[UI] Most Broken PvP Ship.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Nov 18, 2019.

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  1. This ship has 3 modules which make it infinately better, a 30% active ability 30 seconds reduction with very little cooldown... I mean, why? This ship is a free win in just about every 1v1 if you use Ring formation because your effective HP is just so high.

    Of course, I'm talking about the Sentinel. This ship is unbeatable if the person using it is even slightly experienced at PvP.

    And before you comment saying "stop crying about it and just use it", I am using it, that's why I can say with a large amount of confidence that the only way to reliably beat this ship in a 1v1 is to also be using a Sentinel, otherwise it's just not close. Even the Solace gets smacked down quick by this ship because it just has no damage with the ability on.

    Nerf please Bigpoint.
  2. I have to say it man is your answer to everything nerf it? I mean i hardly see those ships on my server and i highly doubt it beats an Solace now. even if it did every post you made for the last few months is for them to nerf everything try a different solution like maybe another module.
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  3. What? My suggestion is to nerf the Sentinel, cause it's broken.
  4. Well the Solace has more modules now than Sentinel, but as i said i don't see many of those ships on my server but BP is trying to make it so Cyborg isn't the only ship players use and i think they are doing an ok job cause i see a variety of ship on my server now no one hardy uses Cyborg anymore but there is still some around.
    Mostly a mix now of Solace Cyborg and Centurion with the odd fast ship.
  5. Solace and Sentinel are now one of the ships that has the upperhand on PVE situations, but a lot of players still use Cyborg considering it has that singularity ability and its versatile for PVP and PVE, both Solace and Sentinel are more oriented on PVE because of the specific Ship Modules available only for it.

    And i agree, this guy has nothing to clamp his mouth about other than nerf this, thing is op and that, thinks he's helping but he's actually doing the opposite.

    not gonna even say anything else other than that because 2 of his threads got locked because he's got attitude issues.

  6. On my server we only see players with cyborg or solace ... After these updates are sentinel or spectrum no longer on par with these other ships?
  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    If anything should be nerfed it would be both ships. Balancing ships by making them stronger is in my opinion NOT how you solve problems. But then again Bigpoint already stated that they don't like balance patches anymore because people were not happy when something they had was made worse, even though the changes would be for the better in the long term.
  8. Solace is more often used than Sentinel, because most of the modules can be equipped to both. But Solace benefits more from them (especially the +15% HP one).
  9. +35% hp repaired on your own ship, +15 hp repaired on people on your group which is why solace is mostly picked since HP is necessary to stay alive, Fortress ability is a good ability if a player has a lot of shields but that goes to preference considering both can have equal amount of shields, sentinel can't avoid being mothed around so its HP would dwindle little by little, Solace could just use nano cluster repair to overcome the loss of HP.

    Even if damage is reduced towards shields, some of it is still gone through your ships hp so solace is ideally an all rounder, sentinel isn't really that preferred on PVE anyways because of its long cooldown ability.

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