[UI] New Blacklight Shield (balanced)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ТλмэΛνдтд, Nov 5, 2019.

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  1. Shield strength of 16k
    Shield absorption of 50%
    6,25% faster regeneration

    The Shield is optimal for the Drill-formation and some other Droneformations.
    When you play with Drill-formation you have the most of time a very low Shild strength, so strong Aliens can destroy you rapidly.
    with this shild you can compensate it a bit.

    please answer what i could do better ?
  2. Optimal? this is even worst than a bo1, the shield regeneration isn't going to cut it out as well and a better choice would be getting the fusion shield III instead. Since shield absorption is one of the most important factors of making any pilot's ship intact before they explode to bits, it is highly unlikely people would even consider getting this shield, not to mention if its availability is scarce or rather difficult to obtain, no one would even take interest in this.

    50% shield absorption = not good

    But you can still do something like:

    Shield Strength 20k
    Shield absorption 50% (PVP)
    Shield absorption 80% (PVE)
    Shield absorption 88% (Black Light)
    Shield Regeneration 5% faster (On Black Light Maps)

    If that's possible, people would still have the option to pick it so that they can opt for a more PVE oriented build rather than getting this shield for pvp reasons.

    bo3 = pvp
    black light shield = PVE

    a good suggestion
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