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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by coobo99, May 3, 2020.

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  1. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    All of the ships are being worked up to being even with the Cyborg. If a pilot uses the Cyborg properly, they won't use the ability before the enemy EMPs.
    As for the modules going back through rotation, I believe they were slowly doing that for some of the events - but not all.
    The Venom modules are coming out with the next event. They haven't been released yet.
  2. Solace .. 9,068 in my log. I fly a Cyborg :rolleyes:

    Maybe some sort of Repair Module for the Cyborg 5% increase or so, over and above any repair boosters.


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  3. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    I'm a good fighter with over 30,000 ship kills, I'm well aware of how to properly use ship abilities. But ability to repair your hp that much, with fully upgraded BO3s, AFTER both have used their abilities effectively, there is simply no way for someone in a Cyborg to win, with evenly matched equipment, excluding Solace mods. I try to 1v1 players who are good fighters, so it only improves my pvp skill.

    The intent of ship mods was to balance out the game, since Cyborg was the most OP ship, but all this did, like with any other ship added or update implemented, it has yet again made the game unbalanced.
  4. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I'm going to have to disagree with you. A solace after using ability at the best moment after enduring the full ability of the Cyborg will only have 30% HP left (completely ignoring any damage dealt by the Cyborg itself during that time). On top of that, a Cyborg hits 10% harder with 1 extra laser. You should be able to best any ship in the game using your skills properly.
    At the moment, the Solace's max HP is sitting around 800k (Including double boost). A player can do a lot with 200k HP left, but that's still 1 combo (or single RSB shot) for any decently powered player. But please, can we stick with module recommendations. If DO finds that the ships are still unbalanced, they will fix it. That's what they do.
  5. IdoBexi

    IdoBexi User

    I checked. there are(inaccessible, unless you pull out your credit card) modules for spearhead, all decreasing speed by 5%. you can get up to 20% bonus dmg, because one dmg gives 15 and one shield gives 5 (lol, shield module gives dmg now, what a logic). And that's still nothing. Also decreasing speed by 10% in total, it's insane how bad it is. And what do you mean by "not a ship for fighting, only reconnaissane and assist? I like how you also assume the speed mods are because of the cyborg. What about the surgeon, back then the only ship with 16 gens? Also there are slow and freeze rockets, you can easily catch and pop vengie. What they did is make it worse for the helpless newbies to run from UFE that like to be toxic. I'm repeating myself. You're not making any valid argument. They also can't poke you, because they need to regenerate. And while they do, so do you in your goli. And you regen more hp as it is percentage based. Ah yes, you're having a moment of brain cells connecting. Only ships that people fight in. "Credit ships and the rest in the farming class do not need balancing" How freaking dumb are you? Why would you farm in a credit ship, the only case is nostromo in 5-2 because the spot repair is for credits, for those who aren't premium. Are you farming in a credit ship? Or are you farming in a goli because it has more lasers, damage modules, some like venom got abilities for farming, more health, speed, shield slots? It is a farming class. Because surpriise, that's the only thing they offer aside from abilities. Nothing makes the credit ships or your "assistance" ships stand out. Aegis and Citadel are manageable, if some UFE is getting sick of using goli, they hop in a Citadel, because they are so maxed out on damage that they can win against weaker golis. But if they want to get serious, they pull out the goli. And spearhead is abysmally useless. What are you doing "reconning"? The game's fun is tied to the amount of damage you can deal and take, and spearhead can only do one thing - running. If you encounter an enemy with the spearhead, do you have fun getting popped or running? I think not. The abilities can break that, they can make a credit/weak ship with overall low stats strong in some areas of the game. And there aren't many areas of the game. It's just farming and pvp-ing.
    And those 25 Goliaths don't offer anything different, go scroll through your hangar. g-champion, goal, kick, peacemaker, referee, sovereign, vanquisher and more are so similar, that they're simply copy paste of one another. You can't really "show your style", because they're all with the same stats and barely look different. And you can show your style in 2 ways. The first, not effective at all, are the looks. Some bizarre design that is very different. But if it does the same as the rest, it's not much different, just a re-skin. The other, more effective one, is your gameplay. If you could do things with your ship which people in other ships cannot. But if it's useless, there's no point of it being in the game, as even the people who love those ships, like me, cannot take the disadvantage of using them.
    And lastly, you cannot delete my thread, because I said that I'm rooting for the spearhead modules. And even if I didn't, it'd be very narrow minded to delete strictly all comments, this way the game cannot expand at all (not that BP are listening to players anyway). Because you don't go into your corridor of one single question, but instead expand. Like a game is supposed to. The way I offered for more ships to be usable. I don't think BP will make them different, but just simply making them good, will make people see more ships in-game. Not just goli/vengie/citadel/and whatever rare ships like disruptor, because it's so impossible to obtain them.
  6. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    The ship IS an assist ship. I don't understand where the confusion is in that. It adds 5% damage for your group to your target, it eliminates an enemy's ability with JAM-X, it has twice as much radar to see incoming enemies before your group, and it has a cloak that allows you to pass be unseen by everything. It's not meant to be fought with. It's not meant to be fought with. The added shield and damage is to give it a higher survival rate against the other ships that hit harder and fly faster.
    I focus on the Cyborg for speed because it hits considerably harder, has more health, oh! and it has an ability with infinite range. The surgeon has what? A 6% damage boost and 1 extra speed gen? Let me just make that my main example. instead of the Cyborg.
    Apparently you haven't noticed the hierarchy of ships. The credit ships are for noobs who don't have a goliath. Each one a little stronger than the next and maybe even offering a little extra (such as the Leonov). Noobs use them for farming so they can afford other items. It's literally why they're in the game.

    They are trying to get the MAIN SHIPS that people want to use, usable before they start working on ships that players will literally fly for maybe a week (I mean the credit ships in case that wasn't clear).
    As for the venge poking. I think you've just never tried fighting someone who only flies in a pusat. Poking is a very effective and annoying strategy. It's also known as kiting for players not in a venge. Kiting wins fights.
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  7. Don't be bashing on my credit ships. I am in a bigboy or a nostro continuously and have popped all npc in the main maps but the cube which likely will never happen, just being real. Working on BL, slow but working it. Why they don't offer anything other than an experience mod for them is ridiculous. Credit ships should have damage mods for npc at the very least. Experience mods for under level 16 shows how small minded the devs' are. Someone that plays daily can make level 16 or better in less than 2 weeks. Those that don't, don't really need the rush when they are not ready for much more anyways. These mods that have come out, or in the future, I will give as DO acknowledging the stupidity they had shown by coming out with such ridiculous power in the past couple years. Of course they couple it with forcing players greed to get things to match with the cyborg, or where the solace is now. I can't think of a reason to get the battlepass to try to get the latest and greatest thing that comes out. There is always something else coming out next. Keep spending.
  8. To my mind, Citadel and Spectrum do need
  9. IdoBexi

    IdoBexi User

    There's no confusion. Just disappointment. The term assist ship doesn't really work out here. Another goli in the group can be of much more assistance. Because it can deal more damage and can take more. Your group's EHP(effective health points) and EDMG (effective damage) are more if you use a goli, not a spearhead. Seeing ships from further away is completely useless. You can only tell them "hey there's someone fast on the map" It doesn't really say much. This is not a strategy game where you position your troops. There's only one thign that matters - if you're pvp-ing, stay together. Removing enemy's ability is the most use you can get out of this ship, but it cannot compensate for the lack of everything else. And your cloak is useful only if you're in the corner of a map and you use it to escape to the portal. Which you're not gonna be, because if people are fighting, they're not going towards the corners of the maps, they're going towards the portals.
    Yeah, of course you're focusing on Cyborg. Because it was the best ship at the time. You're just proving my point right now. If someone likes surgeon, they're immediately at a disadvantage if they wanna use it. But still not a lot, so if someone wants to, they can still get away with it. And it looks almost exactly as any other goliath. Remember the 2 factors for "showing your style" I explained above? Yeah.
    Oh, and "credit ships are for noobs" so you are telling me that you don't immediately get leonov, goli, vengi and their designs from the auction the same hour you create new account, really? For 10k. All together cost them less than nostromo or a bigboy lmao. Exactly my point - they're unusable. BP should drop the entire "main/whatever else aka bad" ships thing and make all ships good for something, so we will see more variety, and I'm tired of explaining that, I literally wrote so much that if you couldn't get it until now, you never will.
    And I know better than you what poking/kiting is, I've played league for years, and let me tell you. To poke someone requires you to have more range than them, so you can deal them dmg without taking such. If you take damage, that becomes a trade. It's a term in any game, including DO. But DO is much simpler. Here all ships (except zephyr) have the same attack range. So if you try to poke someone in a pusat, you will win only if they can't click on you. And almost no one is that bad. If they click on your squishy pusat, you die. And if you run away to regen, they will regen more health, thus wintrading/outrading you(in case you dealt almost the same damage beforehand), as it is a percentage-based, I said that as well.
    Spearhead, Piranha, Nostromo, BigBoy, Defcom and Yamato(120k uri each lmao, the credit ships) all require some ship modules that can make them useful for something. Would be cool to see people flying them. Sadly in DO you only farm or pvp, so there aren't many options. I'll be really impressed and happy if bigpoint comes out with various mechanics and ways to play the game where many ships can shine, not only the big damage, health and speed.
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  10. IdoBexi

    IdoBexi User

    Well, they don't have to drop the hierarchy entirely, I'm not saying they should make all ships as good as the venom, surgeon, sentinel etc. But I have noticed this "hierarchy", it just doesn't work. The main strength depends on the number and type of lasers, shields, pilot bio you have. You can put a noob player in a venom and one UFE in a piranha, guess who wins. I'm just saying they should make them usable. Glad they gave nostromo a dmg module, so I have a hope they might actually do it. Despite that it would mean them going out of their way of putting new things only if it would mean more grind/wallet warriors.
  11. How about a Module that can be used on any ship? Say for instance a Module for shortening the length of time required to built the space station.

    A thought :rolleyes:

    How to earn it I'll leave up to more creative minds ;)


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  12. Zecora

    Zecora User

    I had 6 module ideas posted on the Discord a long while ago, with one actually making it into the game. Well, somewhat. Maybe you'll like them.

    Grants +10% shields for the following ships: Hecate, Surgeon.

    Grants +10% shields for the following ships: Aegis, Aegis Veteran, Aegis Elite. (This one is already in the game)

    Grants +50% Rocket launcher damage and +25% rocket launcher reload speed for the following ships: Citadel, C-Veteran, C-Elite, Tartarus and Mimesis.

    Grants 10% Cooldown reduction but -5% HP for the following ships: Berserker, Disruptor, Spearhead, S-Veteran, S-Elite, Solaris.

    Grants +15% evasion for the following ships: Vengeance, V-Corsair, V-Adept, V-Avenger, V-Revenge, V-Lightning and Pusat.

    Grants +5% Damage for the following ships: Aegis, A-Veteran, A-Elite.
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  13. no the modules have to have advantages and disadvantages.
    Grants +15% Rocket launcher damage and +25% duration skills for the ships,and -5% damege lasers: Citadel, C-Veteran, C-Elite, Tartarus and Mimesis.

    Grants +10% shields for the following ships,-5% speed: Hecate, Surgeon
    Grants +15% shields for the following ships,-5% speed: Citadel

    Grants 10% Cooldown reduction but -5% HP for the following ships: Berserker, Disruptor, Spearhead, S-Veteran, S-Elite, Solaris.ok

    Grants +5% evasion for the following ships and -5% shield: Vengeance, V-Corsair, V-Adept, V-Avenger, V-Revenge, V-Lightning and Pusat.

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