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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _-dragonsoul-_, Nov 20, 2019.

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  1. so, i was sat looking through my inventory today, and noticed i have a lot of stuff im not using, i was wondering if we could a new game option "the recycler"

    it would be tricky to make i know, so im not holding out much hope, but here goes...

    it would be a bit like galaxy gate spinner, where you would put in items you dont want with a chances to win better things, uri or some of the parts used to create them given back

    off the top of my head, something like 10 lf3's give 10% chance of some uri, 10% chance of a lf4, 10% crafting items, 10% ABR, 10% chance of a multiplyer, 1% for a top tier item like a design, prom laser etc, and the remaining 49% GG spins, ammo etc.

    it would mean that maybe some of the old stuff thats no longer useful, could have a use now, and for future updates

    i have a few old things kicking around you cant get anymore like old goli designs and starter ships, im never going to use them, the same as i know many of us would have loads of apis and zeus blueprints kicking around

    or perhaps soume rewards could be some free level upgrades on other items

    as i said i havnt really thought about it too hard, but with a few tweeks it could be really useful for players of all levels
  2. apart from having a chance to everything i don't think its good to just put a top tier design over there, its probably best to remove it and instead get a chance to receive other booty keys like a single obsidian chip, red or blue booty keys or even drone parts instead for the zeus or apis (if both are owned, chances are higher for other items)

    Its a good suggestion, recycling would be great to remove all those excess stuff from inventory but everything should have a category of which items you recycle should have a chance to get these kind of items, like credit stuff items would have a chance to get some mid-tier uri items like an LF-3 or Bo2 or single hardware parts used to craft stuff (just nano cases, prismatic sockets, not the rare stuff)

    its also good to give chance to have some sort of random jackpot event at times using the old jackpot currency you get from before, and then they should give it back for this type of event where anyone can spin to get some goodies, jackpot currency is the only way to go, and if there is an event for that they should add in some sort of sale for "jackpot currency" that they can use to spin on the jackpot wheel.

    those jackpots should have been used for tournaments, instead people cheated so D.O retracted and made these jackpot currency useless (which how much they got would they win equivalent to euro dollars)
  3. We already have something like that... sell your Prometheus lasers, spartan drone designs, and B03 for 200,000 credits! Now use those credits in the auction for something else. Good luck.
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  4. oh wow! thank you, i had never thought of that, i shall go and sell what i can and buy a bigboy
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  5. Maddust

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    yes, DO already done that many many times. remember oil for the new ships cyborg etc.? now you need oil to upgrade. Ta-da! here is your recycle system.
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