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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -Bagel-, May 25, 2015.

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  1. -Bagel-

    -Bagel- User

    During Spaceball, uncloak beacon on all ports, with a radius to be determined. This would satisfy many complaints, and be easy to implement. Everyone I've talked to want's this.

    Port sitters will still be an issue, but this will solve half the problem.

  2. Good idea like with the gygerim it constantly uncloaks. Same as hitac. As for port sitters they won't need to exist to shoot leachers. Make it so you need to do x amount of damage to see the boxes
  3. Nah, it's something that you can't stop. It also recirculates the boxes for noobs when 4 UFE players control the entire event. If anything it gets me free kills and bolsters my rankings hehe.
  4. NO to this idea. Spceball remains a place where enemies if they are not winning to still win a few rewards for the rick of being cuaght.
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  5. it is what it is, you cant change things in game if u dont like them, spaceball is the same from beginning so no to your idea. if noobs want to take cargo with cloak on they should coz it is how that event works.
    it's not exploit or bug it is game mechanic.
    so please stop being selfish and let others to play to.
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  6. Its the cloakers that are being selfish, while the players are doing the work. This is just one of the reasons I don't play spaceball, among other games... Well it is the cloakers that are just cargo collecting, the cloakers that are attacking other players, I will not complain about. Got to get those pvp missions done some how. But is is not just noobs doing this. All levels of players port sit, cloaked or otherwise. Always a good time for me to be in group chat, or off game, as that drama is not even entertaining....
  7. If anything changed about spaceball would be the amount of cargoes spawned need to increase other then that it cant really be made better.
  8. #jonx#

    #jonx# User

    Havent played for weeks (maybe its changed) but when will they finally change the look of the spaceball? Its getting boring playing with the same spaceball for months. Other than that keep it as it is!
  9. I kinda disagree for this reason, in any server, there is usually one dominant company. This means that the dominant company will own Space ball. So where does that leave the players from other companies? Why should they not be able to receive things from spaceball?
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  10. Hmm, you mean they dominate company would own spaceball because there was a uncloaked area? I am so confused. Why do you have to be cloaked to get the boxes?
  11. because they can not autolock you anymore.
    whole idea is to shoot noobs who come there with spears with cloak, it's to hard to take a lock when theres 20 or 30 ships plus pets.
  12. LOL, True, the lag will make you turn off the computer...:p
  13. I won't say which server, but VRU just owns Spaceball - like you can't believe. Like 35 to nothing vs. nothing - lol. The popin' another player fives and after that is nullified. Just wasting ammo for the heck of it.
  14. Nah, here is the thing, put yourself on the opposite side, you cant play SB because you dont have enough people from your company to take control. Now you have to resort to cloaking and getting the cargo. You gonna tell me you gonna go there uncloaked? Come on now, your kidding yourself if you think you are gonna go there uncloaked to get cargo and not expect to get shot down. Keep it the way it is, what works for you may only work when you are in the drivers seat in SB, but when you are no longer that driver, all of the sudden, this idea becomes unnecessary.
  15. ^ You mean it becomes a hindrance to the thievery. Good thing is a lot of the spaceball drama that is on "all" servers would come to an end.
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    Enjoy the game.

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