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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by EternalBan, Jun 14, 2022.

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  1. EternalBan

    EternalBan User

    So a common problem the players had in the BL maps was too many NPC flying on the map made it hard to fly as newer players would just die fast. This was a big problem because of how often it was brought up in discord feedback. I'm unsure where the disconnect was, but the solution wasn't reducing the impulses. It was reducing the steadfast and abide. The issue is you can't kill them since they fly so freaking fast no one has 1000 speed to fly and kill them. They'll fly around one hp doing like 8k dmg, and if you have like 20 of them doing that to you. Also, why don't the Prometheus lasers work on all Black Light NPC? Why are abide and steadfast exempt?
  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    You need to address the botting community as things only ever get changed when they ask or complain, more bots = more npc, sad but true:(
  3. adellion1

    adellion1 User

    The problem with steadfasts and abides is that they dont have spawns aka they dont regularly spawn in the map like impulses, they are a mob that is spawned by strokelight barrage when it is attacking any ship, since bots(and players) most of the times roam the area to kill only invokes and impulses while ignoring strokelight barrage , steadfasts and abides since they give very low rewards and were supposed to make killing strokelight barrage harder. The spawns of abides and steadfasts is not related at all with how many ships or bots are in the map, just how long the strokelight barrage is attacking stray ships to spawn them. A very easy fix for this problem for many beginner players would have been to just despawn abides and steadfasts on the death of strokelight barrage just like in the eternal blacklight galaxy gate.
    also regarding why they do not take bonus damage with prometheus lasers is because the strokelight barrage isnt affected by the prometheus boost and since they spawn from it they naturally are not affected by it as well
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