[UI] NPC killcount for missions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by $$[ON£-DOLLAR]$$, Apr 3, 2020.

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  1. To start the Blacklight quest list, we have to do a quest "Abandoned voices" that requires killing 10 Cubikons. Even if I deal the most damage I won't get the kill. Does the first shooter get the npc kill for the missions?

    I find this really troublesome as there are many people shooting in the X-6 map and I don't want to start shooting / scaring away my own company in order to get this easy quest done to get started in the Blacklight questline.
  2. Ya that mission is a pain, i had to abandon it a few times to get different missions that are easier/doable (I still have yet to get that mission done) I think it's first shooter though, which can be a pain because then you would need to solo it, which is a huge pain to do without a huge damage pool
  3. Despite the Cubikon being a "shared" NPC, in order for its kills to count towards quests and ranking, you have to be the first person to shoot it.

    If you are in an outfit however, all kills (as long as you are "in-battle") will count.