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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Meliox, Jun 3, 2022.

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  1. Meliox

    Meliox User

    Hello, I am an old player. I started playing Dark Orbit in 2010...
    Im not english, sorry if I do mistakes.

    Let's begin,
    Like many I have seen the sad way the game has aged..

    Today what is dark orbit?
    Servers with fewer and fewer people. Bots, and beginners who give up very quickly because they realize the number of bots that make the game uninteresting.

    Basically today's dark orbit is: empty maps and bots.
    (Which can explain why there are a growing number of private servers...)

    Yet there would be a way to "reload the game".

    Here is my proposition :

    Create a new global server europe for example. On this server everyone starts from the beginning.

    Indeed after having spoken with a lot of current players (and former players who have stopped) all tell me that only one thing can make them want to play actively again:
    A new server, and an abolition of bots.

    Why ? quite simply because that is what made the success of dark orbit, a social competition where everyone wants to become the best, everyone wants to evolve and where everyone can compare themselves to others. Except today the social aspect of the game is almost dead because empty map and ubiquitous bots.

    The advantage of a new server:

    player side >>>
    - New hype, new players.
    - Players who will want to spend time and advance in the game again
    - No more frustration with empty maps.
    - No more bot frustration.

    Bigpoint side >>>

    - More active players
    - Many players who will pay to be the new masters of this server

    The disadvantage :
    If this new server is successful, players from other servers may decline.
    However I think it is better 1 new very active server than 6 or 7 almost dead servers.

    Bigpoint if you read this, I know what matters is money. Business is business.
    But I think it could be very profitable for you,
    You just have to calculate :
    Cost of the new server, potential loss of the double boxes subscriptions of the bot users. But the possibility of a new very active server with players who will undoubtedly pay a lot of money to build themselves on this new server + a new potential hype.

    Sorry for the mistakes.
    Thanks for reading me.
  2. Myself have already spent a bunch of money since starting in 2012 and already lost lots of rank from bot's not being punished like they should have been, so honestly I wouldn't make the same mistake on another server and besides I don't think it would be bot free. Cheers
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  3. All servers must be merged into one. All accounts using unauthorized software to be canceled forever. All accounts that allowed players to use UNAUTHORIZED software to be blamed and punished for their willful or unintentional arbitrariness !!!!!!
  4. Raveman100

    Raveman100 User

    As much as I like this idea, my original account dates to 2007. The absolute lack of capability of DO to effectively cleanse itself of bots/cheats speaks volumes on how inept the leadership of this game truly is. Either they lack the technical know-how, are unwilling to lose the revenue (and bots do spend money) or are just oblivious to the constant frustration legit players face daily. And now we have 'trains' -- one player controlling multiple ships. Rank is irrelevant. It's who bots most. I like the concept of the game and continue to play in increasingly but I am playing less and less every day.
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  5. This game is a rip off anyways did a gate today and when i finished it got kicked out before my pet can pick up all the chromin cause it insists on gathering resources instead, what the hell is the use of protocols if it doesn't give the pet enough time to collect.
    These issues and all the bot's are enough for me to get tired of playing or paying.
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  6. they did make a new server, the PVE server that released in december 2020, but they did nothing about the bots. Even if they do get rid of the bots, the game is already dead because the gap between 'good' players (who will almost all be banned because they all bot) and the new players is far too big.

    I just logged into my ship on USA West server after a while, where I have 450k HP and 200k Shield on my ship, went into 1-BL, and got 1 shot. 1 shot by some player with all that health and shields. That is unplayable. Why would any new player join when that can happen, even if they spend hundreds of hours and even money on the game.

    The PVE server they introduced was nice, even with all the bots. It was nice to see the maps all full, and the chat busy, but very quickly all that was remaining was again the bots. I played everyday for around 6 months then I stopped because it was just sad.

    The game is dead, and it is too far gone for it to be fixed, not that they want to fix it anyways. I have accepted it. The only reason I still log in every once in a while is because of nostalgia.
  7. Sadly the people who do bot will just come onto the new server and start running their scripts there too. The developers need to fix the key issues of botting itself then seek to expand the game but right now botting is so bad that it is setting the game in so many ways.
  8. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    You're not wrong about the bots. I play on the PVE server and, while it's heavenly not to be involved in PVP, the bots are a joke. It's not so bad now the protegit event has finished: they really swarmed the maps while that was going on. Now they all seem to be in 5-3 collecting pally!

    Before I played on the PVE server, I never ventured to get pally. Now I can and I'm really peeved with what I'm seeing. Bots swarm the pally and are so greedy. But the game seems to be set to let them get pally (or bonus boxes come to that) first. I've lost count of the amount of times I've got to a piece first, have started to collect it, only for a bot to come along and take it. It even says collection cancelled at the top and that the resources are already being gathered. It's plain wrong and unfair. The only way to tell them apart from real players is that real players turn away if what they want is already being taken (mostly).

    Anyway, apologies for sabotaging this thread, but thanks for reading (if you did).

    I do agree with what others have said regarding another new server though - until the bot problem has gone, I don't see there being much point to be honest.
  9. This is sad that you have quit, I think that it's important to get a group of players together playing legitimately, it'll make the experience for us legit players enjoy it and work together. The PVE server will also be difficult because we can't shoot them but at the same time, why can't people make it a friendly environment like Dark Orbit used to be?

    I started on there 2 weeks ago and I would enjoy playing with 15-20 legit players just having a good time...
  10. Grandpa_II

    Grandpa_II User

    if you make a new server without bot and script users it should be another pve server you can pvp by defending or atacking bases or flaging your self pvp. im a 2009 player spent tons of money on my e3 ship only to see my rank go away by cheaters and stopped playing till i seen the pve server. started out new and had a blast on this pve server but couldnt believe there are bots here only down fall to the server. (botting should be considered unfair behavior and delt with like using exploits) i will start over agian on new server untill i see botting and cheating that would be the end for many legit players. people say well i cant afford the game (say what) its a free game to play it will just take lil longer to get stuff but you earned it and enjoyed the game. oh you can always tell a botter by the way he/she replys to your post. hey you guys fly safe and blue skys.
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  11. I've been playing since 06, and my current ship is from 08, the time and money I've put into it is not something I want going to waste. Punishing all of us to just move on to a new server without the [REMOVED] and ruining the rest of the games population is not the idea.
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