[UI] Remove Refractions Zone Quests

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ._.Sparrow._., Aug 30, 2020.

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  1. Please remove the Refractions Zone quests from Dark Orbit. This part of the game has not worked in more than a year. There are a lot of quests for the Refractions Zone, and it makes looking through the open quests cumbersome.
  2. anduril

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    We have asked for this to happen for years now. R-zone failed completely within weeks of roll out, but yet here it still remains, as an insult to the players it impacts and to the devs that could not make it work and gave up. Another great job DO team.
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  3. i agree ive not been able to get into qzone for literally months so just delete it and the quests are poor rewards too funny thou cant go there to do quests same as grave yard tryed hundreds times just another i dea and players dont wana sit for 2 3 hours jumping and no grave yard tis old boring and dumb i think.
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