[UI] Spearhead HP improvements

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ¤hüñ‡ë®¨¦MKЦ¨¤, May 17, 2015.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Honestly HP wouldn't "save" the spearhead at all, would still melt to any UFE who was using moth - especially with this Surgeon Goliath that has +1 generator slot coming out in a couple of months.

    If it's to be changed it should be changed so it lends itself better to the recon role.
    So something like it's cloak ability can be used while you are being shot but the trade off would be that you loose all your shield or something like that. Maybe give the ability a longer cooldown if you used it while being shot too, I think that could balance it out fairly well.
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  2. Great post Okapi, I really like your idea. So far I know that the HP increase won't help that much, but will still make some change, at least.

    The use of the ultimate cloack while in fight can be of a use, but I think it needs to be analyzed better cause this ship will become so OP. You know, someone hits you and you just hide under, that can be nice, but from the opposite side, if I am the hunter, that may annoy me too. :)

    What I have in mind, just like a side idea to your post, is that you can use the ability in combat, but than the ability will last like 4-5 seconds, and will have 10 minutes cooldown? That can be a nice trade off for being alive. :)

    What do you guys think of that?
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  3. The game is being marketed towards people who pay, not people who stay in PvP maps collecting free stuff (the brutal truth).

    Second; you are completely unwilling to change how you play, instead you want Dark Orbit to redesign a ship for you?

    Third; As I mentioned, they're weak for a reason.
  4. Hmm, fun times here I see. Many boxers have a ship just for boxing, and not even a config for pvp/pve, so why even try to stick around when under attack. The pusat, while fast and powerful, still has to watch out for those that shoot back, as that puts them in a bind. Also, it has not kept me out of my spear. Actually, I have both and I have spent more time in my spear since the Pusat came out than all of my other ships put together.

    I like Okapi's idea about loosing the shields when using ultimate cloak. I remember that being the case a couple years back. You would punch it knowing you will need to go sit some place for a moment to recharge.
  5. Why I am unwilling to change how I play? Why should I go with fight config when I can do 35k damage? How will I out damage Pusat?

    Please check my post after Okapi's, I have updated with a side idea after Okapi's. :)
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  6. ^ I saw it but you posted your message right before I posted mine.
  7. Thank you for the feedback on that :)

    What else you guys think on this:

    Being able to use ultimate cloack in fight, but the duration is 4-5 seconds maximum, and has 10 minutes cooldown if used during a fight? If used apart a fight, it has the standard duration and cooldown. :)
  8. Just had a thought. I don't think I replied properly. The ultimate cloak is the only ability I know of that requires a set time, where you are not getting pounded, before you can use it. That said, they may need to make a new cloak for use in the fight. This would allow a recon to be able to slip away when discovered. I do not put much stock in DO being able to program the same button to act right under two separate conditions. I am still trying to get down the emp and then ultimate cloak. Of course it would help if I ever put emp on the shortcut bar. Does this actually work for anyone or do you have to just use a regular cloak to slip away and ultimate cloak later?

    The idea of a 5 second cloak for getting out of the area is one of the greatest things that could be introduced. That is how it works in the real world. Then when the attack squad has gone past, you can use a regular ultimate cloak to get out of the map, or to make that quick check on the enemy base before slipping out of the map.
  9. Yup, I like it too. I think that even having the one ultimate cloack ability, that can be used in:
    • fight - last 4 seconds, cooldown 10 minutes
    • out of fight - the normal ultimate cloack as we have now
    can be nice. We will have only 4 seconds to fly away so they can't catch us. After that, 10 minutes we are doing it how we know to make our self alive :)
  10. Sorry about the double post, just a short note to notify all to check my first post.

    I have updated it with another idea of Spearhead Ultimate Cloack update, instead of Spearhead HP increase.

    Thank you Okapi for the introduction of the idea.

    Well, share the opinions about that too. :)
  11. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    1. I didn't created this topic
    2. I never said that more HP will really help in this topic, I want more speed
    3. I think it is unfair to say that this is a group ship and that people shouldn't complain if it becomes worse compared to ''non-group'' ships.

    Aegis and citadel are also group ships but they stand well enouhg on their own. Each ship had it's own capabilites. Spearhead was mainly speed, aegis was repair abilities, and citadel features massive HP. Every ship is a group ship as every ship can add a lot to a group. A goliath in a group might be just as usefull as an aegis. I think the main role of the spearhead in a group would be to keep up with enemy ships and to finish them of. Besides, all those debuffs can cancel each other out and they cost way to much uridium. It seems like pussat is once again, a ship against those who do not pay or the beginners. I always saw spearhead as a weak, low HP ship, designed for weaker people, to give them a chance and to make them continue playing. The only reason I had it was because I could outrun anything, even without using tons of uridium for debuffs. How can this game possibly stay fun for people if they lose half of their uridium-income by having to buy expensive debuffs. Or if they can't get stronger because of all of the snipers.

    And final, what will adding more groupmembers do for the spearhead? Do you think it is realistic to always stick in a group. Spearhead hp is to low to follow the pussat, and vengeance can't keep up and even if it can, it will still run into troubles due to firepower. Do you want everybody to fly pussat? Common everybody! Your're ship is either to slow or just not strong enough! Sell your ship and go with pussat! Let go of the group playing, the good fair fights. Go snipering!

    Anyway, the whole idea of ''More HP for spearhead is gone now'' and I think the new idea of an escape cloak could help as well. Though it might be to OP.

    Disagree, pussat does not have to be carefull at all! It can just EMP and cloak and be gone within seconds. Drop a few slowdown mines (which are not to expensive) and after 20 seconds, use the x-1 jump cpu and gone. Reload and recharge and go snipering again!


    I still think do should have never combined firepower with speed. They also seem to loose the idea of what it is all about: new players. They are the future of DO and if they stop playing and do something else, I believe DO will die. I think it is getting harder and harder for people now to become FE, we've had the ICE rockets (of which some really stacked 100000), this new insane hit an run ship, and the already expensive DCR / EMP which are unpayable for new players. I don't think a new player will like it if he realizes how long it is gonna take and how expensive everything is gonna be, and how weak he is compared to the others. Last but not least i still don't get it how people like to kill flax people.
  12. And what ship can not do that?
  13. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Every other ship? If your're in a goliath and a group of 2 vengeances is chasing you, the vengeances will eventually reach your ship, and you will most likely still die. The thing is that you can't keep running. If your're in a spearhead, your HP is so low you will most likely be dead before even given the chance to run.
  14. Totally agree. :)

    That's why I posted about HP increase, but the ultimate cloack seems to be a good idea too (if I can get some more feedback on that it will be nice) :)
  15. I agree, but since I bought the pusat (because it looks beautiful;_;) I would pretty much kms if they lowered the speed because then it's just as worthless as the Spearhead, the only way spearhead would be useful is if the ultimate cloak could be used in battle (Why is it not? It's a RECON ship which means it should be quick getting in and getting out should a battle pursue, I have a spearhead that just sits at pally station nowadays because there isn't much other use to it anymore.
  16. Thank you for the feedback.

    It seems that the idea about Ultimate cloack skill update can be of a more use. :)
  17. You must not be very good at running. I do manage to escape 75% of the time using these tactics no matter who is chasing me. I'm guessing those that are asking for the spearhead to be changed are no where near UFE?
  18. Yes, I am no where near UFE. And yes, I don't hit 100k, and I don't run with 50% HP booster on a daily basis. And yes, I don't spend money either.

    Tell me, how much % of the players are truly UFE? How much of those Spearhead players you see are UFE?

    As much as the HP boost will help me, it will that much help the UFE's too. That HP increase is not in one direction, it will benefit both sides that use Spearhead.
  19. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    What ship do you fly? 180K hp in spearhead, that is nothing if somebody shoots you with moth, throws kami. Still I would like to see the question ''How do we protect he beginners?'' answered. And maybey those who ask are indeed nowhere UFE, but does that mean you don't have to listen to them?
  20. The spear head does not need increases learn to fly it and you will live. The question on how do we protect beginners is irrelevant to this post, because the spearhead is not created to "protect" new players. I am not UFE and the problem with the pusat and the spearhead is the HP itself so any UFE can come and kill me even if i was a pusat vs a spearhead.

    You want to have beginner help make another thread that actually could change game mechanics to do so rather then try to change current ships to suit your taste.

    You are currently complaing about not being UFE and you say that the pusat makes it easier to hunt you, whats the differance before giving yourself more hp only go make them stronger?
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