[UI] New PvP Protection - For Beginners & Advanced Players

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. Pyro

    Pyro User

    A system like this would actually bring down bullying by a lot. I hope this gets into the game.
  2. If you are too far away from the PET he can not be attacked anyway, there is some sort of protection against this, for what ever reason, I have found several PET's (enemy) that I have tried to engage and it will lock and I try to fire and I get a message "attack was cancelled".
    Not just the bullying, but would also prevent some of the Same Company Killer Syndrome that seems to have gained some momentum lately.
  3. So reading through the several post here I see "cubes" has yet again found its way into the mix.Well yes newbies who get smashed 10 to 30 times a day need a break because if they don`t get one they wont stay long.DO has already made clear we cant fight for newbies so a system must be implemented.Of course I dont think a player who knows how to play along with being UFE or perhaps are ranked in the top 300 should be able to get protection to farm cubes all day.But for a newbie whose already been popped several times would continue to pop alot, and clans use cubes to help level smaller players.I could be the mean UFE waiting for the clan to start cubing and insta pop the smaller guy and at that point the protection does not benefit the newbie and if newbies could us it while cubing they sure as heck wont get banned for pushing because the selfish UFE popped em 20 times.

    To make sure this feature isn`t miss-used it could give smaller players a longer protection time than a UFE would get.Say if UFE guy gets jumped by other UFE and pops 5 times he gets 15 mins of protection where the newbie would get say 30 mins or an hour maybe.

    Also something to consider I played this 2d- 3dish game where the bigger the player that pops newbie the more time newbie gets in protection time.Which seemed to work well and in clan wars those who had protection would use it to rep after being destroyed then re-engage in the pvp since they were having so much fun lol.

    And shooting your own company newbies off cubes in my server earns you a bman vist whether your eic, mmo or vru.
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  4. ~V6~

    ~V6~ User

    WHY WOULD YOU WANT A UFE GET PVP PROTECTION THEY ARE UFE LOL, IM A UFE AND I CAN FIGHT BACK. The pvp protection should only be for level 15 or lower players who can learn the game as I/we did. I know we learnt the hard way and there are some players who likes to pop same company players but you can fight or run away.

    VESPID User

    Nope, I say continue the protection till the player logs off. Anyone engaging in pvp while under this protection loses it and the counter starts over to regain the protection.

    10 or 15 min an level caps are a joke when hittac and other like events are happening.
  6. As I posted "where the newbie would get say 30 mins or an hour maybe." the 15 mins was limit for UFE in the abnormal chance of that player not having ammo or uri or something so if they cant make uri to do something beneficial in 15 mins then they have chosen the wrong game.

    And an FE ship could abuse this protection till logging off by getting popped once then play all day farming uri without worry of getting popped which would be a bigger deal than a boxers paradise.

    Also hitac spawns every hour so if it spawns at 8:00 pm and pops at 8:05 you don`t get to shoot it till 9:00.The newbie with 30 mins protection would attempt shooting hitac get popped shoot the hitac till its dead then go shoot other things for the duration of the protection and then repeat the cycle.

    VESPID User

    Oh, that being the case then HELL NO!!!
    That gives too much sway to the chance of getting popped before it's use can be assisting in any way.
    I've seen hittacs last for 45 min. and been popped off them just before they pop.

    Keeping the protection till the pilot logs off is the only way to provide the coverage needed.
  8. bigsteve78

    bigsteve78 User

    Actually shooting newbs off cubes is essential because if they shoot the cube they gather 20-25% of the URI despite you doing about 97% of the total damage. How is that fair to UFE?
  9. Protection is good but if it allows players to gain tons of resources without any threat level then its no-longer a pvp game now is it?And if a hitac is on more than 20 mins then the server is pretty empty.

    And yes some noobs can be annoying if they come to shoot the remaining 200k hp on a cube but DO would encourage more than one person to shoot cubes now wouldn`t they? So this limits your income from cubes when players shoot it which is exactly how DO wants it and thats also why if you pop your own company member you lose rank points.Nothing is supposed to be easy "even ufe bashing cubes"
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  10. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Then make the pvp maps the only place it won't work.
    There it's a pvp game again.
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  11. Absolute protection for anyone (other than those just starting out) is just silly in this game. I've said it before, just expand the code already in place for scoremaggedon. If you kill someone more than five times in between server restarts, you get nothing for them. No xp, no honor, no ship kill counts, no rank points, no quest kill counts. If you kill someone in your own company even if you are at war, you get no xp, no honor, no ship kill counts, no rank points, no quest kill counts. Make ship repair, drone repair, pet repair totally free or charge credits for them (DO has enough ways to take real cash now).

    If you want to pound someone to dust a thousand times because they attack your CBS or took that one piece of Terbium that you were after or because they said something snide to you in 2011, you should be able to without fear of getting banned for pushing. BUT, you shouldn't get any kind of reward for it. In today's game, making the player that gets destroyed pay uridium for any kind of repair is just abusive on DO's part.
  12. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Way too little assistance to the problems this idea addresses.
  13. I think the biggest issue is that another player "UFE" could halt and destroy the progression of another player whether they are ufe or not its possible.So if we apply the 10 kills and you get nada for continuous kills along with removing dmg to drones which can easily be converted to a point system where you get popped 100 times and your drones drop a level we already have the numbers too so just take the points needed to go from lvl 5 to lvl 6 and chop that into 100 point increments so that being destroyed 100 times removes points earned to lvl 6 and drones become lvl 5, its that simple and easy to fix as long as certain someones aren`t thinking of $$ from players getting destroyed.

    DO has pocketed alot of $$ from people buying their drones back after losing them, and even if you get them back from auction thats still 100k uri to get the upgrades back where most people either buy uri or get a boxing doubler.

    Realistically thats the only way to keep players from leaving and keep pvp alive.Then at that point its back to "The Battle for ranking" which is a large source of income when you add all the premium, rebate and uri purchases.
  14. VESPID

    VESPID User

    That is still not enough assistance for the problem this idea addresses, if solving the problems this idea addresses is the intention then divide the uri or prizes from the events from the few popping the weak off of like the icy or hittac. The popped players should receive the spoils they might have gotten, take it away from the stronger players popping others off and give it to the ones popped off instead as well as removing drone damage. The ones popping others off can keep the exp from popping the weak off.

    Anything short of that is a waste of time concerning this idea to weaken the effects of the protection offered by this thread. That is the ONLY way weakening this idea should be acceptable.

    To sacrifice or lessen the much needed protection after being popped more than 3 times in one day for any reason is a suck butt move and should be silenced with extreme assertiveness.
  15. The point trying to be made is NEW players are not staying long enough to even get a drone let alone Level 6 or Upgraded. By the time I have been killed 3 times by a single player I have already given up on the game for the day, so 10 kills from a UFE on a NEW player is just going to drive them from the game which is what is happening at this point. Check your TOP USERS list and see how many people on your server have ZERO rank points (bet it is over 25%) these players created an account saw what was going on before completing the starter missions and left the game.
    As a suggestion, these type on NPC's (Temporary in-game/shared rewards, would not include Deadly Battlerays, Battlerays, or Cubikons) should give their rewards as damage is inflicted instead of when it dies. This allows the players attacking it getting their share of the spoils (whether in map or not/popped) and prevents the need to kill the person attempting to get some rewards from the NPC. With the Hitac and its capsules these should be something that is filled by damaging the Hitac so everyone can collect capsules not just the ones around when it is destroyed. These changes MIGHT get more people active (and willing to be attacked) during the Hitac Events as they are able to participate while still being shot off the NPC.

    I, like others, have found the event to be useless for us, unless we are BUYING the Capsules and too many of us are FREE Players so we are not buying the capsules. Because we know the Hitac have MCC UFE's (or NAP'ed enemy UFE) attacking it we do not even bother to try to find it when we know it is in our maps, as most of us even get close to the thing we are blown to smithereens just for being there.
  16. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I agree to an extent but that still would not assist with the daily raids from the Fe and Ufe of the lower maps.
    This would probably be most effective in the lower maps of all companies.
    I still believe that 3 deaths would suffice for activation of the protection for the pilot of the destroyed ship to last till they log off as long as they do not engage pvp with other pilots. The protection should only be activated while in the pilots home map, not for the ones raiding enemy maps.

    And yes the protection should spread to include all lower maps once activated.
  17. I fully agree we need Home Map Lowers protection for NEW players from the UFE players. I don't think I would include FE as it really is simple for a NEW account to be FE quickly (especially when the credits are returned for lost bid in Auction), but any players with Apis or Zeus drones, or LF-4 lasers, should not be able to attack anyone in the lower maps, that is not equally equipped unless the lessor equipped ship just thinks they are all that and attack first. But should allow any player to enjoy playing in their HOME maps without worrying about UFE players coming in to attack them (this since the attitude change where the same company UFE are not in lower maps to assist keeping the Enemy UFE off their backs). Only time we seem to see these players is when an Event is happening (Capture the Beacon, Hitac, etc) or hunting with their MCC friends.
  18. Well during hitac I managed to get 5 capsules on an FE ship from shooting the minions and collecting the boxes I got popped 4 times and the folks that popped me got banned for pushing because they popped other players toomany times.And with the current pushing rules players can no longer defend the smaller players unless they are ok with getting banned for pushing.Also if you get first lock on a minion its almost dead and you get popped off, you can go back and find your letter to the word puzzle before someone else can see it.If you repair at portal you also get the uri from the minion/mothership proportional to the dmg you have dealt.

    "example" A newbie ask for help because ufe keeps popping them,so a fellow company member who is ufe comes to help and finds 1 or 3 different ships in lowers.The defender follows newbie around helping them quest and shoots the ufe noobs when they come and has managed to pop them 5 times each in 2-4,so they go on questing in 2-3 to find the same 3 dudes are now in that map so they fight some more and hes managed to pop one of them 6 times, the others 2 or 3 times. So the one guy defender popped 11 times cries to support, defender and the one ufe both get banned and newbie goes back to popping over and over.

    And my last post was pretty much an add on to the original idea as many other pvp games alow players to be popped more often but the only thing you get penalty on is ranking.
  19. I was just stating what most newbies have come to know about the Hitac and is why there are so few of them participating in the Event and gave suggestions for changes to make it a little more appealing to the weaker players who have sworn to ignore the Special NPC's of the event.

    Well we used to get several people come help us when we yelled and therefore the enemy was sent packing before anyone came close to having that many kills on any one player. The other issue is related to D O not caring about their game, if defending company maps and killing enemy players pushing should not be put into play, especially if killing different people in between. I could understand it being a pushing issue if killing the same player numerous times in a row (killer in enemy territory) but having that enemy in home maps is a little different but I guess it could be a player with 2 accounts on one server in 2 companies killing a defenseless ship for the "push" but not likely.

    So under the current rules dealing with "pushing" I guess I can understand why we are not getting the help we used to, but again if 5 UFE players came to the rescue of a newbie then they all took turns at killing the enemy they would probably find another map or newbie to try to kill, or go back home altogether.
  20. Yep and apparently getting a group organized even on my server to hunt like that is challenging....not sure why but eh.Guess some folks aren`t aware of the pushing issue..But I do hope we find a solution to keep newbies from being pounded on till they leave the game.
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