[UI] Search for Missions and Assembly Items

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by PineappleJuice, Apr 17, 2020.

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  1. Dear DarkOrbit Team,

    Scrolling through all the hundreds of missions and or trying to find items in the assembly is exasperating and takes too much time. This can be fixed with a simple search bar. Adding a quick search bar for the mission control and the assembly would awesome and easy to use.

    Pros of Search in Mission and Assembly
    - Every basic game has this feature
    - Common sense
    - It would make everyone happy
    - happy is good

    Thank you,
    10+ year player

    *I will pay you to do this...
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  2. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I think people have been talking about a 2nd rework of the missions as well.

    Adding 2 separate classes of missions would also be extremely helpful. Some missions that are Ammo and/or Uri heavy and others that are Exp and Honor heavy.

    The only problem I see with a search feature is that it would have to be somewhat intuitive as to what people are looking for.
    I think the main focus should by level. After level, then objective. Actually, idea.

    Multiple fields of search become too tasking beyond 2. First field should let you type in a level number and the 2nd field should let you put in NPC, Player, Ore or whatever other things DO has. Each field can be searched for separately or in combination.

    On the other hand, finding things in assembly would be much easier through a simple search. Full name or just something as simple as CPU.