[UI]Updating Metalizer, Boxes, Booty, Login Bonus

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by thechurchofbob, May 22, 2015.

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  1. These things were all fairly good when they first came out, but nothing has kept up with the inflation in the game.

    Bonus Boxes
    Eliminate the LCB-10 from all boxes.
    If the JPA amount is at 10000, have the box return a gate spin or uri.
    Put a little x4 in the boxes.
    Put a bit of PLT-3030 in the boxes.
    It seems that the gg energy and uridium have drastically declined in the boxes in the last year or so. Change that.

    Booty Chests
    Get rid of the xeno prize. Seriously.... it's like hitting the Bankrupt spin on Wheel of Fortune.
    Instead, have it be a Kronos part and some decent ammo (like some of the parasite tide boxes)

    Login Bonus
    If you have 50 Pilot Points, the logdiscs are fairly useless. Change it to either some x4 or 5 or 10 gate spins.

    This was great five years ago... bump it up with the inflation.
    If you have 50 Pilot Points, have it return jump credits or gate parts instead of logdiscs.
    Change the x4 to RSB
    Change the x3 to x4
    Change the x2 to x3
  2. I like this idea .
  3. Lol BP be like...


    I agree though, i brought this point up well over a year ago so its good that other people are wanting old bonuses updated as the game progresses. I remember one guy going all jungle on me because i should be grateful for 200 Uridium, wuz like wut?
    The xenomit IS a kick in the goolies, and im maxed out at 10,000 on jackpot and still getting it, i agree 100% something needs putting in place when you reach a threshold.

    +1 from me Sir.

    And this? "It seems that the gg energy and uridium have drastically declined in the boxes in the last year or so. Change that." - Ha ha, liek a BAWS.
  4. Bold = Yes
    Red = no
    Yellow = eh maybe

    Reasoning on red: x4 should continue being that GG only ammo, no need to give them reason to lower quantities
    Rockets should be 2021's at highest, 2030's is pushing the bar
    you may have 50 pilots points but I know I dont.. instead if YOU have 50 PP, then it can be replaced by an extra EE

    As for the kronos part .. not really... maybe decent ammo like x4/rsb/etc
  5. I respectfully disagree Peacekeeper, reason being if we do get these things they will be in very small quantities when we get em anyways. Something for the new guys to get and play with too, get them NPC's mashed quicker. Either way, we all so far agree to disagree, i hope.
  6. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

    Closing due to inactivity.
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