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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by F1™, Jun 21, 2017.

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  1. F1™

    F1™ User

    So as we all know this new event was delayed due to issues for tomorrow i didnt find i faq in english tbh but found some faq's in other forums and as i looked trough the faq there appears to be wave with 15 uber kristallons normal strenght im doing 120k with x4 with diminisher and barely manage to kill it but 15 come on for real, instead of single palyer gg why dont you make it multiplayer as this gate in x-7 and instead of this recieving as completing the gate
    Epic Demon99,8%
    50% epic demon
    10% from your fav oil (5-15)
    15% kronos part
    5% one of the new ships as chance for each one is 33%
    15% obsidian booty pack (1-10 keys)
    5% spartan drone design
    this could probably make the event itself more playable and not taking 3 hours or more to pop up those aliens as in tunnel of terror(20 uber sibelons)
    tnx for anyone who read this and knows what i have in mind by that time you can enjoy the event from tomorrow as it is now wasting ammo and recieving only 50 k uri or popping cubikons and recieving 256k uri tho choice is yours
  2. ARKA_LV

    ARKA_LV User

    ha ha 15 Uber Kristalons :D.... Do you filter wat are you saying? noone can do 15 uber klons at same time...it's fake info bro
    just wait when events starts and will be 100% true info about gate
  3. No no no, these 15 uber kristallons are just a mistake. They are not going to be in the gate. People said that it was supposed to be 15 uber kristallins instead. I asked the moderator who posted the information is it a mistake or not, when i get a reply i will write here.
    The information isn't fake, its from the bulgarian FAQ. And this mistake isn't by bulgarian moderators fault, because they are not the ones who translated the information, they got it like that and now they are editing mistakes.
    I checked in the turkish and deutsch forums, but turkish one doesen't have a faq yet, on the deutsch one they didn't add the waves.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
  4. One thing i will add is are you crazy to ask for another group gate i have been waiting since the x-7 gate has come out i have many cpu's built problem is finding capable players who want to do the gate also. I ask every time i come to play and yes i have done the x-7 gate a few times now but always buy the boosters and usually get maybe 1-2 gates finished "when you find capable players" then just watch my boosters time go down while i try to find more players most of the time can't. If it were a gate for single players i would have had one of the new ship's already but because i have to wait for players to build the cpu or all the group gets killed in the gate because of in experienced players in the group. Thanks but i prefer a single player gate that way i can do it when I have time to play and not because we have a group finally that wants to play. Enjoy
  5. -Darkjeee-

    -Darkjeee- User

    It isn't fake. One friend of mine just made the 15 uber kristalon
  6. Yeah i just got one shot by 15 ubk's :(
  7. yeah, sadly its true, there are 15 not nerfed uber kristallons...
  8. Haven't we all seen what happens now?
    Just wait a day or two - like most other gates (or events in general) something will get nerfed/buffed to make the experience better for the players (since obviously the developers don't test anything but just release it thinking it'd be good)

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