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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ventex1000, Dec 18, 2015.

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  1. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    No that would be more competition for limited resources like spaceball cargo.

    VESPID User

    Yea and a dead server is the result of your hard work and lil victory.
    Like I said earlier, suck it up.
  3. It is time for some server merges they have been doing it in there other games and it has brought them back to life, so now new players are joining those games again. so bigpoint give us server merges like drakensang and seafight, and reserect our beloved game.
  4. VESPID at the first i only can say to you , watch your tong its a discussion and opinion forum, other wise you need a forum ban maybe ?

    you are a top 50 player maybe on a server and afraid to lose your rank ??

    you better read about what i say in my letter, servers are dead for more reasons not only the reason of PVP players people what saying that they need to make open there eyes .

    servers going close and going to dead for more reasons

    1 The Differents between $$ players and credit players to big ( at the momment 70 %)
    2 The Big Point game , Dark Orbit went from a free game into a milk cow and very expansive $$ ( go to the casino and you are playing cheaper as on DO )
    3 Dark Orbit Build ed to many servers (global but also many country servers).
    4 All the Botters in the servers (how many years they do nothing about it, what messed up all ranks on every server, look only the players what doing 15 to 20 gate every day ( no normal person can do that also not with x4)
    5 there stil many bot programs active ( instead DO only fight ingame against the bot players, they better fight against that outside the game, there so many way`s to catch the developers from the bots, and ingame get a group (trusted Push Hunters ) into the game what can catch the zombies on the servers faster (i now BP using this system on a couple games in the past and works great)

    and there a couple more reasons, what i not wil say here.

    but VESPID i hope you understand the reasons.

    best regards and respect to all information about what every body think about server merge
  5. The complainers are the PvPers who attack PvErs and they :(( cry) that there are no ships on the map :rolleyes: Eat the young while the population of the old dwindles.
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  6. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    I have played several games that have chosen to do server merges and unless the problems are fixed such as oh pilots the have unfair advantages whether they are just old time players that had the ability to get eq and items that were available but are no longer and/or at prices that newer players will never be able to compete with like perm trade drones, perm doublers and other such items that enable them in effect an unfair advantage over alot of other peeps. While I understand that these things were paid for fairly and should be left to the players who paid for them is an unbalance in the game then there is also those players who also have said items that it just wasn't enough for them that the challenge of the game is no longer enough for them so they then use outside programs also as I have seen many examples of such as auto-lock and can lock you from ports just after entering a map and their target as far away as possible and auto-looters .The penalty for bringing this to the attention of D.O. is very difficult at best for most players who most times can not do so easily only to be told that you sent in this but you really needed to do it this way, so most no longer even bother to try and those that do it the right way for their frustration watch offenders get a finger shaken at them so why bother?

    Then when legit players stop playing because of all those things and many others that D.O. ignores or seemingly ignores because they don't respond peeps stop playing you can upgrade all the graphics of the game into eternity but peeps only remember that the game only wants cash and won't respond to issues in a timely manner or fix bugs that are well known before the builders and/or coders move on to fun stuff like adding new things to the game. Everyone understands that its easier to add than fix things but if you don't fix things all you have behind you is essentially quicksand which is truly poor ground to build upon.

    A server merge in those conditions only gives new meat to already uber peeps unless it comes with a player wipe which paying players will have a fit over but that is the only fair play when doing server merges and give paying peeps a redeemable boon for making the merge and/or make a paid for option for players that want to change servers and they lose all prem items that are no longer available but get to keep all eq on their ships and all upgrades which would still be a very handsome boon verses starting over from new players . Well that's my dollar version of my two cents . :D
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  7. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    Don't merge servers, it's more noob friendly when it's empty
  8. Play on a server that is dead ?
    Merge servers so there is more competition ?
    Take Test server for instant, when its open everyone from every where join its always fun to get in there. As for rank they need to just add 1 more General, lets say call it " Highest ranking General" anyone over 125 billion top user points gets it, or the higest ranking person gets it and the rest falls below
    The terms and conditions that no one reads, state that they can make changes, start and stop the game at any given time they owe players no obligation. so closing a server is something they can easily do. the game is advertizes as a free to play game and they make sure they put in the resources in the game so you can be a free player spending money is optional
    Now if they closed my server what happen to my ship ? gone poof game over that simple. you can cry all you want this is a business and like all businesses if its failing, if they not making money off it they will closed it down
    so i vote for a server merge say merge the servers
    and for ppl that play on multiple servers with one log in just spit them off make so you have a seperate log in for all ships on all servers
    Also with a server merge the option of switching company can be implemented without any penalty so one can switch to a company of choice and dont loose any honor
  9. Somebody spiked the OJ this morning... o_O

    And the trick for that is? Oh that's right, there is not one since they will not move the accounts around. Now that I think of it, this may be a bigger issue they are wrestling with than the rank issue. I am sure when they opened multiple servers in a region, they never imagined having to go in reverse. And with the option to switch to different servers on one login, they should have realized that players would play multiple servers in the same region. I say let the players choose what account they play and merge the rest into the hanger. Credits and Uri should be merged over as well. ;)
  10. No no no :mad: to merging your accounts into one (main) account and then merge server :oops: Heck I could go to a graveyard server :eek: and do all my NPC quests in peace and then have it merge with my main and get credit/exp/rp for it o_O - nope.
  11. VESPID

    VESPID User

    No to server merges period.
    Nothing good will come of it and it is just not needed.
  12. server merge will never happen unless bigpoint cuts out other games so they can get the bugdet they need to do it and since that wont happen stop mentioning it I know it sucks but nothing that can be done.

  13. Budget i think you not now what the sales market is from big point from 2010 on sales value over 171 million dollar
    they have reserves from over 10 million euro to gonna try change also to Ipod and Tablet.
    ofcorse they dropped 2013 over 120 jobs worldwide but stile best way to go for not only dark orbit but also for Big Point is server merge , on that way the have less costs but same or more people.
    and i think games as dark orbit not there for the negative balance from other games and the bad buy`s from the Staff of Big Point
    on of the bad games where they spend much money for is Lord of Ultima they buyed that game and 2 months later its closed, how many millions gone with this transaction, same as the transactions like samurai fights and a couple other games.

    i think at the moment Big Point have only one thing for the investment business Summit Partners en TA Associates what buyed in 2011 70% ( 350 miljon dollar) of the Big Point sales and that's to try to get there money back.

    they have money but they wil not spend anymore thats the issue
  14. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Sounds to me that it is for the best.
    No to server merge.
  15. Seafight,battle star galactica both games there testing the server merge on if all goes well Do will be next for sure.
  16. Maybe they should try some servers first. If that seems to be succesfull they might need to do it on all servers.


    yeh test gb1 and gb2 :) put together done [removed] rank points
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  18. For example yes :)
  19. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Hopefully it will happen right after lf-4's are sold in shop.
  20. they will never sale lf4's in shop, but the merging of servers is a good idea. some of us don't care for rank, just the pvping
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