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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Zicolae, Nov 9, 2019.

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  1. Zicolae

    Zicolae User

    Hi to all, please be polite as I am only suggestion my views which won't necessarily match yours.

    1) A more strategic and variable ship. Each ship would have it's own specific and fixed (you cannot change them): lasers, generators and canons. However, what would vary would be it's energy core and how you distribute it's power. In other words the players would have to choose what percent of power would the lasers, canons, speed and shield have each. With that you would have, if my statistics isn't that bad, millions of varieties!

    2) More varieties of aliens without adding more designs. How does a boss alien become a boss? Shouldn't it have killed others before that happens? What if you could add levels for npc's as well? They don't need to change appearance just specify in the name the level the alien is. And it doesn't need to kill just other players to evolve, other npc's will do fine as well. I would love to see battles between aliens!

    3) Smarter aliens:
    -when you attack an alien if it thinks it will be destroyed by you it would run towards it's specific boss alien on the map.
    -funnier aliens: when you attack an alien they would send you messages on the chat or somewhere where they would say funny stuff like: ouch! shou! you don't wanna do this!...
    -cloaked aliens would also be something interesting.

    4) Redefined skills. In other games people would ask: what are you? a mage? a thief? a warrior?... Changing the skills tree so that people would choose one specific branch would be, I think, better. Speed, Attack, Defense...
  2. I'll respond to this because I like some of these ideas.

    1) Isn't it already a fixed type? Do you mean removing modules or things that stop ships having ultinated versions? If players choose they will just pick the most they can, to be the strongest.

    2) I like this idea, but I think more maps with the aliens would be better instead of just having more types of random aliens around which will lead to more tedious missions to destroy them.

    3) Haha, I like this idea too, it would be very hard for developers to implement but I really like the idea of aliens responding and communicating with the ships, considering the pilots are invading it's territory most the time.

    4) You already do pick between strength and defence in the skill tree, but once you get enough points you get both. I play a lot of games like the ones you are referencing, but none of them are like DarkOrbit. You need to remember this is a cheap space game, it doesn't have the money to make massive changes like other companies do. Also it's a space game, you cant have warriors and mages, that makes no sense.. I do like the idea of the speed, attack or defence, but the Centurion ship does that choice already with 50 designs.
  3. 1) that's a very complex form of gameplay mechanics, this isn't some EVE online game to begin with so i don't think this will be possible

    2) I think this idea has already been implemented long before, they just need to change the factors retaining an NPC's data like damage and hp and reward such as on beta and gamma gates, i think a more fun approach is to actually have a weekly alien or NPC featured, like killing enough of these types will summon a boss that would require players to take down and everyone can loot rewards for themselves that they can only see and whoever shoots it gets a decent reward depending on the damage they dealt, moreover this could add up as an added mission goal on either daily or probably even weekly, this idea is actually the trick or treat event where you need to kill curcubikons before the boss appears, strength varies depending on which map you are in but the tougher the bigger the rewards.

    3) chat is a necessary tool for communication, you wouldn't want spams on your chat whereas there's already annoying people who speaks a different language on an english oriented server, not being a racist but they get banned all the time and they keep spamming chat with their own drama.
    - Smart aliens are already in the game, they just don't do like what you've suggested but its better than before, few years ago aliens just shoots you back or are hostile towards you, now they've got several tricks up their sleeves (or tentacles or even aliens wear sleeves) to actually disorient your ship like the saimons uses EMP when they are about to die, or boss saimons reverses maneuver of your ship, sibelons absorbing your shield and so on.
    - cloaked aliens already exist, they are just a rare entity that only shows up at some particular events like pirate invasion, you will see saboteurs cloaked at some point and they are fast.

    4) there will only be 2 categories people would choose from: PVP or PVE oriented skill trees, it is possible to have both on the current pilot bio but a lot are pretty much useless in my opinion, instead of actually leveling up 1 type of skill, i would want to see several more skills that will achieve your end goal, some wants to have better ship upgrades like shields, hull and evasion, some wants more damage, could be pvp or pve, some wants an added bonus effect when collecting cargo, obtaining exp or even bonus box collecting to better improve efficiency on their bonus box doubler (not all botters focus on bonus box collection nor someone who does is a botter)

    i've got an example for that:

    the Pilot Bio as a suggestion should be split up into levels depending on how good the upgrades would be:

    as pertaining to the current pilot bio skills are divided into 3 boxes requiring pre-requisite skills of a particular one before anyone can proceed to upgrade a level of it, this time the Pilot Bio is divided into 5 levels instead of boxes, then there are 3 categories to choose from which is PVP, PVE and Utilities, ofc you can only choose 2 of the categories but here's the catch: resetting pilot bio should be FREE from that point onwards so that players can customize things at hand without spending too much uridium which is the drawback of actually following only the best possible pilot bio skill tree build that you desire (which is getting all the good stuff that improves your ship, and laser damage and mines, probably honor and bonus box effects as well)

    Here's an example from a table to what i really want it to be:

    Level 1Level 2
    Alien Hunter I
    - improves laser damage against aliens by 5%
    Alien Hunter II
    - improves laser damage against aliens further by 12% and rewards from kills by 2%
    Bounty Hunter I
    - improves laser damage against players by 5%
    Bounty Hunter II
    - improves laser damage against players further by 15% and honors you receive from player kills by 10%
    Ship Upgrade I
    - improves HP and Shield by 10,000 and 10% respectively
    Ship Upgrade II
    - improves HP and Shields further by 50,000 and 25% respectively, also improves evasion by 5%

    This example would elaborate a more simple yet effective improvement on the Pilot bio, without using all of your points on unnecessary skills that you really don't need or want just to achieve on getting to that point would be a waste of useful points.

    However, Pilot Bio should be more difficult to upgrade rather than its simple system, it should require atleast the same amount of log disk per point in progression since i think 50 points distributed is enough to fill up everything towards either a PVP + utility or PVE + utility or even PVP + PVE oriented bio build since each level has the same amount of points needed to complete the setup.

    However i think it is best to separate the pilot bio's other skills such as logistics, luck and tractor beam to another section of the skill tree of the pilot bio, and in order to distribute points in each of these other skills they need to distribute some of their points meant for the main skill tree, its their choice if they are going to collect bonus box like for a week or so.

    a lot can be improved in the skill tree to reduce unnecessary acquisition of skills that you don't need or a waste, and rather bundle it up on specific skills to make it less of a mess and actually scale the effectiveness of that feature better.

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