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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °URANUS°™, Jun 3, 2015.

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  1. Those of us who pally know how time consuming it is which thankfully I can do 3k palladium in 1hr 15mins on average in the Veng/pusat guaranteeing me 200 gate spins. In 2hrs 30mins on average I can do 6k palladium giving me 400 spins.

    I've boxed for 2hrs and still only come in at 150 spins compared to the spins I get for 6k palladium.

    I was thinking about the premium memberships and what they offer and so I was thinking it would be nice if premium members could also benefit from a better exchange rate on palladium;

    10 palladium = 1 galaxy gate spin.


    As we know how tight BP are, 12 palladium = 1 galaxy gate energy.

    Not a huge discount there either, just a slightly better and fairer exchange rate for premium members who like to pally.

    There are a lot of players that do pally and some who probably do not even have a premium membership so this might prompt them into getting premium for whatever length of time.


    Doubles the galaxy gate spins from collected palladium and can be purchased in the same way as the bonus box doubler/rebate packages.
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  2. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    So a perfect idea for the wallet . In my opinion 33% is not only slightly better .
    Premium members already have a lot of advantages . If there will be more , at least the cost should be higher .
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  3. That would be great if this echenge rate will be for all players
  4. ЯΞІÐЯΛĢΘП: Unfortunately it would never happen for all players. I agree it should be for all players regardless of whether they are premium members or not but Big Point know nothing of value for money/uridium and they know nothing of fair play, hence event quests and how unfair a lot of those quests are for players that do not have money to waste on this game and are only basic FE or nowhere near basic FE.

    I am just thinking it is time consuming collecting palladium and feel that 15 palladium for 1 galaxy gate energy is a bit on the steep side so maybe it is time to include a better exchange rate as part of premium memberships which Big Point would likely consider if it led to an increase in members signing up for premium memberships. If you do not have a premium membership yet you are new to the game and you have been playing the game for 6+ months, then you should consider investing in the 12 month membership because it does offer the following;

    - Free ship repairs anywhere!
    - Free P.E.T. repairs!
    - 50% off drone repairs!
    - 50% shorter rocket reload time!
    - 5% off all Uridium items!
    - 5-second logout!
    - +100% repair robot efficiency!
    - Automatic resource refining!
    - Access to all radar CPU advantages!
    - 500 extra units of cargo space!

    There is no harm in adding a better exchange rate for palladium/galaxy energy into the premium membership. I would even accept 12 palladium for 1 galaxy gate energy as that would still be 250 galaxy gate spins for 3,000 palladium (based on Veng cargo capacity, I know the Veng can do 3,200 cargo capacity but it is not worth spending the time required to collect 200 palladium for 13 spins).

    Jurjstyle: I'll contact the weather channel to put out a severe flood warning for your tears. I have no idea if you have a premium membership or not, or whether you even know what the premium membership offers, but maybe you should invest in it as it will save you uridium on repairs etc. Plus the above is not an advantage in a fight is it? Nothing there makes a player stronger in firepower or shields or hit points. People whine about the price of premium memberships yet they will pay out huge sums of money for an irrelevant gaming console and overpriced games spending a fortune yet whine about a £35.00 for a 12 month membership :rolleyes: And no, I'm not one of those types of people that is compelled to spend £35/£70 per week on this game especially when it offers no value for money or value for uridium.

    Edit: I am certainly not one of those players that will spend £35/£70 per week to buy uridium and then use most of that uridium to build gates and then whine about how expensive it is to build gates - players choose to spend what they spend, they are the ones that make the game unnecessarily expensive for themselves because they're too lazy to box and/or pally or even do unskilled cubes that are as easy as popping Dev's. And yes, at the same time, everything in this game is overpriced and there have been times when it has cost people 175k uri just to build an alpha gate and for what? 20k uridium plus the uridium from the aliens. This is why I pally and box so my uridium is saved and used on things like upgrades and boosters as well as PET items, and I save my uridium up now for when things are on sale. And realistically, as everything is overpriced anyway, BP can afford to reduce the cost of uridium items while still offering sales and if uridium was better value for money to buy then more people would be more inclined to spend money on the game, but as we have already established, BP know nothing of value for money or value for uridium so the game continues to die while everything they introduce keeps driving more and more players out of the game while they are so desperate for active players they will let them cheat so long as they keep spending what they spend.
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  5. jackknife

    jackknife User

    not a bad idea more bang for your buck; anything that helps players and brings in more capital is a good idea
    even for those who only paly for gates
  6. Pally users would get premium just for that, probably.
  7. KUILIS^^

    KUILIS^^ User

    Not for premium, but same like bbox doubler, they could make "Palladium deal" So on every 1500 palladium you exchange you get 100gg + ~45 galaxy spins :)
  8. I doubt people would accept a palladium doubler if it only offered like 45 more spins for the 1,500 palladium which is 100 spins or 145 spins with the palla "doubler" because what you're proposing isn't double. People see the word "doubler" then they expect double, so as 1,500 palla is 100 spins, players would expect 200 spins in return from a doubler and obviously as 3,000 palla is 200 spins, players would want 400 spins from a doubler.

    So for me doing what would be 2hr 30mins pallying, that's a total of 6,000 palla in the Vengeance, so that would be 400 spins + 400 spins from the doubler giving me 800 spins per day. Currently I get 2,800 spins per week pallying in my Vengeance at 400 spins per day so I buy a palladium doubler if it offered exactly that - double, then I'd be getting 800 spins per day which would be 5,600 spins per week and I think BP would be ok with that if I was spending £12.00 for 8 weeks on a palladium doubler.

    No doubt the wallet players will cry and whine about it though because they spend £35 or £70+ per week to buy uri to build their gates and then cry about how expensive it is for them haha, doh! You make it expensive for yourself so stop crying about it.

    I think BP should think about a palladium doubler as I think there would be a lot of players that would buy it in the end and not just at £1.59 for a week. I think a lot of non-premium players would consider spending £12.00 for 8 weeks as well if it doubled their gate spins.

    Under the doubler there would be no need for a better exchange rate either which BP would only ever consider a better exchange rate as proposed above as part of the premium membership feature anyway. A Palladium doubler has the potential for BP to make money from players who like to pally for gates regardless of whether they are premium members of not.

    One thing BP would have to do is re-ban all the players they recently unbanned because they are all botting on bonus boxes and palladium again it is just BP are so desperate for active paying players now it is like they are turning a blind eye to the cheating of specific players because of what those cheating players also spend on the game - BP would rather have their money and such players that bot on palla will unfortunately benefit massively from a palladium doubler.
  9. KUILIS^^

    KUILIS^^ User

    Stop talk and read little bit. where in my post i said doubler?
  10. You clearly said "like a bbox doubler" here so I assumed you were talking about a paid for doubler available to all which doesn't actually offer a proper double amount.

    You're saying give 45 additional spins on top of the 100 spins (1,500 palladium) under this "like a box doubler".

    I took your "like a box doubler" and turned it into an idea for a proper £12.00 for 8 weeks palladium doubler, or £1.59 for one week. Maybe you should read what I wrote.

    Under a better exchange rate:

    10 palladium = 1 galaxy gate spin (3,000 palla will increase to 300 galaxy gate spins as opposed to the current 200 spins)


    12 palladium = 1 galaxy gate energy (3,000 palla will increase 250 galaxy gate spins as opposed to the current 200 spins)

    Big point will only ever consider a better exchange rate as part of existing premium memberships so players that do not bother with premium memberships will always miss out. Big point are in business to make money after all.

    So what do you propose to do with something that is "like a box doubler" which gives less than what a true doubler actually would and gives less than the exchange rate above?

    You do not say whether this is something that would be paid for like a bonus box doubler or freely available to all via what would ultimately be just a change in the exchange rate but also available to non-premium members but we already know Big Point would only ever consider a better exchange rate if it was solely for premium members which would prompt a very small number of non-premium members into signing up for a premium membership for the better exchange as they pally for gates already.

    Where as creating a proper paid for palladium doubler as laid out below would potentially make Big Point more money as a lot of non-premium players would be more inclined to buy a palladium doubler for 8 weeks at a time than buy a premium membership.

    Under what would be a proper palladium doubler:

    3,000 Palladium = 200 spins (Under a proper paid for doubler that becomes 400 spins for the same 3,000 palladium)

    A proper paid for doubler, £12.00 for 8 weeks (and £1.59 for 1 week), would offer Big Point the opportunity to make money because I would buy a proper palladium doubler and so would many other players that are always pallying for their gates.
  11. KUILIS^^

    KUILIS^^ User

    Dude.. There are clearly black on white written Palladium deal! :D
  12. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

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