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  1. We could put the LF-4 in weekly auction due to it being so rare and atleast it could be more common for people that have alot of credits i mean like dang this reminded me that my brother got all havocs with 8 LF-4s all lvl 16 in less than 2 months from just buying uridium and doing zeta gate
  2. NO.

    It is a RARE item, RARE's don't go in auction.

    And PLEASE, STOP writing the same idea every week. DO has already stated that they will NEVER put LF4 on shop/auction or anything like that.

    Please, STOP and think of some useful improvements that will affect all the players.
  3. dude i never heard them saying that they will never put it in auction well then might as well close this thread
  4. It was said a lot of times earlier. Also, every week there is one new thread about LF4's going on auction/shop/whatever else can be. It will never be done, cause it will de-balance the game a lot. Like A LOT. For years people spend milions of uridium to get them, and they still do. No one needs this, really. :)
  5. de-balance? how? 1 lf4 a week. many de-balance such lf4 much credits. wow. 1 lf4 in weekly auction won't de-balance anything. and people will bid so much for it, only a few people will be able to afford that.
  6. Do you know how? People spent MILIONS of uridium to get some LF4. Now, what is being proposed is to ignore all the uridium, and get for credits? NO. Rare items are rare, and should not be on auction or something.
  7. It may be rare in booty chests but LF-4's are not rare in Kappa gate lol. When building gates was on "sale" just the other weekend, I built 5 Kappa's and this is what I got:

    Mul 03 Booster, 3 LF-4's in a row, and last kappa gave me nothing.

    Maybe you should save your uridium for building Kappa's rather than wasting it on booty keys for booty chests because we all know 99.99% of the time you get make no difference rubbish from the chests and the chances of ship designs and LF-4's has been purposely reduced by Big Point to get you to buy more keys for green and gold chests while trying to get you to spend stupid money on red and blue booty keys which 9 out of 10 red and blue booty chests gives you what you will get from green and gold booty chests anyway while often giving you a ship design you already have hahahaha. Avoid red and blue booty chests/keys like the plague. :rolleyes:
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  8. I referred to "rear" as an exclusive item that was not meant to be bought in shop or won in auction. Item that you can gain on luck :)
  9. Rare, and I agree, keep the rare items out of the auction.
  10. DO did announce that lf4 would not be in auction in one of the past podcast.You can go to Darkorbit's youtube page and view these podcast.
  11. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

    Closing due to inactivity.
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