[UIP] Android/Ios app for Darkorbit

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SavatageBaba, Apr 25, 2021.

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  1. It is a common request of all players.
    Not all of us has access to computers.
    I don't expect to do much all I expect is to be able to kill some npcs or collect some box when I can't use a computer. Simple as that.
    You took money from players for years. When they finally came a conclusion that they are full elite something new came out and many prefered to spend money because it saves time. Yet here we are in 2021 the year which you only decide to get rid of flash player just because it is no longer available. Even though it was a known fact darkorbit on flash player was a pain in ass no matter how good your computer is, you didn't bother.No, you made a change when you had to.
    So tell me, is this a hard thing to do? Isn't darkorbit team capable to do this?
    Do us a favour and make mobile app.
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  2. A mobile app? I'm not sure how that would work as you'd have serious trouble seeing anything or even targeting anything.
    A DarkOrbit companion app might be nice though, being able to transfer materials while at work just through your mobile would be fantastic. A compilation of all DarkOrbit data on one app aswell would really spice up how new players for example could easily access information.
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  3. Back in 2020 I could easily target and kill kristallons on my phone through puffin browser. I had aegis elite ship on and getting my kills with no problem. I use j500f which has 5 inch screen.
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