[UI] Upgrade Bonus Hour (On calendar)

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  1. I know what the Upgrade hour does from before, but what about the "Bonus" from this time's Upgrade Bonus Hour?

    Maybe a discount? but since there is a requirement of using new materials and the I-Oil in order to upgrade equipment, how will the discount work for those? maybe less materials used when upgrading and uri cost are on a discount? how about less upgrade duration?
  2. Star*Fire

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    Only wish it I could be on doring an upgrade hour. It's at a time if you live in another time zone you are screwed. Was nice before they merge the servers. It's was always 1900 hrs server time. after they moved west us to east us every working player on the west coast had the chance of using an upgrade hour taken away. Well those of us who work day jobs that is.
  3. EvilHotDog

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    Moving to the appropriate section.



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