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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by JonattasJK, Dec 25, 2019.

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  1. JonattasJK

    JonattasJK User

    Hello pilots! Before presenting the idea it is necessary to talk about why it.

    The reason:

    To build the Zeta portal, for example, it is common to use almost 2,000 extra energies. If you are unlucky, more than 2 thousand. So we will average the 2,000 extra energies.
    Each extra energy equals 15 palladium. Therefore, it is necessary to take 30 thousand palladium to set up a portal.

    And collecting "pebble by pebble" can be very BORING because of the monotony and repetition. Which causes many to get bored with the game. Commonly some leave the game when mounting up the portals.

    And that's where my idea comes into play!

    The idea:

    The map NPCs 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3, when leaving their charge when they explode, would leave a certain amount of Palladium along with the other resources, allowing it to be possible to collect palladium in a new way.

    Killing NPCs is more cool than clicking the pebbles to pick them up, so with this simple addition of charge feature, the process of getting the 30 thousand palladium would be a lot more fun. And of course, it will be possible to pick up palladium in both ways and to alternate the routine.

    Important variation:

    Perhaps some may find this change to be bad for the main flow of the game and so I thought of the following variation: The idea applies as a weekly event and not as a permanent change. That is, one day of the week the pirate NPCs would drop Palladium and the other days not.
    This variation can be discussed in the comments.

    Technical questions:

    The amount of palladium on each NPC's payload depends on the developers' opinion of the game's balance. But surely stronger NPCs would give more palladium while weaker NPCs would give less. (I think this part was obvious, but it goes right).

    One of the most striking features of pirate maps is that they can't go backwards, you can't go 5-3 through 5-2 through a portal and plenty of palladium is in 5-3. This causes a logistics that removes to decharacterize the portal. So it is very interesting that NPCs on 5-3 drop more Palladium. Or perhaps NPCs on 5-2 simply don't have Palladium in their payload, keeping the same game design features as these maps. But in this case, it's also up to developers to adapt an idea to preserve the game's core propositions.
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  2. I like the idea, but instead of NPCs dropping off palladiums on an event at a weekly basis, there should be a new feature of farming ores in the game rather than just collecting them manually.

    In 5-3 there could be nodes of Asteroids that can be a target, and these said asteroids would contain palladium, cracking asteroids would be simple, players just shoots, reduce its HP to zero, and a cargo in the form of cluster of palladium will appear from its debris. The amount will vary depending on the size of the asteroid cracked, 10~20 on a small asteroid, 25~50 on a medium size one, and then 90~150 on a large asteroid (amount is debatable)

    Toughness comparison to all asteroid sizes could be:
    • Small Asteroid - as tough as a small kristallin
    • Medium Asteroid - tough as a boss kristallin
    • Large Asteroid - 1.5 Kristallon
    The efficiency of farming palladium would be faster, but the tradeoff is you will need to use ammo and the faster you crack an asteroid, the more palladium you earn in per hour rate.

    NPCs would swarm the field, Battlerays would go back and forth from large asteroids to the mine fields, and in order for things to be much easier for players actually playing rather than letting auto-pilot players has all the fun, the Pally field will be field with mines, only a live player can avoid all of these, the pally field should also have impassable zones that only live players can navigate through.

    There's a bit of a challenge but i think its worth your while if you could farm palladiums much easier, i mean you could earn enough energy to build a zeta gate in a single day or only a few hours if you're that dedicated.

    5-1 map should have the same feature but less dangerous, newbies could farm small asteroids to medium ones but impassable zones would still be present and only live players should be able to navigate through it.

    Palladium will still be present on 5-3 and can be collected manually, but since there are obstacles, you will be reliant on your P.E.T to collect it, but since its a hassle, a random amount between 2-5 palladium can be obtained in just collecting a single Palladium ore on the field.

    This maybe too much and better than using uri to spin on gg, still there should be more changes to the idea.
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  3. Ok,too cargo Observe=3000 paladiuns.
    Change names uber pirates for bosspirates,and increase paldium cargo for:
    bossinterceptor=50 paladiuns+1 logfile
    bossbarracuda=500 paladiuns+8 kyalons
    bosssaboteur=300 paladiuns+4 kyalons+4 logfiles
    bossbatlerray=750 paladiuns+40 kyalons+40 logfiles
    bossannihilators=1000 paladiuns+50 kyalons+75 logfiles
    +Missions lvl 18=
    100 bossinterceptor=500 paladiuns+50.000.000 experience
    25 bossbarracuda=2500 paladiuns+500.000.000 experience
    50 bosssaboteur=1000 paladiuns+250.000.000 experience
    +Missions lvl 19=
    10 bossbatlerray=5000 paladiuns+750.000.000 experience
    1 bossannihilator=10.000 paladiuns+ experience
  4. DO recently increased the rewards for the daily quests and more energy is awarded. I think new npcs with a pally drop is not a bad idea, but let's keep it realistic as to how much is rewarded. What about a group npc like in the blacklight maps where all players get a drop only they can see. So three or four newbs could farm together but not risk missing the reward because they didn't target first.

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