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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Dear BigPoint Team,
    You don’t know me, but I’ve been playing your DarkOrbit game ever since it launch and I’d like to share some feedback that hopefully will help you and us (the playerbase).

    In the past 1 month the game has had constant connection issues where if we combine the downtime - we can get more than 2 days when the game was completely down.
    I do believe this is due to the fact that the team is working on the already delayed SeaFight unity client that was supposed to be released on 4th of May, but will be delayed to 25th of May.
    The community is getting frustrated and in my opinion is getting out of hand - people are let down, angry, confused and is completely understandable. The player base is blaming almost everyday the Discord Staff and in my opinion this negativity becomes way to toxic at times.
    So my ask would be if we can get some official statement in the DarkOrbit Forums on the current status and the future of DarkOrbit like:
    • things that the dev Team is going to focus on in the future
    • also If and When can we expect the new Unity Client as this current client is not performing very well and we all know it.
    According to my calculations Unity should be done in 2022, considering the fact that this will be the Team’s third Unity Client and their work process will be more optimized (even though DO is a bit more complex than the other games).

    Also we have noticed that maybe servers are unstable maybe due to the back end code, are there also any thoughts on updating the main code in order to improve the performance?
    We know that the game is very old and maybe the code can’t be updated without reworking the whole game, but we live in 2021, we love the game. I personally thing it still has a lot of potential, people that grew up playing the game are now working and can spend more money than before when they were kids.

    I see the efforts BigPoint has applied into making the game more new user friendly - in my opinion this is the best approach in order for any game to prosper, it needs a friendly easy start for new players so that they don’t feel that when they start playing they would need 4 years to catch up on the main player base.

    People stop playing for different reasons - family, work or just because they don’t like what direction has their game taken so I would say listen to the feedback from the community try to improve the already existing game by fixing performance and bugs and then we can think of new content since the game is very unstable.

    Kind Regards,
    The friendly neighborhood DarkOrbit player that doesn’t want his favorite game to die.
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    My little Grasshopper, the game will only work when it's the same for everyone when I say everyone is every country, here in Brazil for example the value of Uridium is 6x more expensive than for you in Europe or North America so out there you already realize that the BOT's will never disappear. Another point to be noted, many players do not like Pay to Play games and already leave when they start playing Darkorbit, the farm is very time consuming and the vast majority do not like to farm, in my opinion you have to start with these points and maybe something will change in the game and start attracting new players.:rolleyes:
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    i agree with both statements.maybe make new player ships off limits until they reach lvl 10,or they fire upon you first.
  4. There is no word or number both on EARTH and in the whole SPACE with which I can express my great disappointment at your absolute unwillingness to keep the game fair, just, healthy and stable. Destinies so that you experience all the bad emotions from all the frustrated players of BIG POINT to learn how bad you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i am amazed how such a great project fell so badly, people who sold bigpoint for 80m couple years ago did the deal of their life
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