[UI] New PvP Protection - For Beginners & Advanced Players

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. I like this idea. However do think it should only be available to those below level 15 ( to prevent some players from taking advantage of it). Surely if you've been able to reach level 15 after starting a new account, you'd know the basics of survival on the game. :)

    I'm sure someone thats been playing the game as long as you would know how to go abouts farming 'safely'. Afterall this is a PvP game and a game of survival...by being granted the ability of farming safely is just against what the game's about.

    So saying this i believe there should be restriction ( like the one i've made) to prevent people like you - who aren't noobs that have just started this game, and so don't need it as much from taking advantage of it.

    However regarding events which isn't PvP based - such as Hitacs and Icy's, there should be some sort of protection on those that are participating on those events, to give everyone (including the noobs) a chance :).

    But there shouldn't be for events like Spaceball. Since its an events which's to generate PvP.
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  2. I have had the misfortune of being the only person in the map so the enemy player was killing me because I was there and he needed the kills for a quest. And by the way I am strong enough to solo any NPC except Uber Kristallon but when doing quests that require me to be in a single map to complete I need to be in that map. With the length of time and money spent on BK-100's (in all forms) I should be UFE but am far from it but being attacked by a UFE in my FE+ ship with their autolocker cheats causes me to die several times and if I had something to assist me to prevent from being killed while doing the PvE quests I would greatly appreciate it. I can call them autolockers because I cloak, am flying in a sea of NPC's, and emp burst and still get relocked right after using the EMP Burst (not a mine). And yes I usually do not stick around to be popped 5 times I quit at 3 in an hour, as my ranking is no longer going up but backwards because of the negative points I am accruing from being popped versus the points I get from the NPC's I am killing at the time.

    The imbalance of the game, the same company assisted kills, and the lack of players are all issues that the NEW player have to overcome.

    Funny you make this comment, as when I started, 2010, I was able to get people to come help me when an enemy was sighted in a map, now a newb is calling for help in a map and there is NO help for them. Asking to group up for anything other than Hades Gates is ignored unless you are looking for newbs (too weak to assist) to try to get things they are unable to do, so if you could solo it you would only be helping someone share in what you already can get on your own. I made 3 accounts FE with 28 PP's in 6 months of playing when I started, a new account I started just to see how difficult it is today has been almost a year and is far from even having FE status, because he has to solo everything and the quests give crud compared to what we used to get, and even with getting the credits returned from AUCTION the bidding is fierce and very difficult to win compared to what we used to. So to say the newbs have it easy today is a LIE. They can not box like we used to, to collect the ammo and uridium, because of all the botting programs running, they do not have the defenders sitting at the portals like we used to, the enemies do not have to jump into a map via a portal anymore, and a UFE can 2 shot a newb so they do not know what has happened when they are all of a sudden dead.

    I may not agree with the SHIELD or the timers, but I do agree something needs to be done to improve the balance of the game. Limit access to maps, the number of times an enemy can attack one ship, create extended protections in lower maps, whatever but something is needed to preserve this game before it becomes a ghost game, of only brand new players (not aware of what they are in for) and UFE players crying that there is nothing for them to kill. I have seen strong clans dissolve because of the boredom and bullying that is currently being allowed, and as stated in another thread would have been dealt with previously but now is being ignored as it would affect server populations too much.
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    VESPID User

    Oh spare me the u should be able to speech, I am willing to defend and avenge myself without a doubt.
    That neither supplies or maintains my reserves to offer a proper if not passive defense "I'm a defender!!!" against the butt suckin lower enemy map ambush attacker that uses either events, cloaks, numbers or all of the above for the easiest kills to pad their kill ratio and to deny the weaker players from gaining the Uri and or prizes offered for the participants of any open event.

    It's a pvp game.... What is your intention with that statement?
    Is it to justify the reason that this idea is needed to counter?
    Is it to display the weakness of discipline noticed by the many that employ this reason for wiping out the weaker players and keeping them weak? Or is it to provoke a flamefest of this post to get it shut down?

    I'm not expecting an honest answer but I am curious to see what you say.
  4. The idea has a lot of merit, in fact something is desperately needed... and as has been said earlier will need fine-tuning to stop too much exploitation...There has already been a lot of constructive criticism and I hope it stays that way..
    The fact that KilerStreak has drawn the attention of the BA ASTRAEA proves that all the discussions we have in this and other 'progressive' Threads do not fall on deaf ears as some would like us to think..:)
    I dont understand why VESPID was quoted specifically in the post #41 as the point was quite clear without making it personal.. I agree with some of what the post #41 says and I can also identify very well with VESPID thoughts and comments... I have been just involved in another Thread which had a theme also to find ways of improving the new players staying in-game long enough to enjoy it and I hope we can avoid what happened there...:(
    We all care for the game that we have played and/or paid into and these are our opportunities to move on and welcome a new generation..

    I agree with the OPs ideas wholeheartedly...:cool:
  5. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Just in reply, but not intended to hijack the thread

    Here you are complaining that new players can get no more help, and then you explain that you yourself don't see a point in helping weaker players ...

    I see the lack of number of players as the bigger problem. Weaker players can team up and help each other. (Like we used to do it)
    I also see they want everything right away, and quit a (my) clan in a number of days, when not getting millions of credits 10 minutes after joining.

    There were just as much botters in the days, and chances of getting shot while boxing were higher in early years.
    When I bought my iris drones, my goli, they went on the auction for 60, 70, 80 million credits. And half the times I lost that amount for getting nothing.
    Now I see people with a goli dimisher and 1 flax drone.
    Iris, veng and goli can be bought for a couple of million in the auction, without a risk of losing your money.

    Would like to end by saying I agree there is a problem in the economics of the game. But immunity for level x to z is not the answer.
    That is what I meant with "it's a pvp game".

    Now the floor is back to those wanting to comment on the OP.
  6. My comment was made as a rebuttal to how much easier the NEW players have it compared to what it was back in the day. And you are right the lack of players is the issue and is why the protection is needed for the lower level players. The UFE that are gang fighting the NEW players are chasing them away before they get a chance to really see what the game could be, along with the MCC's assisting in killing same company players because an enemy member has lock is an additional issue that has been brought up.

    You are right, botters were SHOT, now there is programming that selects you as a botter and you lose your account unless you can prove you are not botting. There is no longer the burden of proof required when reporting a botter (they do not accept video of cheaters any longer) as the SYSTEM selects the botters and then eliminates the accounts. I stopped collecting boxes (let the P.E.T. do it) when they developed the Captcha System of BOT detection as you could log out just as they sent you the CAPTCHA and not respond (because you did not see it) and have the account suspended until you could prove you were/are not a botter. Used to be as long as you were killing things while boxing (x-8 boxing and killing StrueneRs used to be great fun) you were never bothered, now I hear it does not matter if you are boxing for hours on end (and killing the pests) then you can still get selected as a botter.

    And YES I remember buying my Goliath ship was 100 million credits now I can get them for 100 thousand, the return of the credits from being outbid has created an economic problem with the credits in the game. I, as most players FE+, have an abundance (1.5 BILLION) of credits sitting waiting to be used and is why things like Boosters, Cloak Chips, and Log Disks are going for 3-4 times what they used to and is why they added the Specialty Ship Designs to the Auction (so for those not wanting to PAY CASH could bid for them) and have a use for the huge amount of credits built up.

    I do agree IMMUNITY is not acceptable but a player trying to partake in a NPC Event should be able to enjoy the event without fear of being attacked in his own maps, by his own company. Also, a player trying to complete quests should not have to worry about being 2 shot dead by an enemy attacker, having a cloaked UFE lock you and watch the NPC take down your shields before attacking you is not right either. Unlimited Protection is not the goal, but a ship without Bubble Shields does not stand a chance against a UFE attacker and even less of a chance in a 2(or more)v1 fight.

    This having been said we are not trying to dispute the fact that the game is a PvP game, but with the imbalances having been created, and the lack of active protectors in the maps, the newbs do need something to assist them to enjoy the game. It is also why I am against the SHIELD but do support the idea of a protection that expires at level 12 and another that expires at level 16 (full Bubble Shield). These protections being for Home maps up to x-4 and maybe extended to the 4-x map for their company. Granted Formations may not be a good suggestion as they may not have enough drones to use them, but a Booster that is earned by doing a special quest that is given to everyone upon completion of starter quests (retroactive issue to existing accounts according to level and Pilot Bio) and then made available for completion at level 11 so they have the protection ready when they make level 12. For those who would choose to exploit the protection and not select the Bubble Shield Bio have a maximum Pilot Point level set and once the Log Disks collected equals that amount of P P's their protection expires.

    Basically, sending a message to the UFE enemy attacker that they need to play in the battle maps and upper company maps instead of killing in the lower maps.

    VESPID User

    I agree but unfortunately this is the closest thing to a solution, since the honor system hasn't and will never work in this game to allow a fair shake regarding game play. This protection is necessary.

    The real Question is how will it be offered?
    As a perk for premium?
    As a chip or universal ship design?
    Or as an implemented game feature?
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  8. I suggested a Booster given from Quests, 2 different levels, and limited by progression in game.
  9. I say that all the above are fair comment and some the suggestions may be worth further discussion but I do feel that some of us are wandering from the OPs suggestion of a shield ... maybe it would be good to create a new thread, even if you reference your new thread here, as ASTRAEA has expressed the Boards interest in cleaning up/perfecting or whatever this particular idea...
    I mean no disrespect to anybody but if this turns into a simple discussion about various game issues and numerous different 'good' ideas then this Thread will lose something
  10. Clearly you haven't played long enough, or in a different/empty server.
    Some people like to troll/go on mass hunts against their company or others, and they just keep popping and popping everyone. This is just too much and interferes with weaker players ability to grow in the game.

    Nah, it'll be for all levels.
    I'm level 20, but I'm just as weak as your average FE.
    But I agree, events that are made to generate PvP (like SB), the shield will be voided.
    There is no way in hell it's going to be a chip or design or premium perk.
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  11. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I like the implemented option, this idea is improving well.
  12. ~V6~

    ~V6~ User

    That the problem here you see Cubikon have great rewards of EP and Uridium as they are relatively easy to kill in groups, so Cubikon are group npcs not SOLO. Why do you think that cubes are hitting harder now than before so that all players share rewards. There only 4 Cubikon's in each company (x-6) maps. ALSO IF A PLAYER HAS PVP PROTECTION AND THEY SHOT SHARED NPCS (e.g.CUBES) THEY SHOULD STILL KEEP THE PVP PROTECTIONS OTHERWISE ITS MEANINGLESS

    What theOtherKey at Tuesday at 9:12 AM is what I mean and thank you keep it coming once we have more people ask for it, they have to something about it. I been playing this game for long time and I see weak players being poped all the time can't really do anything about it but ask
    DARKORBIT about PvP protection to be done so lot of people will come and play the game, enjoy the game as we UFE are stronger than ever.... PvP protection will help lot of players to be able to play and get to know other players better also///
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  13. Issue is they are not necessarily GROUP NPC's I kill Cubes and Ubers (UBK only exception) solo all the time, except when attacked by company killers or enemies so to call them GROUP NPC's is not correct but I should be afforded the same protections from same company killers as any other player may get if I am being attacked unprovoked.
  14. I think by 'Group' NPC ~V6~ means one which will share its reward without players/groups needing to be in outfit.. and in fact they share it out according to the damage dealt by each player/group involved... I have always thought that soloing a cube for instance or an icy and shooting others off of it is selfish and has never helped the lower power players to raise their game especially now there are fewer player on the map to help if the individual is not able to solo... I can solo easily but I dont if someone else want to take part, excepting enemy...
  15. I never lay claim to, or call players "leaches" I just prefer to solo them, the added help tends to throw my balance off and do not get the kill like I do when I do them solo. I do not shoot a player who decides to join me in killing the Cube or Protegits like others do, like you say it is selfish to do this activity, especially when there are only 4 in the map at any one time and a UFE can kill all of them before one spawns again. Just like the Battleray in 5-3 the 4 can be killed before they start re-spawning. D O needs to adjust the timer on the spawn rate of these NPC's so as soon as the Protegits/Interceptors are gone the larger NPC re-spawns.
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  16. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Well till then and even then this idea will still be needed.
  17. if you get proportionate rewards for the damage you do than leaching cannot exist as it would be non-profitable to do so
  18. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I can't say enough how much I love this idea but would it include pets as well?
  19. The players who are calling the people "leachers" want the entire kill for themselves, and do not want to share any part of the rewards with anyone PERIOD, as stated is selfish with a limited number of these in the maps at any time.
    I would say it should, IF you are protected then the protection should be applied to your PET also, again if he attacks first then the protection is dropped (so using GUARD would be a mistake) as he attacks anything that places a lock on you.
  20. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Understood, I usually have it in auto-looter mode since the bio abilities don't include the pet regarding damage.
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