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  1. I've read a few horror stories about guys that have been banned for pushing for killing the same guy "a few times". It's a bit difficult when some mosquito keeps respawning right next to you and opens up. Apparently, when that happens, you are supposed to log out or go to the nearest DMZ instead of pounding them to dust. If they die enough times, you are supposed to let them take out your CBS.

    There is already a diminished rewards system in place if you kill someone more than five times in a 24 hour period. At ten, you get no ep/honor at all.

    Just tweak that existing system. Make it more draconian. You get normal ep/honor for five kills. After five kills in a 24 hour period, you get nothing.
    • No EP
    • No Honor
    • No quest count
    • No ship kill count under "ships destroyed"
    • No ship kill count under "your rank today"
    • No ship kill count under any special events (parasite, influence, scoremaggedon)
    Have it reset when the server resets.

    If you want to waste ammo pounding some guy to dust, you should be able to without fear of being banned by the game. There is no profit in revenge. If it's a personal thing, you don't get rewarded for it. It has the added advantage of thwarting the guys that are actually pushing.

    As an extension, the same thing should be applied to all company wars, only more stringent. Some people declare war "to stir things up" or to otherwise bully people. War against your own company in this game is rarely about territory (although that may have changed a bit with the CBS introduction). War in this game is about revenge. There is no profit in revenge.

    If you shoot down your own company and are at war, you are not penalized (neg honor, friendly kills) but you are not rewarded. On kill number one, the above applies (no ep. honor, etc).

    If you are at war with a multi-company clan, you get normal rewards for the non-company members, but nothing for the company members. You can pound on them a thousand times a day but you get nothing. You lose ammo but you don't have to worry about getting banned.
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  2. This has got to be the best thought out idea for this issue I have ever seen. Wars are about revenge, no matter what company the clan you have warred, its still about revenge.

    Good plan Bob, see you next time you pop me, lol.
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    Enjoy the game.

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