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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by coobo99, May 3, 2020.

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  1. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Make this your place to suggest new modules.
    What ships do you think need new modules and what modules do you think would benefit you the most?

    For instance, a Sentinel module that regenerates shield at all times at the rate of 1%, no maximum. Obviously the percentage can be tweaked, but it would be a great alternative to keep your ability effective throughout a fight or to boost your effective farming capability.
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  2. +100% NPC Damage for every ship!
  3. coobo99

    coobo99 User

  4. Make it 300% I want to solo the Mindfire Behemoth too. :D

    ... Come on be real, when making suggestions :)
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    VESPID User

    I would like to see a module for my Defcom ship that offers things like either a x2 damage bonus to non hellstorm rockets or a x2 generator boost. Kind of like the Leonov ship. Or one that allows the UC to be active while under fire. I could go on forever but this is my 2 cents.
  6. I would like to have a module that bot's my account for free cause i don't buy bot's but over 80% of players do so if BP give me one for free i would use it.

    All joking aside i would really like to see a module that allow's the pet to multi task, like enemy locator while auto loot or even combo guard mode while auto loot or even combo ship repair while enemy locator is on.
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  7. Why a ship module for something for a PET to do? Why not just have a new PET gear that combines auto looter with enemy locator?

    I do like the idea of my PET being able to collect bonus boxes when I am offline though... Maybe BP could introduce a new slot on the PET so you can set it up to collect boxes when you are offline.

    Also, why should people be allowed to cheat 24/7 stealing bonus boxes, uridium, galaxy gate energy, to steal galaxy gates and their rewards and permanently benefit from stolen lasers/shields/upgrades/etc. when players like myself who have never cheated and never will do not have the time to spend boxing/pallying and need to focus on other things like getting proms and B03's and we have limited time to farm rinusk while player's bot their way here too!

    So come on BP, get your act together, deal with cheating properly and delete 100% of everything from these cheating players accounts or give us non-cheaters something that we can use to box while offline so we can build galaxy gates for free and reap the rewards too!

    As BP know every player that has ever been caught cheating then they can make sure such players are not allowed to have their PET's collect bonus boxes when offline with this new slot type thing. It should be made available solely to players that have never been caught botting.

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  8. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Let's keep things on topic.
    This is a module discussion, not a PET gear discussion.

    What about some universal mods? Mods that work for all ships such as EXP and Honor boosts.

    I can't remember if the Sentinel has an HP module yet, but a 15% HP module for the Sentinel if it doesn't.

    5% PvP
    Some boost between .5% and 2% shield regeneration like the Diamond formation
    15% HP

    Diminisher already has a 25% shield bonus to compensate for the 25% shield loss after the ability's end. It could profit from a module that decreases shield penetration. This would increase the damage to a player's shield to add to the Diminisher's ability. Most players go for a suicide configuration while in Diminisher. This type of module might be able to switch things up. Perhaps...

    -10% Shield Penetration
    +5% Evasion
  9. it's pretty obvious than all the special design golis need to be balanced out with solace now.. all we see are solaces flying around. solace is now matched up with cyborg, but still the solace's upgrade mods cater more to npcing, than pvping. But this is one of the better updates DO made to the game, because it's starting to balance out the old powerful ships, without having to implement new ones. people love these ships, but they became weak when they made cyborg the ultimate ship.

    some suggestions:

    without getting into all the detail, just more mods for diminisher, spectrum, sentinal, venom.. although personally i see venom as a useless ship, either the ability needs to be changed, or it needs to be removed, since it's just a weak cyborg. best thing would be to change its ability so it implements something new into the game, make new ship mods for it, and gives something new that people already have, and for noobs coming into the game, something they can get, that doesn't cost what cyborg does. perhaps something like allowing venom special ability to do twice as much damage on npcs, but half as much on players, or just changing it all together, to like a speed boost, or something.

    tartarus in need of a buff. first it was op, now it's underpowered. it needs more speed, but should not be the fastest ship in game now due to good modules. or consider making a speed module just for this ship. i dunno if you guys have flown a tart lately, but it's incredible slow, it can't even keep up with a pusat or vengi.
  10. And don't forget the Pusat in desperate need of upgrades, and i also agree tartarus needs a boost of damage as well as speed.
  11. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Considering how much I despise everything about the tart, I hope it remains a useless ship.
    As for the Pusat, it was going to be my favorite ship until I realized how fragile it was outside of pure UFE use.
    The problem with the Pusat is that it has its speed and can take damage. Any player can just run from a fight at any point, repair and come back at you. Making mods for that ship that doesn't make it impossible to kill while using that technique is why we haven't seen any for it yet.
  12. Maybe you should not be so ignorant and arrogant and actually read the post "quoted" in my reply. If you cannot be bothered to read what I am replying to then do not reply to what I post in response.

    FYI, the person was talking about ship modules to do something that will be in the domain of PET gear and something that can be added to the pet in the form of a new slot so you can activate your PET to collect bonus boxes while you are offline. No requirement for a ship module for such things as I pointed out to this person.

    If you do not like my response to someone else's comment? Tough. Build yourself a little bridge and get over it and do not bother replying to my post that has nothing to do with you.

  13. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    So I already posted something in the Speaker's corner about the Centaur getting the same modules as the Bastion/Enforcer/Saturn since it's just 1/2 the bonus of the Saturn, but I think it should also be here just to keep the module records together.
    I would also like to see a new module for the Surgeon. It's still in competition I guess, but it could use that edge that gets players to look at it like a new ship like you did with the above-mentioned ships.
    I have a feeling you're working on a new line of modules for the Venge ships, but I hope you don't go as far as making an entire event dedicate to just the Venge like you seem to be doing for the Venom (Ignoring the new ship being put into the game because the emphasis should be on the Venom).
  14. just interested to know if there will be any re releases of modules as I started not long ago so missed majority or modules Thanks in advance for whoever answers :).
  15. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Some modules have been re-released, but there is no guarantee on which or when modules are going to be given out again. Wrong place for the question.
  16. a module for cyborg +10% hp orso
  17. IdoBexi

    IdoBexi User

    Why are you all talking about goliath, as if it's the only ship in the entire game? What about the credit ships, why can't they get their uses? What about spearhead? It has 5 lasers. 5. And a module that DECREASES its damage by 5%. That's bs. Buffing solace was a mistake. Right now it's the best ship in the game. Everyone complained about Cyborg, well now everyone's in Solace. And making it able to catch vengeance with the speed module + wheel formation removes the little chance that weak players had to escape UFEs, so dumb. No variety, all is goliath, no spearhead, no any credits ships, barely any aegis or citadels, no zephyrs. (oh, btw if you don't farm 110k chromin for a week, it's deleted and you can't get stack chromin for the next time zephyr+module is available) It's unreasonably, stupidly hard to get it. Like it's the best ship in the game or something. Like letting weaker people get it would break the game and make them gods or something. Why can't the credits ships have their own uses either? Btw my vote goes for spearhead. Would be my fav ship, but it's weak, squishy, not fast enough to run, ABSOLUTE USELESS abilities, f i v e l a s e r s. -5% dmg module. It needs +100% dmg module. Leonov for instance, has +100% dmg bonus on home maps. (double shield and cargo too)
    Edit: There are 27 ships in the hangar that are goliath or with the stats similar to goliath(tartarus, hecate, solaris, disruptor, centurion) But I'm gonna be generous and remove disruptor and centurion, because they feel a bit more different than a goli. Tartarus also feels a bit more different than a goli, but i'll keep it to the number, because it's a failure. so that's 25 ships that are goliath. YIKES.
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  18. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    There are both a +5% damage and a -5% damage module for the Spear. Both modules give you more shield, but one decreases your speed I believe. The spear is not a ship for fighting. It is strictly reconnaissance and an assist ship (That's what the whole class was made for. Citadel, Aegis and Spear were all built as assist ships). The speed modules are being made available for all Goli ships in response to the Cyborg, but it also helps in fighting off players in Venges who literally do nothing but poke at you until you die. The basic Venge class need modules, and I'm fairly confident they are working on them. These modules take time to put out because you can't just throw 15 modules out in an event and they take testing. Their main focus are the elite ships that people are fighting in. These are the ships that they are trying to balance out. Credit ships and everything in the farming class DO NOT need balancing. They are only for farming. The point is to get a stronger ship as you grow.
    The Tartarus should just be removed, but it's still a speed ship with high damage. It's also optimal for palla with a large cargo bay (I think). Leaves you less defenseless than some of the other speed ships.
    As for the 24 Goliath ships - They all offer something. A good portion of them either offer no bonus and are just cosmetic or Honor/EXP boosts. The rest of them all allow for a player to pick their style. These ships that offer various shield/damage bonuses as well as abilities are what DO is working on balancing out with the Cyborg because it was the top ship in the game (and it's still not far off).
    I would also like to point out that most of a player's damage comes from your drones, not your ship. You can still hit hard enough to fight while flying spear if you really need to. I've seen plenty of people do it.
    Stop posting your complaints on this post. This is a module suggestion thread. Post modules or go somewhere else.
    I'd appreciate if the posts not mentioning a new module were deleted after the user has recognized this comment.
  19. I've had my butt served to me by a couple of excellent Spear pilots. Knowing your tools is as, if not, more important than the type of ship.

    This is a good thread, I've enjoyed it so far. I think the previous two posts should stand as they are, some good points made by both.

    Some great ideas and very good conversation here.

    I'm still thinking on some new Mods.

    I fly the Cyborg, it's my fav so far. I recently acquired the Berseker and will be trying it out. Apparently lots to learn about it's abilities and such. It also has only 5 lasers on the ship but to my understanding the abilities make up for that, but haven't tested it out yet.


    We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone
  20. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    I just wish there was an opportunity to get mods you missed out on. Like being at a huge disadvantage to those with the 5% speed module on the Solace and Sentinal, making it faster than the Cyborg and almost able to keep up with a Vengi.

    Why do they only offer the Vengi/Pusat mods for gate rewards but no others.. it should be revolving in gates, for those to have a second opportunity at them.

    Aside from that.. Solace maxed with mods is now more overpowered than the Cyborg, I think Cyborg should at least get some new mods, but very minimal. Or since there are supposedly Venom mods, which nobody on my server has ever seen.. Maybe Cyborg's ability should be buffed, since it can be easily broken w/ an EMP, whereas Solace ability is invulnerable. Pretty much everyone on the game has a Solace, yet a Cyborg is something that either costs $80 out of pocket, or a whole lot of farming and struggling for months, just to get the materials to craft it, all to be made weak now.

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