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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Kingsman, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. Kingsman

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    Hi guys,

    This thread is about adding something new in game and that is War Stats. Due to players logging in from different parts of the world ( like me, I am playing on USA server even tho I live in Europe) I think this feature is a must. We had enough of trash talking in global chat and listening to different players shouting they are the best. Let's make it official and clear who had the most kills in a War. The kills should be counted as a whole for the Clan and not per player. I know this could lead to noob kills to get points but in the end is a team game lately and beside showing who is the best at fighting, it will also show the best team work in a clan. Looking forward to hear your opinion and I will make a list with pros and cons.

    P.S. I would like this thread not to be deleted. The other post regarding kill stats is closed and we cannot reply to it.

    P.P.S. Because there is not too much activity on the forums I would like to ask a CM to open a public post about this on Discord as well. We need as much information as we can get.

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  2. How would kills be counted as a whole for the clan? Like a kill count on clan page somewhere or everybody in the clan shooting at a target gets points from that target?
  3. Could be as simple as an extra page like they added for the CBS logs.
  4. Yep kill count on clan page.
  5. I respectfully suggest that there are already enough issues with wars commonly initiated by uber and multi company clans let alone encourage them by giving them a board to boast on.
    As you had rightly suggested in your initial statement, this may lead to accelerated noob kills and I personally think this is almost a given.
    The noobs will become the game in years to come if allowed to prosper at least a little bit. If you don't give them a chance there will be no future for this game...just sayin my friends.
  6. New players get banned for pushing and quit the game because a player much bigger than them would not stop popping them, others quit when they see how imbalanced the game is. I see a log of this sort as a possibility when ever they decide to update the clan page. But the main problem with wars is DO failed to develop a more stable and fair system for the clan side of pvp as that allowed room for manipulative gameplay between certain clans singling out less pvp active clans they are not cunning enough to consistently pvp.

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