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  1. We dont need anymore ships... you guys rant all day in chat about the bugs and then come here talking about new ships and lasers etc...

    and what would the price be for such a ship? Certainly more than most of us can afford.
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  2. In all honesty, if it's a Quest Boost Ship, i would recommend the cost of 75k Uridium. Not too cheap, not expensive.

    VESPID User

    Not if it is a enemy company quest, those butt suckin things need no assistance.
  4. Eh, i for one would love to get more XD
  5. gimme some ep too ;)

    VESPID User

    Sta out of the lowers and earn that ep.
  7. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    i love the idea of the abilities having the same effect of designs, but like you said your numbers seem just awful
    my idea (well my adjustment of your idea)

    1st form:10% speed boost.. 30% damage drop, 50% shield drop. that sounds like an effective balance though people may just use if for a suicide config.. could be fixed with a lower base speed so it doesnt end up the fastest, just faster than say a goli but about equal to a vengie

    2nd form: 20% attack boost.. 15% speed drop 60% shield drop.. also a 1% per second shield drop (up to 1mil shields) to prevent this being a constant setup due to the effective free double boost on damage, added to a real double boost and a kappa booster on top of it this form would be excessively terrifying

    3rd form: 30% shield boost.. 10% hp drop, 10% damage drop.. though the numbers are low on this i thought with it being defensive it would make for a good all purpose setup such as heart, also with the no affect to speed it'll leave it a good balance so something would stay base stat lol

    .. the ship itself - slots

    12 lasers
    18 generators
    3 extras

    hp: 200,000
    speed: 260
    cargo: 2,000

    in my head this seems a pretty decent speed/shield/damage balance.
  8. Uh... no? Those are too unbalanced.
  9. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    It is called a dropship, So that sound like 10 Citadels combined in 1 ship xD
  10. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    how are those unbalance? it seemed about right to me, what do you think would make it more balanced?
  11. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Perhaps give the Nix ship stats like the vengi but offer a choice of boost by the purchaser based on the current drone designs available in shop but without the negative effects.
  12. No.... Or it can have a quest boost instead of dmg shield or hp
  13. VESPID

    VESPID User

    What would the quest boost cover?
  14. New ships are just going to cause more problems as there needs to be more quests made to accommodate these as TARGETS. The only IMPROVEMENT to the game would be a shield (available in HOME maps only) for the FREE/NEWB player to allow them to learn TACTICS until they become level 16 (12 if they bought more than beginner specials or Premium). This shield would be activated upon PvP attack initiated by other players to allow to finish NPC kill they had already started and make it to Portal along with TUTORIAL of what defensive measures they should be using to make escape easier.

    Adding a secondary Design slot to allow for skin changes to Specialty Designs or NPC/Quest Boosters (increase in rewards from Quest required NPC kills, Damage Boost for NPC kills for OPEN Quests, Quest Reward Boost to increase rewards for completing Quests).

    IF the NEWBS get tired of trying to play the game what are the VETERANS going to do without them? Most WALLETS do not do QUESTS and prefer to FARM Galaxy Gates or hunt the NEWBS who can not defend themselves. The NEWBS are finding it difficult to participate in the EVENTS as they are too weak or being attacked as FODDER for Veteran players when trying.

    With the number of BOTTERS being banned and the NEWBS leaving the game it would be nice to see an actual number of ACTIVE players on the Log In page instead of the supposed "REGISTERED" players, which has never seen a reduction to the numbers.
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  15. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Good luck bub, I've been putting out ideas to help noobs for years and those same kill ratio padding veterans have been in forum making sure they never have to see any true opposition in game by killing every idea you have listed as needed in the forum.

    Many of those same ppl can be found from time to time crying to merge servers so they can have access to new servers to kill.
  16. True that, but what D O has forgotten is ALL accounts were NEWBS at one time and they became WALLETS at one point. IF they continue with the destruction of their player base they will eventually lose all of their lanes of REVENUE and then will have to admit they needed the NEWBS to stick it out to become a WALLET. But then they would have to care about the player, and it has been proven they prefer the BOTS/CHEATS over the hard working NEWB or Long Term Player who has chosen NOT to BUY anything as they did not see a future in doing so.

    Continue making the improvements with all of the EXPLOITABLE glitches/bugs and give the bank to the players who know how to gain the most from the EXPLOIT and lose even more cash revenue because they don't need to open their wallets. But then this may be the plan, "D O is a negative revenue game and thus needs to be shut down", and someone is just trying to push the point home sooner instead of later.
  17. But 95% of your ideas blew, they didn't benefit the game at all, it was noob friendly only. None of what you said, helped the real game itself, it was unbalanced.
    I won't lie, i liked about 2 or 3 of your ideas, those were balanced, but the rest ruined the game, which is primarily suppose to be PvP.
  18. WARF1955

    WARF1955 User

    I love the the design. But I would give it the same abilities as a goliath, but with the extra speed. I have been playing since 2009 and I am not a wallet player and do not plan on becoming one. I box for my uri. I do admit that newbies need better protection. But that can be solved by extending their safe time. Say to a month by then they should be big enough to defend themselves against most things. Except elite and ultra elite. Even I am not big enough to do that. Before they came out with the lf4's and the up grade system I was an elite. I worked hard to get that. Then it was stuck to me. So now I am working hard to just to get back to elite. I believe since I was all ready an elite I should have been able to stay an elite with the upgrades already done.
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  19. chixonator

    chixonator User

    give this design the ability to accept missions from anywhere, like when they were on backpage
  20. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Those ideas blew only to the ones that were content with the way the noobs and smaller ships were being exploited for their inexperience or their combat frailties. I offer options with every thread I open ranging from ship type to player assistance.

    I offered the option for smaller or credit ships to become better armed or better equipped for combat against the raiders that didn't have the stones to attack the upper maps or to take a favored ship and make it effective in the upper maps as opposed to just the uri ships which back then consisted of the Goli and the Vengi. I offered more options in a week for this game than the current forum has offered in the years I have played thank you very much!!!!!

    All things considered this idea would probably fly further if the ship had set stats of an already in game ship with possibly one boost that is currently in game.
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