[UIP] It wouldbe nice to see Spearhead and Zephyr plus or rework

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by kusimitama, May 12, 2022.

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  1. kusimitama

    kusimitama User

    Spearhead and Zephyr are in the group of "least used ships" in the game despite their unique abilites. Other ones there are just too weak and boring / causal they dont even ahve abilites (old vegance, kredit ships, goliaths).

    These two has the advantage of having a unique playstyle and skills which could make them useful.

    Spearhead is a sneaky unique support ship. Zephyr is a quick PVE ship. Sadly both are useless in their current form.

    Spearhead stats are just too low. In a rework/plus ship it should have more lasers and generators (12L,14-15G) atleast 250K health. But it should also cost more than 45K uri. Also after 10 years it would be nice to know the target marker bonus damage. )Maybe add one more unique skill.)

    Zephyr on the other hand is just unreasonable. It has a good ability for farming NPC-s but it only has 12 lasers + low HP. Also the ability that could make up for this is a joke. 60K total ONLY NPC dmg with 600s cooldown. 10 min cooldown for 60k NPC only dmg lol ... Its even more useless than liberator plus. The extra range is nice but why would i want that? with some skill its possible to kill every NPC easily in the game that this would be good against.
    Even base Solaris is just better in every way(skills DMG (100K),skill CD (90s), HP, lasers), but their rarity is the same. *Only form events*. (or maybe payment) It should be much stronger, for a rare event ship. My suggestion is to reverse the laser-generator stats, and reduce the CD on the ability to like 60s (or even less) since its only NPC damage.

    Both of these are possible in a rework or in a plus ship upgrade. I hope they will get the attention they deserve, because both could be used in a very unique way.
  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    It's pointless, the game is beyond broke in many ways, don't be surprised if an Algorithm is running this game, 80+% are using bots, it's a joke!
  3. kusimitama

    kusimitama User

    And how is this connected to my idea? If we not communicate what we want we will not get it.
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