[UI] Way Points & Combo pet gears

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by βŁĄÇĶVØЯŦΞЖ, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. A way point addition to the mini-map system would be awesome, it could be used tactically to mark mine positions or other helpful points of interest.
    secondly Combo gears for pets would be great, with the technology available I think pets only being able to carry out one function at a time is pretty basic, They should be able to say auto-loot while locating enemies or collect resources will also on guard mode.
    just a thought;).

  2. Could be two functions to the way point system one for personal and one for group/clan.
  3. There are already 3. More are unnecessary
  4. already 3 what? I cant add markers to any maps
  5. Combo gears. Waypoints would be a little too big for minimaps unless you feel like having your minimap cover your ship
  6. I suggested combo pet gears awhile ago, it was a fairly decent idea that i put together but most people just said "pick one or the other" guess only smart people seem to think it would be 10x more useful for a pet to shoot things with you and collect boxes as well, or collect boxes and search for npcs.
  7. Yeah advanced jump CPU's, Ships with special abilities but pets can only preform one function at a time sucks ur idea would have had my backing :)

    Foo i disagree as the mini-map a can change in size and even at its smallest can display gates and npcs the way point marker wouldnt have to be any bigger than the dot from other players and npcs if you have trouble placing a marker like i said the map can be made bigger place marker then shrink map again ;) where theres a will theres a way. I just think with this kinda system in place mines would or could be so much more useful
  8. that would be pretty cool, but we have pushed for this many times before and get nothing
  9. Just think of cbs defense or pirate maps. The minimal would be jammed with markers and also gates are big at least and limited to where and how many. Mines, could cover an entire map... Also lines are already pretty screwed over so I'll say no to that idea.
  10. I personaly like this idea... it would make it a lot easier to collect than to switch between picking up and killing mode.
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