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  1. So everybody remembers the ship nyx has or had the ship for quests something like that, [​IMG]
    that ship above, well my idea is this.. a new ship!
    this ship should have 3 abilitys or more like 3 "forms"
    the first form should be like the main image the one with its wings moved back so when you have that "form" you have more speed but reduced dmg and/or shield. Now the second form should be with its wings extended like the little blue image all the way to the left now having this will give you a shield bonus (while you have that form) and reduced dmg and/or speed and for the 3rd "form" its wings will be pointing forward of course the bonus will be dmg and reduced speed and/or shield, now when you change forms or ability we should be able to see the movement of the wing (moving back forward etc).
    I havent figured out what would the base speed amount of laser slots generators slots and extras slots the ship should have if you have good ideas please leave them below, so it goes like this (this is just my idea):
    1st "form" - accelerator 5% to 10% speed (or less) and 50% less dmg, 50% less shield
    2nd "form" - (insert cool name) 10% to 20% shield but 40% less speed and 30% less dmg
    3rd "form" (name related to dmg) 20% more dmg but 50% less speed, 60% less shield
    now these are all just made up number ik they arent realy smart and most people say "dont mess with speed" you are right thats why the penaltys of these abilitys should be big so that way the game doesnt lose more balance and you should all give ideas as for base speed and slots etc for the ship also ideas for the penaltys and bonuses, for now thats is all thanks for reading :D

    Note: I have removed the poll as it is not permitted in this section - Fury
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  2. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    put on auction
  3. Uh sure lol, i don't plan to read your whole idea, but i did tell you on fb to suggest it so XD
  4. wth wich programm did you make this picture
  5. i didnt make this picture, i forgot to add it to my thread but this picture isnt mine its darkorbits picture they posted it in their facebook page some time ago to announce something about quests i thought they where going to give us a new ship but actualy that ship is just the nyx quest ship but it would be awesome if we could use that ship
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  6. You misspelled ship at the end of line 2 XD should fix that.

    That ship design was introduced a couple years ago as the ship for Nyx, instead of the little towers we see now,it used to be a ship, the one you see at the top of the thread, for some reason, the ship didn't stay long, and Nyx was taken out of the game fairly quickly. I'm assuming i know why, but i'll leave that your imagination XD
  7. many views but few replys come on people...
  8. well seeing as the gain/cost ratio is rather disproportional, but seeing as almost everything in shop is like that, i guess it doesn't really matter

    but i was thinking if its Nyx's ship, and you "could" fly it, shouldn't it have benefits from completely missions?
  9. 5% Mission Reward Increase sounds decent enough.
  10. as i mentioned in the thread it would be good if everybody could give there opinion as to what should the boosts be and the penaltys be, also that is a good idea, there is no type of boost for misions atleast i think their isnt
  11. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    I say no because that's more uri we'll be buying and spending. I would only approve if this goes on auction or is buyable with credits.
  12. uri is easy to get. im boxing 30k uri an hour without pp and doubler so even if it's 200k , that's only 7ish hours boxing. not that much, not mentioning the spins gained that go towards gates
  13. If gaining uri is such an issue for you, stop playing the game.
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  14. well take a look at the skill designs even befor they where on auction, everybody had them wich means an item costing 250k uridium isnt even hard to get
  15. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    and what about f2p people? I don't buy log disks;I auction for them.
  16. I dont like the design change that and yeah ill buy it.
  17. The person who using it, will get a big advantage. Its can be good if it was like spearhead. All of the forms can be in same ship but they need cooldowns.
  18. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Why not just offer the tech center abilities Energy Leach, Precision Targeter and Combat Repair Bot to the ship with the usual cool downs and offer it the stats of a leo so it gets full shield penetration in the lower maps and x2 dmg in all other map?
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  19. would like to see something like this but centered around noobs maybe the speed and shield not the damage like another person said make it like leo in lowers but shield gets doubled and all damage cuts into shield before hp speed make it the fastest ship in the lowers noobs need to be able to run. UFEs will still be able to kill the new player but not instant pop them let the noob learn port/hp management as it is now a new player can sit on port and get popped before they can jump

    new players need a ship that limits them to what they can kill but makes them feel safer i would say Nerf the damage to balance the defense boosts keep to the lowers with leo passive boost DO really needs to go crazy with a high defense/low damage noob ship to promote new players into the game make them have a chance to run if they are close enough to portal. they need a chance to learn to use the tools before they quit like most do. a freeze rocket/ speed mode run then jump back to home map if not going to make it to port as it is now even in golie they don't have the time to see whose attacking let alone mount a defense...
  20. Your mix of bad ideas isn't needed vespid -.-
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