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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by мιиι, Nov 5, 2016.

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  1. мιиι

    мιиι User


    This would help the players that have achieved Fully Elite (FE) to become Ultra Fully Elite (UFE) and would also give new players a greater/faster chance of becoming Fully Elite (FE).

    The rewards could vary between 2 LF-4 Lasers and 10 booty keys for the monthly mission or something of that nature. *Note this is an example of what could be the rewards for the missions*

    The main point I'm trying to get across for these Weekly/Monthly missions is that it will help the new/old players in the long run that are trying to become Fully Elite or that are Fully Elite and trying to become Ultra Fully Elite.

    - Guys please add on to this post as you would like!!! <3
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  2. 10 Booty Keys per month aren't very much, IMO the quests can even spam 50 per month and it would be still balanced. Maybe they can add Payment stuff like Blue and Red Keys.

    The quests shouldn't use too much time, they must be better than boxing.
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  3. Oh my lord, I'd actually love this. Good way to strengthen the weaker players.
  4. мιиι

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    I 100% agree with you on this one, The rewards are up to the developers so hopefully the DO community sees this and implements it into the game. I would love to see Dark Orbit actually listen to the community :)
  5. They don't even listen at most of the feedback threads, so...
  6. Doing the daily quests you already receive 6 Log Disks, 4 Jump Credits, 10 Extra Energy, 4 Repair Credits, and 1 Booty Key every 12 days or 2 and a half times a month. We are having some sort of an event almost every month that gives us special quests to be done which could be classified as a weekly or monthly quest already. Giving LF-4's as rewards for simple quests is not likely to happen as doing a Galaxy Gate is not easy and not guaranteed to give you one either. Booty Keys seem to be too hard to collect the items wanted Zeus Days, LF-4 days, Ultra Booty Days, all seem to give more ammo or A.S. pieces than the coveted items we are looking for.

    The idea of adding more quests to get more people in the maps would be nice but then we need to get more PROTECTORS there instead of adding items to get more UFE Hunters visiting for the easy kills generated from people trying to complete another quest. To me it would be better to make these as a free Gate and get people into playing the Gate system that D O has generated instead of the map system we all started with.

    That would mean the community actually meant something to them.

    I believe this is true also, just look to see how many of the team actually post to them or interact with us on the discussion.
  7. We have a daily so why not ;)

    Monthly in that order of course. +1

    Mandate it that finish seven daily(s) opens a weekly and four weekly(s) opens a monthy o_O is my only tidbit as to a NO.
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  8. Maybe a weekly mission will be unlocked if you did all the daily mission for the week. Of course the rewards will be more rewarding but not containing elite items such as lf4.
  9. Hope they listen and do missions to get more players on the maps. Would be nice to have a monthly gate perhaps we could just do it one time a month and get something cool. Just make it easier for the weaker players to keep them interested.
  10. I did ToT 12 times so my yearly allotment is o_O used up by your logic :D
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  11. Like I said for WEAKER players. I would hope they would do a easier gate for the newer players.

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