[UI] We will make some changes to what we need in the game. What is not white will be in the game.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by recursos☺☺, Jan 12, 2017.

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  1. Fix error in aegis-Elite description:

    Aegis Elite
    As described:
    Loyal, reliable, sturdy - no pilot could wish for a better support system! This ship has the following abilities: 5% extra damage, 50% longer lasting repair, 20% faster shield repair and 10% faster HP repair.
    How is she in the game?
    Loyal, reliable, sturdy - no pilot could wish for a better support system! This ship has the following abilities: 5% extra damage, + 50% repair pod, normal shell repair, normal repairs and minus 20% on hp repair.

    Common first-speed Citadel = 240, so it should be 250 for when the engine reaches a goliath. We have the trip (useless), which gives us 450/540, and we still have wheel formation, but we have a problem. To travel long distances for 5 seconds at a speed of these that if you are full engine (444/538) with wheel formation you will be able to get the wrong speed 457/554 because the 5% speed wheel should then be 466 / 565. And if you use the wheel tavel training does not work or you lose speed instead of winning.

    And in the description of this formation it is said that encrement more speed does not speak that only travel will have losses using it, so tartarus and veng-lightining only have more speed with wheel formation and their abilities.

    Change the dome formation to 1.5% shield repair, because at 0.5% the diamond recovers 1%, then, unless you have more than 770,000 shield of strength when you use this training (1,001,000), You would not have obtained a greater correction than the diamond with the same shield.

    To pass Solace's ability to health 50s 50% to 50% to 50% health, the chain manages fewer health points in value (153,000) than a mare elite (200,000 urídio) and consoles costs 250,000 common Uriidum. Aegis repairs 140,000 hp + 180,000 hp drive, A-Elite 300,000 hp with hp drive + 120,000 hp repair.

    Put a goliath or veng that has ability to repair the shield by more than 25%, at least because it is very difficult to combat aegis has server that only has and we have to have a ship that can repair the shield of the group and more efficiently than An Aegis (75,000 / 125,000) or dome formation (0.5% shield repair)

    how are you doing:
    This flying fortress will teach you the true meaning of fear! This ship has the following abilities: 5% extra damage, 50% protection duration and Draw Fire, 25% Fortify ability and 15% ability to travel.
    Which is not good because the best for the group is the fortification except that the fortification when connected shuts off other skills that makes other ships to take advantage of the fact that they use to use more than 2 help skills for the group together.
    how should be:
    This flying fortress will teach you the true meaning of fear! This ship has the following abilities: +1 Hellstorm launcher slot, + 50% Fortify duration, -25% protection duration and + 25% Draw Draw duration and -15% travel capacity. With this Spearhead using Target marker will be your great ally and other skill ships will not dispense with your group help.
    This ability fortifies your ship with protective armor and increases its resistance to damage; However, it will immobilize your ship and only your travel skill, allowing you to still use other abilities when it is linked for group assistance.
    Speed 150 with this can reach 450/540 when full engine
    Cargo 6,000 to collect more cargo boxes and minerals in the game
    Lasers 7(to be a heavier cruiser than the common citadel it is preferable to be able to launch more missiles than more damage)
    Hellstorm launcher 3(2 + 1 = 12,500 (x2) + 12,500 = 37.500 with missies, more than one leonov on base maps or one tartarus per launch)
    Generators 30 (plus 10 slots for generators and less than 100 firstspeed, taking as base that 250 of speed first is better for her than 240)
    Hit points 600,000 (+50.000 of hp so that already has a sufficient hp in game, since the current one has an almost good hp)
    Extras Infinite (+1 slot left over with each extra placed)

    So it would be very attractive in the store, so the extras cpu will have no effect on it. However, in order to have more demand of it in the store than a common Citadel or C-veteran, and to begin using it in combat as a form of protection To the group and not to fall of the group as it is currently out that in this way she will be good both alone and of group for being able to use more of 1 skill at the same time.

    And current tartarus:
    + 40% Speed and 5% damage, which makes the minima differentiate with the most popular damage lasers that have a player that completes using lf4 (and all other items of + damage in the game) from the A maximum damage x440,000 x4 with her, and with ability linked 133,000 using x4.
    What we need
    + 40% Speed and 5% damage to your Tartarus ship with the use of this ability, this means your ability in an invasion or pvps, or not the case of high damage aliens.

    Wheel formation
    The current is like this:
    This training takes a special look at the 3D client.
    Increase your drone control unit with the formation of the wheel.
    The speed is increased by 5%; However, the damage done by the laser is reduced by 20%, and this formation drains the shields by 5% per second.
    As long as you have 4 or more drones, you can use this training every time you bought it.
    Current does not work together with travel, besides that if the player has tartarus without shield and full engine or aegis almost makes no difference in an invasion.
    What we need:
    Speed you are increased by 5%, however, hp reduced by 28.5% and your damage and shields are drained by 5% during a direct attack on the same opponent.
    As long as you have 8 or more slots distributed in drones, you can use this training every time you bought it.
    So as long as we do not attack we will not lose shields, so the wheel would serve only to escape the current players attack with this formation of aegis and leave to advantage using a full motor tartarus without shield, and if tartarus or aegis used it would be damage in combat Against enemies or opponents.

    Drill formation
    As the current one is:
    Laser damage is increased by 20%; However, the shielding points are reduced by 25%, the shield is distributed by 5% and speed by 5%.
    As long as you have 4 or more drones, you can use this training every time you bought it.
    The current of the great advantage besides not reducing in almost nothing the speed, diminishes much in the shield but not the hp, besides this does not damage more in aliens and allows to the players super hits high in freighters.
    And how we want it to be:
    Damage from laser a ships is increased by 20% and laser damage to alienigeras increases by 50%; However, the shield's strength is reduced by 20%, the HP is reduced by 10%, and the shield regeneration speed is -3,75% and speed is reduced by 25%. Damage to freighters has a bonus of + 5%.
    As long as you have 8 or more slots distributed on drones, you can use this training every time you bought it.

    So, being a tartarus would be using this current formation would be with less hp (234,000), less force of shield type you have a 500,000 of shield goes to 400,000 of shield shield regeneration force so that when placed a normal shield (1,25% = 0,125 of shield) and shield of fusion (2,50% = 0,400 of shield); And the speed would drop from 518/622 to 389/466 then the ship he used would not have as much advantage in the game. And freighters would not have such absurd damage.

    Current hp 125,000
    The HP we need: 175,000 because adding 6 slots for lasers and decreasing 55,000 of pv is not good, it is preferable to decrease to only 5,000 because a surgeon and tartarus defeats players with pusats in easy fighting for having more than twice their first hp.
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  2. The tartarus went to the base of how to do the annihilator?
  3. Learn some grammar first.

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  4. recursos☺☺ you have put a lot of effort into the above and that is great, but unfortunately there is a loss in the translation from your language :( as No§ferΛŧu§∕∕alukΛrd¹ has pointed out ...
    You seem to be comparing different ships and trying to rebuff them at the same time... In English I would say it's 'horses for courses'... each ship was released with a role imagined and abilities assigned to fulfill that role...
    There was recently an update to the abilities of some the Goliath class ships (Spectrum, Sentinal etc.) and there is a thread for our feedback and comment >here<, which is where a lot of your comment above might be better placed, and from the feedback we have given and after further consideration and in-game testing it seems that the Devs are considering whether or not to make small changes to further balance the abilities ...

    I noticed in the first paragraph that there may be a misunderstanding/confusion on your part about the description of the abilities of the Aegis Elite (although this may be that I dont comprehend the translator you have used)..
    The description given in the shop of the Elite and Veteran Aegis (and other older ship-design additions) have not been updated since the Hangar change last year and so may be misleading, if you were not here earlier than that, as originally you were required to own the Aegis and add the design to it and therefore the description of the Elite showed the contrast/difference of adding the design to the basic and how it differed from without ....

    I have to admit that I didnt read your whole post sorry....
  5. In the title: What is not white will be in the game. I mean that is what I propose, it will be of different color.
    -I do not know very well English but I learn new words and writing if you teach me, because I am unemployed (Brazil situation) and I do not have the money to pay for an English course.Then I learn what I can.
    About what I described I put is how good the ships of the game, because until today we can not fight against tartarus, aegis and surgeon that in certain battles gain much advantage in the game. The way I suggested at least we would have any chance to fight on any map Well, against a good adversary.
    Because until today we face problems:
    Tartarus taken as base in Annihilator and total advantage even at the price cheaper than a pusat.
    Aegis 2xSolace blend with common vengeance + shield regeneration + 10% of base hp from 250,000 hp.
    Surgeon hp of goliath and speed of common vengence using wheel formation, for 50,000 uridium more than pusat.
    So I put it as I know that the ships would be better in the game both in combat alone and in the group. Because there are ships of the Citadel type that the player does not use for combat, but only for trade and sale, since it almost does not compensate for fight.
  6. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Srry but this is a bloody mess, the only thing that i could make up out of it was the extra HP for pusat to which i say NO WAY. Pusat should not just be compared to goliath, but to other ships to. How about spearhead, that has 5 lasers and 588 speed... and 100K HP, don't hear anybody screaming for more, most likely because it is not even new. More HP would just make the pusat even more OP, it is designed to be a hit and run ship. I think that it should even be nerfed, just like the tartarus, make 588 max speed again.
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  7. tartarus maximum speed current 624+wheel=644 speed maximum and "Punsat" Error descripition speed maximum 588+wheel=617 speed maximum.
  8. Tartarus gets a maximum speed of 624 + formation wheel = 644 speed, while Pusat and Spearhead are 588 + wheel = 617.
    The players already complained about the hp so that the game did not change it.
  9. Please defcon and yamatho is only for those who can afford it.
    And in the description of them is missing nano hull, but load.
    Yet another thing, as they want people to buy ships like this one is that Formacao Roda loses the bonus of another 5% speed when we use Travel.Citadel when we use wheel 464/542, and when we use travel + wheel 450/540.

    And other description errors:
    Aegis-Elite: Normal repair steals, in the current description says 50% faster.

    Fortify: In addition to a delayed recharge of more than 300s or 5m, it does not say that when in use, it will bring other group help skills.
    Travel: It gives little walking, and they talk about the description that goes to walk many distances, besides speed first of 240 + 200 = 440/538, with this it is not possible to escape of a Goly or Aegis.

    Solace: Nano-Cluster Repairer: Repair only half of your hull and 25% or 1/4 of the hp of the crew ships, and talk as if you totally repair your ship and the ships in your party.

    Since the null helmet is equal in hp values for all ships, Aegis does not need nano hull (as it repairs a lot of hp and shield), and Tartarus (Annihilator ship version) only needs half of it, others need 2x O hp Or more in Values for nano hull. And they are still almost immortal if the player does not buy Dome Training (regeneration shield 0.5%) and buy diamond (1%), and has nano completely filled in on any map. Before they can use all the skills together, they have almost no detriment in using all of their abilities at the same time.
    In addition, the cargo part of some ships is very little for them initially, and only Citadel and Aegis have a pore load of almost 1% of the hp. Being that other ships kill aliens more quickly, and not everyone is preimium to To have automatic refinery. The correct would be a load of 5,000 initially, or a formation that gave it and reduced speed first to 150 when full and with less hp and shell losing more speed still.
  10. Citadel:
    We have to correct some errors in her description:
    Fortify: In addition to a delayed recharge of more than 300s or 5m, it does not say that when in use, it forbids you from using the other group help skills. This ability as it forbids from using other skills should be able to turn on and off like tartarus .
    Travel: you can walk very little distance, and talk about the description that will walk many distances, in addition to the first speed of 240 + 200 = 440/538, with this it is not possible to escape from Goly or Aegis.
    Otherwise, the Bonus Wheel does not work when we use Travel.
    It should have 250 speed first and with Formation weel the bonus should do with it arriving at 473/567.

    The Citadel would look good like this:
    Hp first: 600,000
    Nano hull: 1,250,000
    Basement: 6,000
    Slots for lasers:6
    Slots for generators: 30
    Speed first: 150
    Extras slots: infinite
    Throwers of missiles: 3
    Draw Fire
    Duration: 10s to turn off (10s if disables if player's damage reaches more than 20% of current hp = 256,800 of 1,284,000 hp)
    Cooling: 30s
    Target Marker
    This ability marks targets for your group and increases the damage caused by all outfit members. (It will be changed with Spearhead by traveling = 500/600)
    Duration: 10s
    Cooling: 90s (1:30 minutes)
    Duration: 20s
    Cooling: 10s
    This ability fortifies your ship with protective armor and increases its resistance to damage. However, it will immobilize your ship.
    Duration and cooling: no, you can turn on and off whenever you want.
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  11. we cannot fully understand the way you state your comment, but i would like to make an opinion about this:

    your citadel is too over powering the balance in the game, even if the developers would be able to read this and understand a little, it will be rejected such as having this citadel with 1.25m nano hull that exceeds the limit from its base HP is not a good thing.

    extra slots is infinite? please clarify it more.

    the fortify skill being a toggled ability is a good thing similar to the tartarus, but i am having a hard time understanding why a citadel would have a target marker.

    making the citadel have 3 rocket launchers is not really helpful, the gap and time between the reload times is tripled, which means the reload time is a total of 9 seconds because the single hellstorm launcher only had 3 seconds time limit for the loading of the rockets, the citadel would die easily before it even launches another triple hellstorm launcher attack.

    the idea of the citadel is being the one taking the punishment, if you were to have draw fire to increase in duration and prevent ships to use any other type of ability, and ish, emp and other type of armaments, it would prove useful in group fights and would have more purpose to perform in battle and not only for support at defending clan bases.

    you also said something about what Bakjam commented, he said that the pusat do not need more hp and is already balanced, you still insisted having pusat increase more hp, thats a no for everybody.
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  12. With 30 generators you serious?? with those 20 its almost impossible to kill one with ring formation 50% shield booster and other stuff Xd while they defende a base for example 4-5 of these....you know what i mean
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  13. but i still agree with his idea making an ability of the citadel to be toggled, an on or off ability, i hope it works with travel same as the tartarus, but he suggested that it would be for fortify, now why not make them both a toggled ability? fortify will immobilize your ship, but atleast you can use it again at some time without worrying for long cooldowns, travel ability should have an increase of speed around 10% while this is active without any penalties, it will increase in speed maybe just around 576 the same speed as a vengeance, or just 558 the same speed as the surgeon, but the draw back will be silencing your other abilities, which means you cannot use any other ability unless you toggle off the travel ability.

    please correct me if im wrong about the max speed of surgeon with full speed gens and promerium boosted on speed gens
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  14. recursos, if you do not have learned proper english vocabulary, i would like to suggest watch some videos on youtube so even for a little time, you would improve :) i have trust on your ability of learning it quite fast, i've seen the improvements since your last post
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  15. yea i agree with that also, but they need to nerf atleast a bit the tartarus ability. And i guess that the speed is 552
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  16. Its citadel is much more power over balance in the game, even if developers would be able to read this and understand a bit, it will be rejected as having this citadel with 1.25m nano hull that exceeds the limit of its HP base is not a Good thing.
    Are the extra slots infinite? Clarify it more.
    For you to have an idea the slots for infinite extras is because the five slots that she has of the apra do not have all of extras that we have in a unique configuration.

    The ability of fortify being a toggled skill is a good thing similar to tartarus, but I'm having a hard time understanding why citadel would have a target marker.
    Toggled: There is no translation in my language.
    If I understand, I'll explain why:
    Because travel to it like it is not of +% if you put it full engine or connect Fortify Traveling is useless, besides walking very little distance when on, during 5s of 450/540 it is not possible to run too far to escape or to use emp -burst and camouflage. This on Travel improve or change it I am negotiable, in case you give me some suggestion. And we would put in Spearheado Travel (500/600), besides to put it with 6 slots for lasers.

    Besides the wheel formation bonus does not work when we use Travel:
    Citadel full engine: 444/538 + formation wheel =
    464/554 and with travel = 450/540 ???
    Was to be 473/566.

    Making the Citadel have 3 rocket launchers is not really useful, the interval and time between recharge times is tripled, which means that the recharge time is a total of 9 seconds because the single hellstorm launcher only had 3 seconds limit Of time for the Rockets to load, the citadel would easily die before even launching another triple hellstorm launcher attack.
    Plus this will depend on the player's missile launchers you can use only 1 or 2 if you want.
    The idea of the citadel is to be the one who takes the punishment, if you had fire to increase duration and avoid using any other type of skill, ish, emp and other type of weaponry, would be useful in the Lutas Group and would have more purpose to execute In battle and not just support to defend clan bases.

    It would give to do this more the Fortify has a delayed recharge of more 300s or 5m, while Aegis and tartarus has the recharge of all abilities in the maximum 60s or 1m.

    Well neither to defend current players serves:
    Has 240 first speed does not even come to 450/540 when full engine
    550k more is not enough and 550k of nano hull, can not be used in ubas and does not increase with skiltree, formations or boosters.
    7 lasers (more does not need as much lasers since the function is to protect something)
    20 slots for generators (more if you do not have vants and a shell of more than 500k, can not stand long in a fight)
    2 missile launchers (more with delayed reload? So this may have more)
    Extras 5 (more does not fit all extras in a single configuration)
    Traveling with fixed value (450/540?)
    Draw fire (even if the player gives more than 150 damage per shot, will die and emp-burst does not work with it on or invisible, and stant-shield recharging takes too long to use 2 to not die)
    Protection (current)
    Fortify (with delayed recharge over 330s/5:30m, could be 60s/1m with duration of 15s or 5s with 75% decrease of damage from aliens and 50% damage from ships),I know we have reload abilities boosters ,more so than 50% less recharge ie 165s/2:45m is still too much.

    You said something about what Bakjam commented on, he said that pusat does not need more hp and is already balanced, you still insisted on having pusat increase more hp, this is for everyone. [/ QUOTE]
    What I said was that it needs more nano hull and then, no more hp, since the nano hull and buton are not used in uba and nano hull have yet to be filled with ggs energies.

    With 30 generators you serious? With those 20 it is almost impossible to kill one with ring formation reinforcement 50% shield and other things Xd while they defend the base for example 4-5 of these .... you know what I mean
    More would have 150 speed first and would not have to travel, so it was only to use mines of direct damage to the shield and hp of her.
  17. ok,thank you.
  18. But before putting this into the game we have to correct:
    Errors of the store's description Aegis-Elite: not +50% repairbots hp and common repair.
    Wheel formation contains error teh bonus does not work with Travel
    Fortify (Citadel) and Spearhead abilities with a long recharge of 330 seconds = 5: 30 minutes, has to be less recharging skills.
    Formation Dome only 0.5% regeneration of shield per second well below Diamond formation that regenerates 1% of shield per second, for less uridium.
    Citadel with first 240 speed is less speed than it needs to get away from a Tartarus, Aegis or goliath when full engine (440/538). It should be speed first of 250 (450/540) to be able to escape or reach other ships.

    I will repeat until you correct these and other errors.

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