[UI] Spearhead HP improvements

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  1. i have 220k hp base 600k+ shield you still get popped ultra full spearhead against ultra full pusat.... hp doesn't mean anything the lasers is what hurts.... :D it would be cool if spearhead had 50-70 more speed.... since it's minus on lasers hit points and fire power..... the ultimate cloak doesn't work on battles or when you are being shot.... it should work like the normal cloack just you become invisible in minimap too also cancel the attack of enemy ship...... it has to have an advantage or else there is no need to have this ship... 5 years ago the phoenix and piranha was the peanut ship.. in today spearhead has taken its place... but the thing is that it cost uri to buy this ship makes the ship worthless for what you get... i
  2. Bakjam

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    Indeed :p
  3. imapoofya

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    It would cover all absorption. Crab is countered by moth making it useless and worse than moth. Old dome would've covered any penetration. Like, you could've equipped ao3's used dome and fighting a player with moth they still would be hitting just your shields and no Hp.
  4. Spearhead is a tactical recon ship, its not meant to be a pvp monster altho I dont know a few players on my server who have decent configs for spears :rolleyes:.
  5. Uhr_Drago

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    Seems to me that recon ship should also include specialized weapons systems, perhaps allow a 20% range boost for weapons OR make them full shield penetration in concert with target marker.

    I also believe the Target Marker should remain active till the target or the Spearhead is destroyed.
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