[UI] New Galaxy Gate (Uber + special event NPC)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by chixonator, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. chixonator

    chixonator User

    thanks, and i just looked it up on google
  2. chixonator

    chixonator User

    the only waves that will take a long time to do are:

    2 Uber Lordakium (one appears after you kill one)

    5 Uber Kristallon (another appears after u kill 1) (less range)

    Devourer + ISH with 10 Uber Streuner, then 10 Uber Lordakia, then 10 Uber Mordon, then 10 Uber Saimon, then 10 Uber Sibelonit, then 10 Uber Kristallin, then 10 Uber Protegit.

    after devourer- 1 Super Ice Meteoroid with insta shield + 15 Icy, then 15 normal Protegits, then 10 Demaner or SaNejiEwZ
    after Super Ice Meteoroid- 1 Cube with Insta Shield + 15 proetegits, then 15 Uber Protegits, then 15 Infernals, then 10 Scorchers, then 10 Melters

    1 Boss Kucubrium (insta shield) + 10 Kucubrium

    (Final Wave) (a wave every 30 seconds) 5 Uber Streuner, 5 Uber Lordakia, 5 Uber Mordon, 5 Uber Saimon, 3 Uber Devolarium, 5 Uber Kristallin, 5 Uber Sibelonit, 5 Protegit, 5 Uber Protegit, 5 infernal, 5 scorcher, 2 melter, 1 Uber Sibelon , 1 Uber Lordakium, 1 Uber Kristallon, 3 Demaner, 3 Kucubrium, 1 Boss Kucubrium, 1 Binary Bot, 5 Icy, 1 Ice Meteroid-hits 2.5k no ISH, 1 Super Ice Meteroid-hits 5k no ISH, 2 Cubikon- hits 2k no ISH, 2 Devourer-hits 2k no ISH

    these waves could be 30 minutes to an hour.

    none of the other waves should be more then 45 minutes which i know because i have killed all of these npcs many times. like these waves-

    1 Cubikon(insta shield) with 30 Protegits (cubikon does not repair)

    1 cubikon(insta shield) with 15 Uber Protegits (Cubikon does not repair)

    i kill cubes every day and a cube only takes a few minutes to kill and if you have elite ammo it will take only a minute or 2 to do these waves.

    and as for these waves -
    15 Kucubrium (3 waves of 5)

    1 Boss Kucubrium

    thses npc's are in kappa gates and in the kappa gate with x2 and kami these dont take more then a few minutes to do

    and for the icy waves -

    35 Icy + 1 Ice Meteroid (does not repair)

    ive killed many icy's they have the same hp and shield as a cube so they wont take any more time then the cubikon waves

    and think about the kronos gate. the kronos is a very long and hard gate but many people strong and weak have done it so people would still be able to do this, its just a harder gate.
  3. I have done Kronos, twice actually. It was easy and incredibly dull. This gate is nearly impossible though. Do you know how much 15 uber prots hit ? 160k. You expect someone to solo a cube whilst being hit 160k instead of 20k? This would just be a huge ammo pit and the lack of any special reward, saturn design etc would make me not bother with this gate.
  4. chixonator

    chixonator User

    all you have to do is shoot the prots while running, and yes it will take alot of ammo the point is its for the strong people that do zetas, kappas, gammas, lamdas in 20 minutes
  5. Yeh but how can you if the Cube has ish? That means all the prots stay around the cube so to kill one you would have to get hit by them all.
  6. NoSkill$$

    NoSkill$$ User

    Yeah, I'd love to see a gate what's finally hard to do solo. :D
    It will take a lot of time if you gonna do that with x1 lol ^^
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  7. Well 160k isn't that bad seeing as the Lks in Gamma hits 250k a second and yet people still manage to solo the gate...even before these extra drones, designs etc, came out? It's easily do-able if you're UFE or can carry tons of shield at still hit quite an exceptional amount with x4
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  8. Yes because SKs move in lines, whereas the prots fly around the Cubikon. So you can't just "shoot the ones at the front" like you can with SKs. To do damage you have to take a large amount of the brunt from the prots.

    Yes but you can't because of the ish. They will all fly around the cube. You can't just drag them and therefore you will be forced to take a lot of brunt.
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  9. chixonator

    chixonator User

    well lets just say in the gate you can drag them...
  10. a boss at the end one that chalanges ufe even if at all possible lol

    why nots givestats i think he should have all abilitys in DO even ones of non-exestint npcs
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  11. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    What a marvelous idea. This gate looks pretty challenging and it would require a lot of skill and strength to complete. My only suggestion: what if you had a short story intro for it. with the new upcoming mission replacements et cetera it would be ideal for this gate to have a story behind it. Doesn't have to be long, just something like that of the Hades gate.
    But apart from that, all else looks pretty good.
    I hope this gate gets implemented into the game soon.
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  12. who dosen't like it it would take ufes a long time so they aren't torturing weaker players so everyone should like it
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  13. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I totally agree with this idea and I didn't even MAKE the alpha gate! :eek::eek:
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  14. chixonator

    chixonator User

    thanks :D
  15. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    and here's someone who didn't even make one gate(me)!!
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  16. build it! build it! BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. chixonator

    chixonator User

    lets get this goin again!!
  18. Onward!! Build IT!!!
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  19. 75 Booty keys
    100 log disk

    Nice bro!!!
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  20. U-bert?!
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