[UI] Spearhead HP improvements

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ¤hüñ‡ë®¨¦MKЦ¨¤, May 17, 2015.

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  1. No, it means if you are not UFE or an experienced player you will obviously get poached by skilled hunters with full ships. The whole point of making ships weaker then others is to make the user strive to become UFE. Marketing 101.
  2. The spearhead does not need to change, your tactics do. Adapt or pop.
  3. Please don't twist my thread. You asked me couple of questions, I did answered.

    Stay on topic.
  4. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    If you would get popped all the time, eventually you WILL break and quit the game. Even if it is in a rage of angere where you decide to remove your account. Spearhead was the ship for beginners. Here on GE2 I constantly saw hunters popping flax people. If they keep making it harder, I think more and more new people will quit the game. Eventually maps are getting empty, hunters don't have anything to do, people stop spending money and the game goes down. You can compare this with the fox and the rabbit. The fox eats the rabbit, the rabbits dies out. The fox has no food. The fox dies. Normally, due to foxes dying the few remaining rabbits would have a chance in restoring their population, but if all rabbits are killed....

    What does this all lead to? A way for the weaker people to escape the foxes. If not with the spearhead HP / speed improvements, a higher protection level (''you can't attack this player because it is below level X''). Rather than in training for 1 day.
  5. SauronL

    SauronL User

    disagree with ulti cloak during battle, it lets u to escape from every fight (i know its only 3 secs but it would let u run in 95% fights)
    but would be cool to have design that increase hp for spearhead (wouldnt improve hp for ship but would like to add new design)
  6. The HP design idea seems legit too, for me :)
  7. The ulti cloak already got too low cloak time and you want to reduce that to 5 seconds... -1 from me, sorry. I wouldnt mind if the cloak stay the same duration but if you use ulti cloak during battle, the cooldown will double, so 5 mins = 10 mins cooldown if you use ulti cloak during battle. But still, its better that using ulti cloak during battle isnt possible cuz it would ruin the game :/
  8. Well, you can't make the Ultimate cloack to be able to be used in a battle with the same duration/cooldown as if it is used out of a battle. You need to make some tradeoff's, or it will be too OP and it won't be implemented :)

    And those tradeoff's are the low duration and bigger cooldown.
  9. I say no to that anyhow it a annoying idea to have it oh i attack a spearhead it ultimate cloaks? wth is that.

    Instead of trying to make it the perfect ship for noobs to get away because you feel the pusat has stoped your chances of living.

    The Increased Radar range should either be permanent rather then cool down since it main purpose is a scout, so it would make more since for it to be a permenent effect because having it as a timed skill means loose it second most valuable scout ability. The target marker should not be removed once a player EMPs instead it should remain but everyone still loose that said lock although the mark does not disappear till them timer runs out.

    You could reduce the time you need to use ultimate cloak rather then allowing it be used in combat, that would allow to many player to escape it would be a secondary EMP.

    The Jamx should stay the same and to replace the radar ability if its permanent a second with a short reload time to be of better use. This should just reset or remove aegis abilities temporarily rather then cancel them out also it wont remove tech items and it will not cancel the ship abilities while they are in use. The original one with its reload should
    Force ships abilities to go into cool down rather then just shutting it down temporarily if they have not used it, this would also negate cool down boosters so the reload would be the base time before cooldown booster are applied. This will have the original cool down of the current Jamx it will also remove tech items, although ship abilities like spectrum wont be force into cool down if its not in use instead if it iin use it will double the reload time.
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  10. First of all, respect others and don't insult.

    Apart that, thank you for the ideas. I have already notified DO developers about this thread, so there are plenty of ideas here about how should Spearhead be changed.
  11. The difference between a spear and a pusat are like an FE goli compared to a UFE goli.Use what ammo is provided to escape and evade death.Radar shows red dots on map, so if you start getting cornered UC and avoid them, and if you UC is cooling down you have emp, cloakd, dcr and slow mines to use.
  12. Klak06

    Klak06 User

    40k HP increase on Spear won't do much good. Unless you can break lock with EMP and fly straight long enough activate Ult cloak, you die. Spear needs more speed or quicker ult cloak after being hit. There should always be a tradeoff between speed and power for any ship type. If it's OK to unbalance the game with strong *and* fast ships, why not a Citadel with a speed of 600? Uh oh - I just gave somebody an idea...
  13. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Or more shieldabsorption... would like it if they would add 100% to veteran design.
  14. There is low hp for speed and power or abilities pusat and spearhead have nearly the same trade offs.
  15. this is very smart of you to say, most of these people don't see to know how to use a spearhead... I myself main in spearheads and i get the hang of all the moves and tactics.
    for poop sakes, upgrade your shields mech in bio, and get a double arrow formation (no crab cuz its slower)

    Boxing, if you're gonna box in spearhead... i highly suggest constantly keeping your peripheral visions focused onto your minimap, use recon x2 range frequently or as soon as it is ready to go, ulticloak when you see your first red dot and go investigate them, run away if you need to.
    Your guys tactics are horrible. Ulti cloak during mid battle? WAT? these update will make spearheads more annoying than pusat and id hate it if ppl start to use spears annoyingly towards other, to you guys it may be a scout ship.. To you guys who wants to buff it to make it the ultimate ship. Id say its a recon ship, learn how to do some "Reconnaissance". I feel the devs pain in making this ship and hoping that you all enjoy it, I already enjoy it, why don't you (the people who wants it buffed)??

    --agrees with needing new designs, veteran OP but feels like elite designs arent even elite at all. :/ oh well.
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  16. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    My tactics are like that -.- (or kind of :p) anyway, why double arrow? It is the worst formation around -.-

    Besides, how many spearheads are there around on your server? Here (GE2) close to zero, it is al pussat or goliath now, and with the surgeon design comming up, that most likely isn't gonna change.

    I agree with you in a surten way but I still feel like bigpoint shouln't only be looking forward, but also backward, at the impact of changes. I do not ask for ulti cloak in battle because I indeed feel like that is ridiculous, i want just that small boost, that extra chance of surviving without having to buy boosters all the time. Even with 750K shield, with 180K HP you die so fast -.-

    Agreed, those small differences can really make up for low HP and stuff. I really hate it, hate it that JAMX cooldown has 3 minutes and aegis shield rep 30 seconds cooldown. Or that I can counter abilities which aren't activated for only 5 seconds AND ONLY IF I AM IN RANGE WITH A 50% CHANCE OF BEING DECLOAKED. I would even give up the target marker ability for it.
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  17. do you have your bio updated? and you wanted that 100% shield absorption, so i was refering to the double arrow for shield absorption was all :c

    Server spearhead population: low, not 0 but around like 15?
  18. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Double arrow does not give extra shield absorption, it gives extra shield penetration.

    Furthermore, my bio is updated (12% extra shieldabsorption) but if they come with moth, and maybey even still (after 5 months) those ice missiles, it still doens't make any sense XD
  19. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I used to fly spear alot and really enjoyed it. The fact that it was the fastest ship was a big part of the draw. Of course that has changed now with pusat matching it's speed but heavily outgunning it. Perhaps the only tweak required is to increase the speed of spear to make it the fastest ship in the game again?
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  20. oops, thats like the worst drone formation yet then, i was confused i thought they were shield absorption but i dont own one i wouldnt know xd, use crab then if ur high on shield, low hp i wouldnt want a design to give absorption.
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