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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Omega, May 30, 2015.

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    wake up already bigpoint .
    there's so much stuff you need to buy now , and you need so much more uridium now than you needed a few hours ago to become ufe . and the rewards from the npcs are the same ,
    you seriously need to increase the uridium from npcs , or introduce some new better ones ,
    or what you could also do since you are getting 100% profit ,is either lower the prices of uridium , or increase the amount of uridium . but something needs to change ,the rewards are way too low


    i agree this game getting a joke and for the new players havnt got a chance unless you are on the dole then the tax man pays for them lazy c
  3. jackknife

    jackknife User

    In most of the world there is no dole sorry m8 but they have not balanced the cost with the game, they should put an 0 behind every npc kill like kis.. 640 uri
    this game becomes exponentially more expensive as you progress, OK but don't ask new players to fork over a ton 2k to become balanced with those who have played for 6 years.
    let the new players grow fall in love w/ the game and DO will get money out of them. But alas they won't WW will and good for them.
    And noobs will leave after a few months when they realize that this game is expensive.

    supermonkey if that was a whinning why am i still here after only 1090 hours (boring)
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  4. Omega

    Omega User

    and what did I say , I said that the rewards should be increased ,and that the cost should be lowered ,that way everybody can buy uridium if they so choose to , and if they don't they still have a chance , and I've been playing since the beginning of the game , ( 2 weeks after it came out , granted I took brakes in between ) but I know what I'm saying , it won't give the so called WW anything new since they can still bank ,but it will give the others a chance to grow also ,since they will be able to afford it also
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  5. Yeah they do need to "Wake up" they need to change the way things are now. The prices, the gear scale are all rediculous and almost no new players even stay ant still play the game the way things are now.
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  6. noobation

    noobation User

    DO is the kind of game that is there for the rich players, who have tonnes of money to spend on the game. otherwise any player will realise that to become a properly formidible opponent you need an extremely large amount of uri, bigpoint knows this ofc, its been the case for about 5 years now, gradually getting more and more money oriented. this is how the game works sadly, .. i think they could make it a great game and get a huge amount more players if money only gave you a small advantage, or perhaps only gave you cosmetic things and had no real advantage.

    either way this game has had its time and no amount of reloading is going to change the fact that the game is pay to win, unless ofc you're the type who only cares about killing bk's or streuners all day.

    also even if they increased the rewards, the core problem would still be there, you got a big wallet then you got a big damage output etc.
  7. Runcho

    Runcho User

  8. Omega

    Omega User

    I spent a lot of money since I started playing , 18K on this game and I had a similar thread to yours but I had a lot more suggestions :p and most WW I know want that to happen ,it would'y affect them ( or us ) it would help everybody and bring more players that's the whole point of the game
  9. becusican

    becusican User

    Hi To BP-DO Devs and players:

    Having seen a Utube of an Alpha gate, and finding that it would make a very good challenge, I decided to give it a go. Read 3 DO guides picked a plan and doing it now. I am enjoying the game and the players, (most anyway), they are willing to answer most of my noob questions on the game and info needed.

    Now the money thing first... Yes I find it somewhat expensive, but for beginners like myself, not bad. As long as you think about what you spend it on. SO.. after you think things through and start doing the missions, NCP's are about right. They, (NCP's) hit your ship, do something silly pop :) But you can make the kill easy enough, gain xp and go to the next :) Enjoyable. Then comes in a bigger better enemy ship and poff.. Exciting at first, but lasts about 3 secs flat... you are back in your home base map laughing thinking ok that was fun :) and it is really..
    So you start to look at what you are going to need to fight them back 0_0 you cannot, end of story!! Nothing not even money is going to help. Nothing but 2 yrs of spending somewhere around $500 on uri for ship/equipment and then very few upgrades ( thats on mega days too bty). I think Do has the right to make whatever they can, but they are killing the game outright.

    New players are what will keep this game going and they will spend their money in time as well.. Any game that is enjoyable is worth putting money into.

    Ideas for some help are all over the forums, some good / some really bad lol But no one seems to have said anything about the UFE ships that come down into the lowers. They need to be redone in hit and shield output.
    If you reduce those 2 things, then the new players are going to have somewhat of a chance to grow. Right now, nope there is NO way that they can run, no where they can get to fast enough. Lets face it UFE's are fantastic looking ships with 10 drones of different colors full of lf4's with a pet that pops most new players in secs. Yup lots of fun sitting at a port, waiting for them to go away and move 2 inches off to restart the quest only to pop from a UFE that is cloaked, not showing on radar... Back at home base repting.. That is fact and what every new player NOW gets to face. Fun sure for those that have the ships and the new players rage quit and leave the game. So far, I have seen 4 players leave because they have no chance and no will to spend money on something that is going to pop in 3 secs.. Where is the fun in that. My server has almost died, very few players on and the lowers are emtpy, now with nothing for the companies to hunt but each other in the uppers.

    The new players are the only thing that is going to keep this game alive. The UFE players that have worked very hard to get that ship and equipment, they are going to need something to hunt :) No new players, they get bored, they stop spending money and this game is done.

    Use the level mech to reduce those UFE's to full FE's in the lowers. Fun for the players that are coming into FE fun for UFE to fight them and the fights last more then 10 secs. Back in the uppers, they are at full UFE hunt what you will nothing changes. But you have to give the new players a chance to grow, thus spend money on a ship to make it in the uppers. Give the new players a chance to grow, give the UFE's some fun by having longer fights, that they may lose if they are having a bad day lol..

    Last small thought: BP think fun !! New idea, but it may work, money is not everything..
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  10. supmonkey

    supmonkey User

    You can make 80k uri a day easily in just 7 hours of playing. You need to wake up and start killing bks so you can have uri instead of whinning on the forums


    lol monkey who has time to play this game ?unless your on the dole or on school holidays FOOL

    sorry ment to put 7 hrs
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    Enjoy the game.

    Closing due to inactivity.
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