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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Nov 7, 2019.

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  1. I think the best way to balance the ice rocket is to reduce the cast range, it's just way too high. Like it's silly, you can be far out of laser range but still fire them.

    That's my suggestion, I know BP won't do it because they don't read the suggestions.
  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I guess I can kind of agree, but I believe infection is a far bigger problem than ice rockets and the two combined make each other exponentially OP. I think there should be some kind of immunity against a new infection for some time after removing one.

    Anyway it would be great if the ice rocket range would be the same or even lower than the current laser range.
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  3. BP may not read your posts but I'm really tiring of them. In my opinion your suggestions come across more like complaining than constructive criticism because they are so prolific. For months now you've placed your rants in virtually every thread here in forum. It would seem that "nerfing" is your opinion on just about every piece of equipment which your enemies could possibly use against you. Seriously why do you play this game at all if you're so unhappy with the pvp aspect of it. Oh and if you're not going to leave say something nice for a change like "great event with excellent rewards" or "free ice rockets from boxing during holiday event, yay" it might change you in ways you never thought possible.
  4. ice rocket + infection + dcr = great love for the hunters / complaining for the bots
  5. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    You really don't need all of those to kill a bot, in fact an ice rocket + slowdown mine + Pusat / Vengeance Lightning can easily do the trick.
  6. I`d like to see how anyone could shoot an ice rocket " far past laser range"
  7. yeah I use a lot of infection so I never thought about that one, both are very strong together and being reinfected after removing it defeats the purpose of even removing it, I like that suggestion too.

    Then why are you here? No one is forcing you to read or respond to my posts, the only one complaining here is you with your paragraph complaint about my posting, again, stop reading it if you don't like it.

    I've made plenty of threads about things that need buffing, like the Disruptor for example, I dunno what you want. I don't care about the positives of games, why would I sit here making threads commending the game instead of things I want changing? What kind of logic is that? There's plenty of things I love about this game but what DarkOrbit staff wants to read about what players like? They barely even care what you dislike.

    It was sarcasm, also the thing about Bigpoint, just incase you're a bit slow to realise.
    If you really haven't seen it you need to start playing more, you can be off their screen and still get hit by an ice rocket. And I'm not saying this suggestion because it happens to me because I also do it to other people, just feels cheap and quite honestly too strong.
  8. i know , but i fly almost 99% of the time in my lovely aegis :) so some of them outrun me
  9. I sincerely thank you the staff of DO for the Ice Rockets that you freely distribute every holiday season. I use all of mine on annoying wannabe's who would rather complain than appreciate their constructive PvP qualities. It is presents such as these that retain my interest in your game year after year. Please continue with your innovation and attractive modifications to the PvP aspect of the game.
  10. Then leave and stop writing on threads I make unless oyu got something useful to say about the topic.

    Same with you, go away if you don't like my suggestions, no one is forcing you to write here.
  11. kid, its not your decision to stop others in making constructive criticism against your prolific complaints about how heavily flawed the game you think is.

    This is actually a thread for suggestion, not for complaints, if you want to be a smartass go take it on to support and tell them to fix their messed up game.

    Ice rocket has a long cooldown, same as DCR and any other rockets that slows targets down, Ice rocket isn't OP but rather an advantage against fast moving ships and is intended to achieve a higher success rate of finishing off any running ships that is faster than the player using the ice rocket.

    You're not appreciating the game as much as people do and all you do is complain, you're better off petitioned to be ejected off in this forum rather than seeing you rant all day long in the forums, a lot of people here are awaiting good posts with something in content, rather than seeing your rude attitude of complaining and being toxic against other people who criticizes your ways of using the forum, this isn't your playground to begin with, its a public domain and anyone can say whatever they want in your personally created thread, as per ruling in this forum only the one who created this thread can close this thread or if any underlying situation is occurring such as you ranting and other people getting annoyed at you this thread will get shut down along with any other future replies.

    The forum is made to share opinions and thoughts about something, not for people who is so entitled that they only want people who agrees with them to actually post something onto their thread, which is stupid, and so are you.

    not a hate speech but a fact.

    i like them to stay so that i can easily complete a mission, but several maps don't have "bots" so its disappointing.

    The game has a lot to offer, i'm think they just haven't started to turn the wheels on to slowly build up interest... or probably they've already hit a wall, only time will tell.

    Have you got something good to say? please post a link of any one of your rant posts in this forum that is good enough to waste my time reading on, you can't even read a few paragraphs of constructive criticism against you, yet you still want to suggest (rather complain) things about the game.

    Call me a bully, like anyone in the forum actually agrees with you without anyone disregarding the fact that you don't make a valid point out of any of your posts.
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  12. I never said the game is heavily flawed, I'm just making suggestions to get it better. If you're gonna criticise at least get it right.

    I'm not ranting either, I'm giving ideas, like I said leave if you don't like it; no one is forcing you to read what I say, I don't know why you continue to do it if you don't agree with anything I say. Not that I care if you do or not, since it's not directed at you.

    Yes but a smart person isn't going to keep looking at posts they don't agree with just to moan in big texts as if it makes a difference, it's still moaning for no reason, go away.

    You seem to read all of them so why would I post links? You're not a bully, just an idiot who complains about posts when you don't agree with them.
  13. It is difficult to predict when all these words of guidance from his peers will be fully comprehended by the initiator of this thread.
    As they say time will tell.......but I'm not holding my breath so to speak.
  14. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    I'll be closing this thread as it has turned into a flaming thread.

    Please keep your comments on the topic of the post and do not use forums for flaming others.

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