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  1. Sorry that would not have been fair to the other players who paid for their UFE right after they were introduced. However, I am aware of a ton of FE F2P players that have quit the game because they found they were back at the drawing board trying to defend themselves like they had to before becoming FE. The so called improvements have created such an imbalance to the game that they really need to separate the maps and make the LOWERS maps that can not be attacked by anyone ranked higher than Lieutenant or above level 15 unless attacked first or same ranking, so a UFE defending maps could attack a UFE enemy but the enemy could not attack anyone lower than level 16 in the same maps.
  2. madhatter2

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    if you change the maps so you cant attack, the map would be rife with botters. sorry but i personally think it was better when it took 6 players to pop a cube, stop the ufe's from popping cubes and you will stop the botters.
    and yes newbies should have more quests so it is easier to become fe.

    VESPID User

    Botters are a D.O. problem and a WEAK reason to down any idea.
  4. I am not saying NO ATTACKING, I am saying NO Level 16 HUNTERS in the LOWERS. They can still be there and if some one wants to attack them then they can defend themselves. BUT to have a level 10 player have to defend themselves from a UFE level 20 or higher is just not right.
    I agree the BOTTERS are going to be in any map they decide to be in and can still be attacked by a level 15 or lower player in the lowers no matter what level they are and if higher than 15 can be attacked by same level or lower, so would also be a aid in determining how long the person has been botting as you can not level up by boxing.

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    What I'm saying is botters are a D.O. problem not a player problem, let D.O. handle that issue and keep that empty reason to down an idea that will help more than just botters the hell out of this forum as if it is a player problem when it is not!!!

  6. You're wrong. Botters are everybody's problem you fool. As to using it as an excuse, it is a valid reason to shut down an idea, too bad you're too dense to figure that out.
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  7. Botters gain a massive advantage as things already are, so if an idea came about, that would ultimately support them, it should be denied lol.

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    With that reasoning all ideas would be denied just like they would be OP for UFE use.
    How about actually growing a pair and stop crying about the things way out of your control, way out of your depth and straight up none of your business unless U speak for the Dark Orbit designers or Big Point.

    Don't cry to me about unfair advantages in game when U attack the lower enemy maps to pad ur kill ratios.

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  9. Every change becomes an advantage to the CHEATERS in D O for a short period of time. Since the third party providers create the CODE that D O has to add to their search criteria. The reason so many BOTTERS are not removed from the game is they keep changing the program they use when a NEW one comes out. This allows them to get the use of the advantage while DO is trying to create the program to sniff out the CHEAT, and by the time D O starts looking for the CHEAT they have stopped using it and have a NEW one to use again.

    Every change to the GAME gives another advantage to the BOTTERS, even if a small window of time, so to follow Dream Demon's line the game would become stagnant. I would be more upset over the fact that the BOTTERS are not found from the logs of what was done during the preliminary release of the update, or the possible advantages were not thought through before making it go live and having script written to find the cheats before they actually were started. But then D O would have to have a team thinking like the CHEAT programmers to design the countermeasures before they came out.
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  10. VESPID

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    HelpMeHelpYou is right!!!
    This is a good idea on it's way to great, try to improve it for a change.
  11. You cry all the god damn time, it's a PvP game, so we have the right to hunt anywhere, when the uppers are dead we go to lowers, when lowers and uppers are dead, we hit the battle maps, that's how it works.
  12. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Oh spare me the empty map reason when chances are you're the reason for the empty maps on you're server, but by all means continue killing your server.

    Before long You'll be facing the battle you deserve when just Fe and Ufe are all that is left.....If that.
    Boo freakin Hoo killer....
  13. Considering i used to hunt from 1 to 2 times a month or 2, nothing i do should affect the servers i played on.
  14. How about skipping the lowers instead and allow the Fresh Meat to fatten up a little before killing them. The Battle Maps (4-x and 5-x) are fine but leave x-1 to 4 alone. Most of the players in these maps are so weak they are single shot kills for your X-4 and RSB lasers let alone the freeze rockets and slow down mines and such.
  15. I just think it would be nice if there were some kind of ships , drone formations or any other kind of augmentation that does not require a trade off between shields , speed or damage. (and yes I'm aware that boosters are like that).
  16. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Yea right.
    Between hunting the lowers in your server and keeping them weak and making sure they stay that way here in forum where discussion of assisting ideas for them to fight you off are buried by too many like you.

    "No the UFE will use it......No the botters will use it........It's a PvP game."
    The game bullies and cowards are easy to see with those comments.
  17. Battle maps are full of bots so, boring.
  18. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

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