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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Weak, May 7, 2022.

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  1. Weak

    Weak User

    Idea: We get to save more than one configuration for one ship specifically.
    Downside: It will get rid one favorite ship everytime a configuration has been saved. (However, if the configuration is deleted, you can favorite back a ship.)
  2. if you set up allships its ok,all u do set 1 up save it .next step delete the stuff from ship goto next ship set up carry on with all ships as long as each time u wana use a ship you remove all stuff wen u goto nother ship u can load saved configs hope this helps
  3. In fact I see you don't know that all ships have the same slots except for the latest ship entries.
    For ships with the same slots, you can transfer inventory from one ship to another with the small difference that you only change modules.
    In addition, I can say that from 15 slots ship you can change to large 16 or more slots but the opposite is impossible ...
    your idea is not bad but when they made the changes in the hangar such ideas were given but there was no result
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