people would be put in a poll, LF-4 variants and LF-4 needs a bit of boost so that while other players are still using the other variants of LF-4 they aren't concerned that it will be outperformed by Prom lasers and just feels as if they are in between rather than on the edge of being poorly conceived as a slightly better version of the LF-3.
  10. Prometheus laser is the most clueless release of all time ,that Big Point created ...It led to complete disbalance and absolute shock and confusion about PvP part of the game.That in addition with x10 higher prices in auction after server merges and incapability of the support to deal with cheaters and bot users led the game to unplayable status .RIP Dark Orbit ...It was a nice game...
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  11. Maddust

    Maddust User

    but but you need BK for prom lasers =(
    DO recycels=DO at its best.
  12. I think Zeus is more important. Are you suggesting people skip zeus and go right for crafting prometheus?
  13. I would want Zeus first, Prom lasers won't last long until a new one comes out better than that, probably might be easier to obtain (hopefully)
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  14. Maddust

    Maddust User

    I'm saying you need both. but you can't have both at the same time because DO RECYCELS. do you understand now? I'm angry at DO for that.
  15. c2272

    c2272 User

    Zeus is a better pick, considering it is one of the last few things you need after acquiring LF-4s before (now its prom lasers) and even if you try to craft one prom lasers, it wouldn't be enough to improve your damage, however, if you get a zeus drone, you would be able to equip 2 more shield generators or 2 lasers of your choice and better improve your damage or shield count, a single prom laser is outperformed by a zeus drone in many cases (it takes you less effort to get a zeus drone than getting all the rinusk you need for a prom laser)

    That only applies if you've got a few parts left to craft the zeus drone, if not and you need 45 parts, i suggest save your booty keys for next time and plan when you've obtained enough booty keys to decide if you can craft a lot of prom lasers or try your chance on getting a zeus drone or the parts to craft it.
  16. Maddust

    Maddust User

    you don't get my point.
  17. c2272

    c2272 User

    You don't get my point either, the reason behind my post is whichever you choose to get first, zeus is a better pick when it comes to using Booty keys to either use it to craft prom lasers, or to open Golden Booty Chests.

    I get your point that you can't have both at the same time so you choose which to focus more, what i don't get is "DO Recycles" you should explain your point more rather than typing in a few words, this isn't chat that you have to limit the words you type to further explain your point in detail.
  18. Maddust

    Maddust User

    DO recycels means they use items that already exist and use it for new items. for example BK. you need them for zeus parts and hardware but now you also needs them for prom lasers.
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  19. I don't think "Recycle" is the term to use, rather they are being resourceful to the idea of giving another purpose for "Booty Keys" or BKs since not everybody uses them, a lot of people saves up booty keys or rather they've earned too much to even use even at an event.
  20. Maddust

    Maddust User

    do you think about new player? of course the hardcore player have 10000 keys.
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